The basics of Sourcery

This is a basic introduction to the magic of Sourcery in The War Eternal. Much is hidden, but not without reason.

Sourcery in its most basic form is the ability to draw magical power from a Source.

Sources are small crystals. Some might be the size of a pea, whereas others have been known to be the size of a melon. They are widely regarded to be crystallised magic.

Each Source contains the power of a single school of magic. There are no Sources that contain the power of multiple schools. There are 20 known schools of magic.

A Sourcerer is a special individual with the power to wield the magic contained within a Source. Sourcerers are attuned to 1 or more schools of magic. It is rare for a Sourcerer to be attuned to more than 2 schools of magic.

When a Source is swallowed by a Sourcerer, it will allow them to access the power within the Source. The magic contained within the Source will eventually kill the Sourcerer, slowly if they are attuned to that school of magic, or quickly if they are not attuned to that school of magic.

A non-Sourcerer will be killed by the magic contained within a Source in minutes and they will not be able to use that power.

Rejection is the term given to the process of a Source killing the Sourcerer who has swallowed it. Early stage Source rejection manifest as cramps in the stomach. Medium stage Source rejection manifests as spreading cramps, and bleeding from the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Late stage Source rejection manifests as the magic of the Source acting upon the Sourcerer’s body in an uncontrolled manner. For example, late stage Source rejection of a Pyromancy Source manifest as the Sourcerer’s bodily fluids either boiling or freezing.

In order to prevent Source rejection, all Sourcerers should carry sufficient caches of Spiceweed around with them at all times. A small plug of Spiceweed sucked upon will result in violent regurgitation of the Sources within a person’s stomach, along with all the other contents of the stomach.

The skill, knowledge, and relative power of a Sourcerer determine what they will be able to do with the power of a Source. Sourcerers are usually taken and trained from a young age.

What follows is a list of the 20 known Sources, along with some notes recovered from the ruins of the Orran Academy of Magic:

  • Hydromancy – the magic of manipulating water. Basic uses include bringing groundwater to the surface in order to irrigate crops, redirecting of streams or rivers, filtering out suspended particles. More advanced uses include the formation of shock absorbing hydroshields, water walking, the initiation of hydrocataclysmic events. Pairs well with Pyromancy and Meteomancy.
  • Pyromancy – the magic of manipulating temperature. Basic uses include creating plumes of flame, freezing foodstuffs for preservation purposes, keeping the body warm in colder climes. More advanced uses include the formation of ice blades, raining down of fire storms, and localized infernos. Pairs well with Hydromancy, Geomancy, and Augmancy.
  • Geomancy – the magic of manipulating stone. Basic uses include the formation of stone furniture, creating dust clouds, and opening up fissures. More advanced uses include molding of stone, and the initiation of geocataclysmic events. Pairs well with Golemancy, Ingomancy, and Augmancy.
  • Aeromancy – the magic of manipulating air currents. Basic uses include circulating warm or cold air to maintain temperature, and feeding air currents into gusts or sustained gales. More advanced uses include limited flight, and the formation of stable pockets of gusting wind. Pairs well with Meteomancy, Pryomancy, and Vibromancy.
  • Chronomancy – the magic of manipulating time. Basic uses include the speeding up of the body’s internal and external systems. Advanced uses include the formation of suspended time bubbles. WARNING: Chronomancy is not to be used except by extreme circumstances and on the express orders of the Emperor.
  • Portamancy – the magic of space. Basic uses include the opening of portals from one location to another. More advanced uses include scyring. WARNING: Portals should never be opened without a clear destination in mind. There is something on the other side, between the destinations.
  • Necromancy – the magic of death. Basic uses include the raising of ghosts or animation of bodies. No advanced uses are known. WARNING: Necromancy is not to be taught to students.
  • Morphomancy – the magic of alteration. Basic uses include altering the shape of inanimate objects. More advanced uses include the formation of ethereal constructs. WARNING: Use of Morphomancy on animate objects is strictly forbidden. Flesh Shaping is outlawed in all civilised regions of Ovaeris.
  • Impomancy – the magic of contacting the Other World and command. Basic uses include visiting the Other World as an ethereal presence, and acting as a conduit to bring creatures from the Other World across to Ovaeris. More advanced uses include commanding the summoned creatures from the Other World, and implanting commands within sentient creatures. WARNING: No Sourcerer is allowed to sleep with an Impomancy Source in their stomach.
  • Empamancy – the magic of emotions and thought. Basic uses include the reading of a person’s emotions, and subtle influencing of emotional states. More advanced uses include the pushing of emotions onto a sentient subject, and the planting of emotional commands or blocks within a sentient subjects mind. WARNING: No Sourcerer is allowed to sleep with an Empamancy Source in their stomach. Remember the lessons of Uoping.
  • Ingomancy – the magic of manipulating metal. Basic uses include detecting ore, shaping various metals, honing edges of blades. More advanced uses include the alteration of metallic properties including forcing metal to retain its strength while also flowing like liquid. Pairs well with Augmancy, Golemancy, and Geomancy.
  • Biomancy – the magic of life. Basic uses include speeding healing, extending the senses to another living organism. More advanced uses include causing wounds, the instigation of disease.
  • Kinemancy – the magic of kinetic energy. Basic uses include creating psychokinetic pushes. More advanced uses include forming constant kinetic pressure.
  • Transmancy – the magic of telepathic communication. Basic uses include the communication of thoughts over distance. More advanced uses include the communication of images over distance.
  • Meteomancy – the magic of manipulating the weather. Basic uses include genesis of precipitation and manipulation of cloud formations. More advanced uses include localised extreme weather events, and the stimulation of severe electrical storms. Pairs well with Hydromancy and Aeromancy.
  • Arkmancy – the magic of manipulating electricity and magical energies. Basic uses include the generation of electrical bolts, and directing lightning. More advanced uses include magic dissipation fields, and the formation of Arcstorms. Pairs well with Kinemancy and Meteomancy.
  • Photomancy – the magic of manipulating light. Basic uses include the formation of mirages, and blinding flashes. More advanced uses include glamours, and the formation of complex mirages. WARNING: Sustained use of Photomancy has been known to have negative effects on the Sourcerer’s psyche.
  • Vibromancy – the magic of manipulating sound. Basic uses include suppression bubbles, and reverberation fields. More advanced uses include voice modulation, and the generation of damaging waves of sound. WARNING: Sustained use of Vibromancy has been known to have negative effects on the Sourcerer’s psyche.
  • Golemancy – the magic of creating and controlling lifeless constructs. Basic uses include the formation of golems from pliable materials. More advanced uses include the formation of golems from resistant materials, and the ability to form complex commands.
  • Augmancy – the magic of augmentation of pre-existing materials. Basic uses include the creation of magic-resistant items. Advanced uses include the ability to store magical potential within items. NOTE: Though one of the most common attunements, Augmancy is a school of Sourcery which has no applicable uses when used in isolation. Pairs well with most other schools.

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