It’s that time again. Time I list all the self published fantasy books coming out in March. And by all, I of course mean all the ones I’ve heard about. One day I will achieve omnipotence, but it is not today. A lot of folk have asked me to include Amazon links as well as Goodreads, so I’m gonna give it a go this time. As always, it is far from a comprehensive list, but instead contains all the titles I have found/heard about so far. If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in March, let me know either in the comments, or by emailing me, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:

1) It must be a self published fantasy novel.

2) It must have a Goodreads page.

3) It must have a cover.

On to the list!

March 1st – Underlord (Cradle #6) by Will Wight

A tournament approaches.

All around the world, great clans and sects prepare their disciples to fight against one another in a competition of young Underlords. Even the Blackflame Empire is drawn in, but their youth are not strong enough to compete.


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1st March – Lostlander (Coilhunter Chronicles #4) by Dean F. Wilson

Welcome to nowhere.

Nox, the Coilhunter, wakes up in unfamiliar territory, victim of a deranged man who claims he’s from another world, and who’s building an army of slaves to help him get back there.

The eccentric bounty hunter must face off the wild of the desert and the wild in men, all the while trying to piece together what happened from his fractured memory.

Some go to the Lostlands to find themselves, but the Coilhunter is on the hunt for the true Lostlander: the Man with the Silver Mane. Folk say those Magi are lost without their magic, but Nox has long found his own kind of mojo in his gadgets and his guns.

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1st March – Spellbound (Tales of Naimonet #1) by Thalia Blake

Naimonet: Eleven islands far to the southeast. Eleven Kingdoms filled with magic, romance, and adventure!

Two princesses in search of a future of their own choosing. A vision of a sapphire crown with waves crashing against dark rocky cliffs has brought Merione and her sister Ezabelle to the faraway island of Mulrane in search of a destiny that is worth living.

Destiny comes at a price. When Ezabelle becomes Queen of Mulrane, can Merione rely on the bond of sisterhood to save her from uncertainty, and her sister’s wrath? Cursed by the disgraced mage of Mulrane, Merione must choose between her sister and a prophecy that will put a new king on the throne.

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6th March – It’s a Living by various authors

The realm of fantasy is filled with legends of dashing heroes and epic quests. But behind every hero stand hundreds of average denizens that just want to get on with their lives. These are their stories.

This anthology is filled with 14 brilliant and hilarious stories that follow the lives of everyday citizens who just want to do their jobs and live their lives.

Dive in to the mediocrity today and prepare to laugh until you can’t breathe.

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March 7th – Tides of Mana by Matt Larkin

She controls the seas.

Her sister controls the flames.

Together, they rule as god-queens over their island nation. No mortal army can stand against their power.

But what happens when civil war erupts between these goddesses?

Namaka turns the fury of the sea on her sister, wreaking untold devastation on the land and under the sea, earning the ire of the mer kingdoms.

Their answer: turn Namaka into one of them. Possessed by a mermaid spirit, she is drawn into battles in their alien world.

How will she survive a war not only with her sister, but with a rival mer nation?

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11th March – The Lightning Conjurer: The Enlightening by Rachel Rener

After narrowly escaping Savannah and her Asterian thugs, Aspen has finally unearthed a clue to her forgotten past: a small brass key and a handwritten note that says Start here. With nothing but her resolve – and Aiden’s silver lighter – Aspen sets forth on a solo cross-country journey. But things begin to unravel quickly on the open road, and Aspen soon realizes that her biggest challenge on this trip won’t be making it to California in one piece, but keeping her growing powers in check… a feat that’s proving harder and harder to manage.

Meanwhile, Aiden, on his own mission to find his sister, has gone radio silent. Though an old ‘friend’ from Aspen’s past warns her not to go after him, she knows she has no choice. But their impromptu reunion has some unintended complications: ghosts from Aspen’s past come back to haunt her, painful secrets that Aiden has been harboring come to light, and deep-rooted family conflicts threaten to tear their bond apart.

Still, there’s a faint light at the end of the tunnel: Aspen now knows for certain that her mother is alive and being held prisoner. She and her friends just have to get there in time – and pray Savannah doesn’t catch them first.

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14th March – Breaking Chaos (The Chasing Graves Trilogy #3) by Ben Galley

The endgame has begun. 

The battle for the emperor’s throne grows ever fiercer. The City of Countless Souls cowers behind locked doors as the whims of the downtrodden and the powerful bring the great game of Araxes to its chaotic conclusion.

With the soulblade at his hip and magic in his soul, Caltro’s freedom is almost within reach. But as Temsa reign of murder clashes with Widow Horix’s plans, the locksmith’s fate becomes all the more entwined with the needs of dead gods, the Cult, and vengeful royals. Caltro realises his struggle is not just for his redemption, but for that of the entirety of the Far Reaches.

While the Core Districts descend into chaos, debts left unpaid in the desert haunt Nilith’s long-awaited arrival in the city. A new foe is hunting her through the streets, an enemy with enough power to rival even that of the Cloudpiercer. 

And yet all their struggles pale in comparison to the dark omen that is spreading through the Arctian Empire:

The River Nyx is drying up.

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14th March – The Lich’s Heart by Watson Davis

A rebellion rising. A land under siege. Can a conflicted priestess defeat an ancient, ruthless magic?

Hanno’s husband is dead. Filled with pain, the priestess and healer questions her faith in the almighty Eternal Council. When she unknowingly aids a wounded rebel, she’s forced to choose between returning to her old life or taking up arms against the rulers she used to worship…

Deep within the heart of the rebel ranks, Hanno witnesses the Council cut down the lives of her new and dwindling allies. But the healer knows a secret. And if she’s able reach the enemy’s hidden, vulnerable weakness, then the rebels may just have a chance to avoid obliteration.

Can Hanno guide her people to freedom, or will vicious rulers make her pay dearly for her betrayal?

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16th March – Stolen (Mason Gray #2) by William C. Markham

Private Investigator, Mason Gray, has a reputation for solving impossible cases. But when an ancient artifact inexplicably vanishes from the Field Museum, that reputation will be put to the test. To solve this case, he must delve deeper into Chicago’s supernatural world and call on his newly discovered abilities—unless they kill him in the process—to track down a thief who’s never been caught. 

But things are never as they appear in The White City, and every answer he uncovers leads to new questions. And new enemies. If Gray fails to recover the artifact, it will start a war that will destroy the city he loves. To save it, he is forced to make an impossible choice: make a deal with the Devil or become one himself. 

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19th March – Secrets of Blood (Heirs of Destiny #4) by Andy Peloquin

To weather the storm of chaos and death, young heroes must dare to challenge the impossible. 

Civil war rages in the City of the Dead. The lowest castes have taken up arms in revolt. Blood runs thick on the golden streets of Shalandra.

Amidst the uproar, Evren hunts down the leaderless, scattered brutes of the Ybrazhe Syndicate to put an end to their depredations and dispel the riots. Issa and her elite warriors battle rampaging mobs in a desperate fight to restore order.

Kodyn and Aisha pursue killers that could lead them to not only the villains orchestrating the turmoil, but the monstrous foes lurking in the deep, dark places hidden beneath the city.

Yet facing enemies far beyond their abilities to defeat alone, will they triumph against evil and put a stop to the chaos before all of Shalandra is destroyed?

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19th March – A Sea of Broken Glass (The Lady & The Darkness #1) by Sonya M. Black

After enduring weeks of torture and being convicted of witchery, Ris escapes, only to discover the Darkness and the Lady are hunting her. They need the magic that sings within her.

Creator of all, the imprisoned Lady needs Ris, her last vessel, to find the Heart of Creation. The Darkness seeks to corrupt the vessel and retain his hold on the Lady, and with it, the world.

Ris finds help from a pair of Paladins of Light who aid her in cleansing the evil taint from the lands. As her power grows, so do her questions. How can she restore balance to the world and free the Lady? Should the Lady be trusted or is she as much at fault for the evil in the world as the Darkness? With powerful demons War, Ruin, and Plague at her heels, Ris struggles to stay alive as she tries to unravel the secrets hidden within her before it’s too late.

Secrets that may cost Ris her soul even if she does succeed.

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21st March – The Shadow of Fallen Gods (Wounds in the Sky #2) by V.R. Cardoso

If not even death can stop a god, what can?

Aric may have found a new home and a new family in the desert, but once more, the emperor rears his ugly head. This time his Paladins are coming to seize not only the Guild, but Aric himself. Meanwhile, in the north, as Cassia flees the imperial hounds close on her heels, Fadan seeks the support of a rebellion fragmented by politics and personal interests.
However, it is not just the wars of men that threaten the world of Arkhemia. Eliran, on a mission to assassinate Head-Archon Astoreth, discovers that the Circle is in possession of an ancient artifact created by the gods themselves. 
Winds of war are rising, and in the coming chaos, the Circle’s sinister plans can only blossom. Can they be stopped? Is it already too late?

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26th March – Tavern (Dargath Chronicles #1) by Deston J. Munden

Xelnath of the Gnarled Root—a tavern owner, information broker, healer, and guildmaster of the Blackwind Company—has found a place, far better than the forest from which he came in the magical metropolis and city-state of Lladad in the Magiian Empire. 

When a simple act of kindness draws the ire of a troubled assassin, his love-stricken Archmage father and an army of magically constructed golems, Xel must scheme with vipers of the high court, mingle with royalty at the castle, blackmail drug dealers in the slums, and fight assassins and mercenaries in the streets. 

He needs to lean on the support of his motley crew of a dark elf assassin, a dragon pirate, a high elf royal, and a talking dog artificer to keep him from his own inner demons and doubts.

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26th March – Corin Hayes Omnibus by G.R. Matthews

At the bottom of the ocean, a former special forces pilot of the most advanced diving suit ever developed possesses skills that are still much in demand. However, at bottom of a beer glass there is only a blessed oblivion to drive the memories away. The face of a murdered daughter, the corpses of friends, and the last glimpse of a happy life as the light slowly dims. Corin Hayes has nothing left, nothing to live for, and no one to share his misery. Nothing, that is, except a stubborn streak wider than the ocean and sarcasm sharper than a scalpel. 

But all good things must come to an end and in the sacred solitude of his favourite drinking hole that a beautiful woman presents him with an offer he’d be a fool to turn down.

Perhaps a job, the chance to earn real money, the opportunity to be useful once more might redeem his life and self-respect. However, in the world beneath the waves there is no such thing as an easy life and Hayes is about to discover that some jobs can be real killers.

This omnibus edition collects books 1 to 3 of the Corin Hayes series in one volume.

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28th March – We Lie With Death (The Reborn Empire #2) by Devin Madson

Into Kisia’s conquered north, a Levanti empire is born.

Loyal to the new emperor, Dishiva e’Jaroven must tread the line between building a new life and clinging to the old. Only Gideon can lead them, but when he allies himself with a man returned from the dead it will challenge all she thinks she knows and everything she wants to believe.

Now empress of nothing, Miko is more determined than ever to fight for her people, yet with her hunt for allies increasingly desperate, she may learn too late that power lies not in names but in people.

Rah refused to bow to the Levanti emperor, but now abandoned by the Second Swords he must choose whether to fight for his people, or his soul. Will honour be his salvation, or lead to his destruction?

Sold to the Witchdoctor, Cassandra’s only chance of freedom is in his hands, but when her fate becomes inextricably linked to Empress Hana, her true nature could condemn them both.

There is no calm after the storm.

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