History is Written in Blood.

The Future is Forged in Holy Fire.

A trilogy of trilogies being written and published concurrently. Set in a world where humans can steal magic and immortality by eating angels.

A note from the author

The God Eater Saga is a trilogy of trilogies being written and released concurrently. That means I wrote all 3 book 1s at the same time and I’m releasing them together. I’ve also started writing all 3 book 2s and will be releasing them together as well. I know, it’s a strange way to do things, but bear with me.

Writing and releasing the saga this way allows me to weave mysteries, reveals, world building, and character development across the 9 books and across 3000 years of in world history. I felt it was important to do it this way because many of the characters in God Eater are immortals and have been alive a LONG time.

But fear not! Each trilogy is designed to work on its own as well. But if you choose to read the full saga (AGE OF THE GOD EATER, ANNALS OF THE GOD EATER, ARCHIVE OF THE GOD EATER), you’ll get a much deeper understanding of the world and the story. And there may be some reveals in the past that shine a new light on events in the present.

For ease of understanding when all 3 trilogies take place, here’s a handy little summary:

Age of the God Eater (main series)

Herald (book 1)

Annals of the God Eater (set 1000 years before Herald)

Deathless (book 1)

Archive of the God Eater (set 3000 years before Herald)

Demon (book 1)

I know it all sounds a little confusing. Believe me, it was certainly a headache keeping it all straight in my head. But I can assure you it will all make sense in the end.

THANK YOU for reading, and I do hope you check out all 3 trilogies to get the best understanding of the world.