(Archive of the God Eater book 1)

Coming August 6th

Dien Hostain was never meant to lead. She wasn’t meant to survive.

Kind of heart and quick in temper, Dien expects to lead a simple life, learning her father’s trade. But unbeknown to her, he was not always a carpenter. He’s an exile, a traitor once known as the Peace Breaker.

When nightmarish demons attack the village of Berrywhistle, her father is murdered. Dien and the survivors are taken as thralls to live out the rest of their days in squaller and back-breaking labour. But Dien’s blood boils with the need to escape and take her revenge.

They try to break her body. They try to break her spirit.

Will Dien take up her father’s hammer and unite her people?

On wings of vengeance, a Saint shall rise.