is Available Now!

Spirits of Vengeance is ALIVE! It’s the 3rd standalone Mortal Techniques novel and it’s bigger and more epic than ever.

The lost things are returning and the Onryo have gathered. Five legendary spirits with mysterious powers, bent on freeing an ancient evil that would wreak havoc on humanity.

Pawn’s Gambit is available NOW!

Pawn’s Gambit is the 2nd standalone Mortal Techniques book, following on the heels of Never die.

Once a century, the gods hold a contest to choose who will rule from the Jade Throne. Each god chooses a mortal champion, and the fate of heaven and earth hangs in the balance.

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The Along the Razor’s Edge audiobook is now available!

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The War Eternal trilogy is complete and Available Now!

All 3 books have been released. Along the Razor’s Edge, The Lessons Never Learned, and From Cold Ashes Risen.

The Corpse Queen Comes

This series is my first foray into first person fantasy and features a fiery protagonist by the name of Eskara as she learns to survive, chases her vengeance, and grows into her power.

Her enemies will soon find Eskara is not so easily broken.

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I’ve joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency!

What does this mean? Well, it means literary agent extraordinaire, John Jarrold is going to be representing my newest novel, Herald. This is a major step for me and hopefully just the first of much more to come. To celebrate, here’s a picture of viking Rob looking pensive…

You can find out more about it here, including a bit about Herald.