Rob J. Hayes

Dark Epic Fantasy for the soul.

Badass characters, mysterious worlds full of adventure, twists turns and epic battles.

I write all over the fantasy genres; EPIC Fantasy, Gothic Fantasy, Science-Fantasy, even a little bit of Steampunk. So whatever you’re in the mood for the chances are I have something that will fit. One thing you can be sure of, my books contain characters with depth, intricate worlds full of myteries and dangers, and blistering action that will set the heart pumping.

None of my individual series are connected, so you can start reading with any one that takes your fancy. And if you’re not sure where to start, here’s a handy guide.

The God Eater Saga

Heroic Epic Fantasy

A trilogy of trilogies set in a world where humans can steal magic and immortality by eating angels.


History is written in Blood. The Future is forged in Holy Fire.

Perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson or John Gwynne.

The War Eternal

Dark, Epic Fantasy told in the 1st Person

A badass woman in the lead, a deep magic system to explore, and an underworld full of monsters.

A completed 5 book dark epic fantasy series.

Perfect for fans of Mark Lawrence or Robin Hobb.

The Mortal Techniques

Asian Sword & Sorcery

Larger than life characters, a world full of meddling gods and vengeful spirts, inspired by anime and martial arts cinema.

A series of standalone Asian Sword & Sorcery adventures.

Perfect for fans of Chris Wooding and R.F. Kuang

Titan Hoppers

Epic Coming of Age Fantasy… in SPACE!

A magic academy in space, a titanic starship full of monsters and traps, a mysterious past waiting to be explored.

The start of an epic science-fantasy series.

Perfect for fans of Pierce Brown or Will Wight.

First Earth Saga

Epic Grimdark Fantasy

A motley crew of badass characters, a dark world with death lying around every corner, a world of pirates, witch hunters, demons, and epic battles.

A grimdark epic fantasy saga.

Perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie or Peter V. Brett.

It Takes a Thief…

Light-hearted Steampunk Heists

Daring heists, charming romance, alchemy and airships.

A dulogy of Steampunk capers with a dash of romance.

Perfect for fans of Scott Lynch or Ocean’s Eleven.