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State of the Union

So this post is just going to serve as a how things are going and what to expect from me in the near future. Because I’m writing… A LOT! All my books are now back under my control. I am once again completely self published! I feel there should be some fireworks here. OK, I…

By Rob 9th August 2017 0

It’s been a long road

It’s May 25th 2017 and I have a new book releasing tomorrow. WHERE LOYALTIES LIE(WLL) is finally releasing. You can even order your copy here. This post is a short history of exactly why it has taken so long for me to get the follow up to The Ties that Bind (TTtB) out there. I’m no…

By Rob 25th May 2017 0

Publishing Limbo?

Here goes. Some people have contacted me to ask “Where is Where Loyalties Lie?” It’s true, the first book in my piratical adventure duology (Best Laid Plans) should have been out already. It should be in the hands of millions maybe a few thousand at least. But it’s not. It appears to firmly stuck in…

By Rob 3rd January 2017 14