Review Blog – Paternus: Wrath of Gods by Dyrk Ashton

Paternus: Wrath of Gods is book 2 in Dyrk Ashton’s Paternus trilogy, and to review it I first need to say a little something about book 1. In Paternus, Dyrk broke all the rules. He wrote in present tense, gave us an omnipotent perspective that head hops at an impressive rate, and exposits all over … Read more

My Favourite 5 of 2018

I’m not a prolific reader. In fact most years I’m lucky if I make it through 2 books a month. But in 2018 I set myself the goal of reading more books, even if that meant listening to half of them. So as the year’s end draws near I have read 38 books! This might … Read more

Review Blog – Paternus by Dyrk Ashton

I’m fairly certain Dyrk Ashton is the nicest guy in the fantasy genre. I met him last year at a convention and he handed me a signed copy of Paternus. I graciously accepted, knowing full well it would be a while before I managed to get around to reading it. And now I have, and … Read more

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