Never Die is a SPFBO5 finalist!

Lynn’s Books have chosen Never Die to proceed to the finals of this year’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. There it will do battle with 9 other finalists to determine a winner. I couldn’t be happier to be chosen as a finalist again, and now the real nervous waiting begins.

Ein is on a mission from God. A God of Death.

My wuxia novel inspired by countless martial art films, anime, and video games is now on sale in the UK and US. If you’re in the mood for some over the top fight scenes, a journey through a mystical land, and some twists that will knock your socks off, pick it up now.

Pick up a copy here.


I’ve joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency!

What does this mean? Well, it means literary agent extraordinaire, John Jarrold is going to be representing my newest novel, Herald. This is a major step for me and hopefully just the first of much more to come. To celebrate, here’s a picture of viking Rob looking pensive…

You can find out more about it here, including a bit about Herald.

Sigil Independent

I have teamed up with a number of other independent authors to form Sigil Independent. We’re a group dedicated to creating quality fiction at the same standard you would find with any traditional publishing house. You can find out more, and see who else is involved, by checking out the Sigil Independent website.

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