Self Published Fantasy Releases – January 2021

If you would like to be kept up to date with the upcoming lists, please subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this link. I don’t send out letters too often, pretty much once a month when this list goes out… and occasionally if I release a book or something. As always, this is not a comprehensive … Read more

The book that nearly killed me

I released a book yesterday and my anxiety levels have possibly never been higher. I have never been more scared to put a book out there than I am with this one. Why? Because this book… THIS BOOK almost killed me. It made me question myself as an author. It very nearly made me give … Read more

Along the Razor’s Edge Paperbacks

I seem to be making something of a habit of these apology posts after releasing a book. But at least this time I can honestly say, it’s not my fault. I’ve received word from a number of readers that there have been delays regarding the Along the Razor’s Edge paperbacks. This one is entirely out … Read more

The Future of Never Die

Never Die turns 1 year old today! *Waits for the rendition of Happy Birthday to die down*. My little book written as a love letter to martial arts films has exceeded any and all expectations I had for it. It’s a hit! And you, my readers, have spoken. The most common criticism I have seen … Read more

A Big ‘Ol Apology

Let’s start by saying that I’m really sorry. Honestly, sorry!   My next book, Along the Razor’s Edge, was supposed to be releasing next month. That’s not going to happen. The truth is, I messed up. I spent far too long deliberating about what I wanted in terms of a cover, and when I finally … Read more

December Giveaway – Draw a Pirate!

Yo-ho, me hearties. It’s December and Christmas is everywhere, but I’m making it a piratical holiday! So all December I’m running a competition and all you have to do to enter is send me a picture of a piratical drawing. It can be a pirate ship, a pirate flag, a treasure chest, a kraken, a … Read more

Fighting Like a Viking 2 – Stabbed in the Stones

I am now a good few months into my viking training and I have the scars to prove it. I honestly don’t remember the last time I wasn’t covered in a yellow/brown motley. The strangest thing is that I actually like my wounds, I truly feel as though I earn my bruises and I will … Read more

Fighting Like a Viking

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I was stabbed in the chest multiple times, cut open from navel to neck, dismembered, and impaled upon a spear all in the space of two hours… and it hurt… a lot. What does this really mean? Well in an effort to improve certain aspects of my writing, … Read more

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