OK! After needing to reset last week, I’m back on track. I read all through the 80k I had of Death’s Beating Heart and made the necessary corrections. Eska is happy once more. Or angry once more. Either way, she’s no longer kicking my arse and telling me I’ve gone wrong. DBH is also now at 88k. I have the progress bar set at 120k for the finished book, but I’m starting to think that was a conservative estimate. I’ll reassess next week, but I’m thinking this one will be a 140k book.

I also hoping to get the final Titan Hoppers snapshot written this week. The book is set to release in late July, and hopefully I’ll be revealing the cover pretty soon.

And that’s about it for the progress update this week. Thanks all, and for those of you who are waiting for pledge benefits, they are fulfilled by Patreon and I believe they will be doing so quite soon.