Here we are with the latest progress update. Things are moving swiftly on DBH now. I’m into the finale. Everything in the past 5 books has been leading to this. There’s monsters, there’s magic, there’s two worlds on the line. EPIC is very much the theme here. 😀

You may wonder why the bar above has turned green… well, that’s because I originally estimated 120k as a word count when I set out to write DBH… We are now beyond 120k. This book is a monster. I don’t know how long it’s going to end up being, but next week I will be resetting the estimation to 140k. Can I finish up everything that’s left in 20,000 words… I do not know.

In other news, I have set a rough release date for Titan Hoppers. I’m going to aim for July 12th. It is slightly dependent on whether I get the finished cover by then. This means that I’m also going to be starting work on Titan Hoppers 2 very soon with an aim of posting chapters here weekly.

And that’s about it for my progress update this week. Back to Eska’s final battle, I go! 😀