Self Published Fantasy Releases – March

It’s that time again. Time I list all the self published fantasy books coming out in March. And by all, I of course mean all the ones I’ve heard about. One day I will achieve omnipotence, but it is not today. A lot of folk have asked me to include Amazon links as well as Goodreads, … Read moreSelf Published Fantasy Releases – March

Self Published Fantasy Releases – February

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog listing the upcoming Self Published Fantasy Releases for December and January. It went well. A lot of people contacted me with the hope that I would turn it into a series of blogs. So, I will. This list will contain a few of the remaining books … Read moreSelf Published Fantasy Releases – February

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – Andy Peloquin

Gather round sinners. Another heathen has stepped into the confession booth to seek forgiveness. Today, Andy Peloquin, author of Traitor’s Fate: A Queen of Thieves, bares his soul. His book releases tomorrow and is no doubt filled to the brim with his sinful words.   I, of course, am absolutely perfect, and thus have no … Read moreConfessions of a Fantasy Author – Andy Peloquin

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