(Age of the God Eater book 1)

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A thousand years ago, humanity’s greatest heroes killed God.

Now, under the brutal rule of warrior-kings, the land of Helesia has fallen to chaos. Demons stalk the deep forests, monsters roam free of their prisons beneath the World Vein, and ancient terrors rise again.

History is written in blood, but the future will be forged in holy fire…

Renira Washer lives the dreary life of a laundry girl, dreaming of adventure. When a stranger from her mother’s past appears with a dire warning, Renira’s peaceful life is shattered and she’s thrown headfirst into a millennia old war between Heaven and earth. In Renira’s blood, hides a secret: the angels are not all gone.

Only the Herald can ring in the Fifth Age.

Only the Herald can bring the God back to life.