There is a question I see a surprising amount. It’s quite simply how do I find out when my favourite author releases a new book? And it’s a question I understand well. There’s so much noise around these days, so many releases flying about, so many books old and new that it can get really tough to keep up. And even more tough to keep your ear to the ground to find out when the next book

So here’s 3 easy ways you can keep an eye out for those new releases.

1. Follow the author on Amazon

Apparently not a lot of people know you can do this. But it’s really simple to do… assuming you have an Amazon account. Just find the page of one of your favourite author’s books, and click the little follow button next to their name.

And because Amazon absolutely loves trying to sell us all things, every time that author releases a new book, Amazon will email you about it.

2. Join their newsletter

A lot of authors publish semi-regular (or in my case quite irregular) newsletters which they send out to their mailing list. And any author who does will happily tell all subscribers about new releases. Most often, you can find links to subscribe to their newsletters on the author’s website. It’s easy to do and costs nothing.

And many authors offer free books or short stories as a benefit for signing up to their newsletter, or run giveaways exclusively to people who are signed up.

3. Follow them on Social Media

Most authors are well-known to be anti-social badgers snarling at anyone who gets too close. However, we are often quite approachable on various social media platforms. And when an author releases a new book, you can be certain they will scream about it all over every platform they have. Probably in between posting memes and pictures of pets.

However, not all authors keep a social media presence, so this one may be the least effective of the lot.

And there you have it. 3 very easy ways of keeping up with your favourite author’s latests book release. And I didn’t even mention the tried and true method of hunting them down, camping in their garden, and begging them for new chapters whenever they leave the house.