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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st September – Wolf in the Void (The Grand Game #5) by Tom Elliot

Progression/Cultivation, LitRPG

A House established. A Wolf on the run. And with his foes multiplying, can Michael accomplish all that he must?

Michael has taken the Game by the throat. No longer content to lurk in the shadows, he has started down a path that will inevitably bring him into conflict with the Powers.

But the Powers are no easy foes. Nor are they Michael’s only adversaries.
Other enemies stir. Some confront him openly, while others watch patiently from the sidelines. A lone wolf no more, and with many of his own pieces in play, Michael may find himself more exposed than he believes.

The stakes are high. And the schemes of the players convoluted.
Evading entanglement will not be simple. Avoiding the ire of the Powers will be even harder. And escaping the attention of beings beyond his ken may well be impossible. Can Michael trace a delicate balance between obscurity and strength? Or will his dreams for House Wolf end in ashes?

1st September – Ruins of Smoke (The Smokesmiths #0.5) by Joao F. Silva

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

The Usharian Empire rules the Known World with an iron fist. Imperials protect their world from the tainted hand of the Deceiver, but he is back with an avatar capable of breaking the Empire and grounding humanity into ash.

JEHA is a sentinel of the Empire, willing to fight and die for kinship and duty.

AGOR is an imperial general. Disgruntled by the darkness he sees seeping into everything he loves, he makes his move.

MATALA is a young smokesmith who sees his courage tested as Ushar burns.

ALAMAKAR is the world’s most powerful man, but even strong blood ties can hold him down and tear him apart.

As the Deceiver threatens the Usharian Empire’s heart, fiends walk the streets of the capital. Men and monsters clash in a battle fit for gods. And the smoke follows them.

2nd September – The Augmented: The Awakening by Mitchell Hill

Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

Born in war, Augmented in death.

Meet Broax and Akii. Twins, opposite in almost every way. United by their mother’s murder.

Born during the sacking of their town, their father only just managed to get them out alive. Raised in isolation, their fighting skills were honed as war raged around them. Coming of age, they find out their mother made the ultimate sacrifice for them.

This sets in motion their journey for bloody revenge; but vengeance never quite goes to plan.
Death finds them at their first battle, but this is only the beginning. Reborn at the hands of a magiik, they discover they’ve been Augmented with new limbs. More powerful than sword and steel, vengeance is back on.

Carving their way through the land, they discover they’re embroiled in something much bigger than just their revenge…

4th September – Once There Were Heroes (A Time of Dragons #1) by Philip C. Quaintrell

Epic Fantasy




Once there were heroes. Brave men and women who showed their quality to be above the rest. Those whose deeds earned them the heart of a dragon. Those whose courage and strength resonated with the unborn, who, in their eggs, can wait thousands of years for a warrior worthy of them.

These heroes rose up on young battlefields and defended the weak and oppressed across all of Erador. They did so because they were inspired. They had only to look up and see.

Dragons Riders!

The last noble warriors in the realm. Only heroes can embolden the ordinary. For centuries, millennia, the Dragon Riders galvanised generation after generation, adding Riders to their ranks, birthing dragons from their eggs.

But there are no more heroes. War with the Andarens is like nothing the Riders, nor the armies of Erador, have ever faced. In the place of heroes there are only soldiers now. Fodder for the machine of war.

This time of twilight is set to be the crowning hour of the dark, when the light is losing its grip. There are those who have been waiting, biding their time in the shadows while the heroes of Verda die out. They worship something ancient. Something forgotten by myth and legend. Something evil.

It falls on a few to keep back that darkness. A few who must rise without inspiration and prove themselves worthy.

5th September – The Dryad’s Crown (Tales from Efre Ousel #1) by David Hopkins

Epic Fantasy

Silbrey returns to the port city where she was first taught to kill.

While there, she discovers there is more to her troubling past, something magical and foreboding, far beyond the familiar cobbled streets. Silbrey must decide if she’ll take her revenge against the cruel guildmaster who trained her—or is mercy even an option?

What begins as a fairy tale transforms into a sweeping multi-generational epic about love and loss—and a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.

5th September – Of Visions and Dreams (Selah #6) by Ella Walker Henderson

Epic Fantasy

War has come to the Land of Legends.

Armies gather in the Battle Lands. Any day, the tension will snap, and one nation will attack first.

Selah and William finally have all they need to seek the ancient Qinnowr’s hiding place. They set out on their final journey in hopes that the Qinnowr will sway the tide of the war.

But their long held expectations of the Qinnowr’s power may not be what they’d hoped.

The chosen ones will need more than themselves to succeed against the enemy and save the Land of Legends. Their allies among the nations will come together for the final epic battle.

5th September – Liberation (The Keepers of Midgate #1) by R.M. Krogman

Epic Fantasy

Freedom to live. Freedom to kill.

A prisoner scarred by his past, suffocating in his desert hell.

A crown prince bound by his family’s tragedy.

A myrprincess stripped of command and promised to a human.

All must shed the shackles that bind them, but the darkness of the world is spreading quickly—madness in the streets, a ravaging sickness of the body and mind, and enemies at every border. Those gifted with magic, those bonded to dragons, those with a heart for righting the wrongs in the world must decide how to use their abilities.

For with freedom to live comes the freedom to resist, to fight . . . and to kill.

5th September – Seasons of Dangerous Peace (The Three Lands: Law Links) by Dusk Peterson

Historical Fantasy

“In a week’s time, in every village and town in Koretia – even in the great capital city where the King’s palace stood – Koretians would gather together to celebrate the New Year. There would be festive foods and drinks and the tossing of nuts into the fire, as the Koretians prayed to the gods for good fortune in the coming year. Most of all, there would be the making of creation living symbols of the beauty that was Koretia. . . . And then, the next day, the killings would resume.”

His village is dead, his baron broken beyond mending. Now, as the year reaches the season of peace, the baron’s heir must decide whether to keep his family hidden, safe from the blood feud that is ravaging their kingdom, or to enter danger in quest of a higher goal.

7th September – The Marked Prince (Mark of Valliath #2) by M.H. Woodscourt

Epic Fantasy, YA

Called by Truth.
Stalked by Death.

Following the battle at the Lotus Court, Prince Jetekesh again sets his sights on the jungles of the Clanslands, determined to locate a new Arch into Shinac. It’s the only hope the mundane world has of surviving the coming war the girl from the Snow Wastes warned about.

Jetekesh and his company press harder than ever to reach their goal and enlist help from the Fae Prince, Sharo of Shinac. But they’re stalked by demonic creatures, and a mysterious cloaked figure is dead set on keeping Jetekesh from reaching the Arch, at any cost.

Meanwhile, Blood King Aredel of KryTeer finds himself bound by the dark fae within the magical realm. To save those he holds most dear, he must complete a single Kill Prince Sharo.

Facing overwhelming obstacles from all sides, Jetekesh and Aredel grapple with a greater struggle within. Both seek to escape their grief and guilt from past mistakes. But what price must each pay for redemption?


12 September – Shadow of Hyperion (Hybrid Helix #4) by JCM Berne


Rohan once served the Empire. At great cost, he earned his freedom, and has since sought nothing more than to finish his shift in peace and figure out where his love life is going. Then he receives a message from Earth, calling in a favor. A plea for the kind of help only The Griffin can provide. Reluctantly, he recalls his mentor. The man who taught him how to live with his cursed Power. A man who had been the galaxy’s greatest hope, before the il’Drach sent him to his death. What would Hyperion do?

13th September – Metanoia (The Ruined Gods #2) by Alex Robins

Epic Fantasy

As above, so below.

Panacea was a lie. An elaborate scheme instigated by Zeus, greatest of the Ruined Gods. Among its many victims was the former strategos Dexios, tricked into murdering Zeus’s brother, Hades, as the city of Thena fell to an unstoppable tauran herd.

With the death of Hades, the barrier between realms has been shattered. The lifeless shades of Tartarus are no longer bound to the Underworld, but free to return to their decaying bodies and walk the lands of Tyrris once more.

Only one can stop this. Makar, son of Hades, reluctant heir to his father’s legacy. Accompanied by the disgraced priestess Graycea and the sophistes Elena, he must find a way to traverse the mists of Tartarus and reclaim his birthright. A long, arduous path awaits. For deep in the fiery pits of the Underworld, someone is releasing the shades of the damned.

Decrepit, pitiful shadows, their tortured minds broken by an eternity of torture.

Yet, despite the madness, a single, overwhelming desire remains.



18th September – At Eternity’s Gates (Empire of Ruin #4) by David Green

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

As a long-planned endgame begins, the future of Haltveldt balances on the edge of the slimmest of blades.

Calene Alpenwood rallies her comrades against the spreading darkness, but faces overwhelming threats from both sides of enemy lines. The entity known as the Corruption, the living culmination of Haltveldt’s millennia-long abuse of the Spark, approaches. And it hungers for Calene, dead or alive.

Her allies, the former elven-renegade Brina al’Loria and the aged Sparker, Greton Bouseby, scramble to her aid, but Calene’s plans for Haltveldt’s salvation fracture her assembled friends’ wills. Meanwhile, the Follower of the Dawn’s mysterious goddess, the Widow emerges, her focus fixed on Calene, revealing her hand at last.

But there is a wild card in play. The treacherous Raas has fled from the Banished, and Kade Besem gives chase, desperate to put an end to the conniving ancient’s plans. For the Corruption and the Widow aren’t the only parties interested in the power Calene Alpenwood wields…

Nations unite, armies clash, and the past, present, and future converge in Haltveldt’s final stand. Have Calene and her allies learned enough to chart a new path to a brighter existence? Or will it prove impossible to escape the weight of bitter memories and ancient grudges – dooming Haltveldt to descend into complete and utter corrupted darkness?

It all ends At Eternity’s Gates.

18th September – A War to End All (Manifest Delusions #3) by Michael R. Fletcher & Clayton W. Snyder


A war, then. A war of our own. A war for perfection and cleanliness and order.
A war to end suffering.
A war to end filth and disease.
A war to end immorality and injustice.
A war to end blasphemy.
The last war this world would ever see.
A war to end all.

21st September – A Treatise of Air (The Edinburgh Doctrines #2) by CL Jarvis

Historical Fantasy, Gaslamp

Edinburgh, 1784. It takes a scoundrel to catch a thief…

Elizabeth Fulhame is trying to keep her head down. Once her husband Thomas gets his medical degree – provided he doesn’t aggravate his professors – perhaps she’ll be able to afford the materials for her cherished chemistry experiments. But when Dr Joseph Black tasks Thomas with meeting a French inventor who’s come to sell a valuable dyeing process, the Fulhames see an opportunity to reverse their modest fortunes.

But the industrial secret is stolen from under their noses by a ruthless English aristocrat. Relying on her wits and magical abilities, Elizabeth decides to steal it back.

The Fulhames and their comrades are drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game through the seedy wynds and glittering society balls of Enlightenment Edinburgh. With their foe seeking the destruction of his enemies, Elizabeth risks losing everything she holds dear in pursuit of her goal.

21st September – Vows & Ruins (The Legends of Thezmarr #2) by Helen Scheuerer

Epic Fantasy, Romance

Against all odds, Althea Zoltaire emerged from her trials as a champion. Now, she must train even harder and prepare herself to become a true warrior of Thezmarr.

But Thea’s world is turned upside down as she struggles to navigate her newfound magic and uncover the secrets of her past. Slowly, she begins to untangle the truth about her family, her powers and the evil that threatens to engulf the kingdom.

When Wilder Hawthorne returns to be her official mentor, everything changes. Dark forces are gathering, and he will stop at nothing to prepare her for the challenges to come, even if it means breaking her.

As war looms and their quest for answers leads master and apprentice deeper into danger, the undeniable connection between them intensifies – defying all odds, but also threatening to tear them apart.

With secrets unravelling and evil closing in, Thea and Wilder fight to save the world, and each other. The fate of the realms rests in their hands – will they emerge victorious, or will the darkness consume them both?

21st September – The Nameless Throne (The Inkweaver Archive #1) by Lisa Cassidy

Epic Fantasy

An ambitious orphan. A ruthless warlord. An impossible destiny.

Arya Nameless is a lowly Raider posted to an isolated fort in the most dangerous place in Dunidaen. She has few prospects, and as much as she loves her fellow soldiers, she burns for more-more control, more autonomy, more power.
When her bravery during an unexpected attack leads to an offer to join the household of one of Dunidaen’s warlords, Arya finds a home and family she never expected. Yet her quicksilver temper and fierce pride put her place there at constant risk.

And as her warlord embroils them all in a dangerous political game to rule Dunidaen, over the border to the west, the Nightstalker lurks. A king who wields powerful magic, the Nightstalker’s fate is inextricably entwined with Arya’s. His relentless pursuit will force Arya into a choice she doesn’t want to make, between loyalty and love, and taking hold of the destiny she was born to fulfill.

Which will she choose?

23rd September – The Ice (The Bound and the Broken #3.5) by Ryan Cahill

Epic Fantasy

In Epheria, you are the predators. Here, you are the prey.

Almost four hundred years have passed since the fall of The Order. Four hundred years since the empire rose. Four hundred years since the last dragon egg hatched.

In the icy wasteland of Valacia, Aeson Virandr searches for the one thing that could turn the tide of war: hope.

But there is a reason no soul has ever returned from Valacia.

Hope comes at a cost, one that can only be paid in blood.

25th September – Soultaming the Serpent by P.H. Hammond

Epic Fantasy, Romance

Jun never knew adventure until she took her first step out of her village at age 60 and then found a young man, which only led her to more adventures and stories, some of which point to home.

The last dragon died half a century ago and Jun Weaver still dreams of the rain that hasn’t fallen since. Her mundane life takes a turn when she encounters Aurel, who she suspects may be the one that holds the key to restoring balance and is destined to find the elusive serpent from the prophecy.

Joined by Casey, Jun’s closest friend and the village brewer, the three embark on a journey to unravel the prophecy’s intricacies, figure out what the serpent’s role truly is, and why the dragon has to die, not knowing they are being watched.

Follow our trio as Jun discovers a love of adventure, Casey’s devotion takes an unexpected turn, Aurel spills his secrets like dust in the sand, and the three of them discover the true power of their bond.


25th September – The Sunset Sovereign by C.D. Houck

Sword & Sorcery, Cozy Fantasy

When a dragon finds an assassin sneaking into his lair, he tells her of his life’s work and his soon to be final chapter.

For the past thousand years, the dragon Vakandi has watched the people of Vakfored grow from a wandering band of refugees to a glorious city of art and magic. Under his protection, the city has survived monsters, floods, and wars all without building an army, dam, or even a wall. But time changes everything and now the citizens of his beloved city want him dead.

Vakandi spends his last day telling his assassin why he loves them, and why it’s his time to die.


25th September – Bringer of the Scourge by M. Daniel McDowell

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

The prophecy that has governed Vierrelyne’s entire life is about to be proven true.

The fall of the castle Talorr is imminent. Peasants and enemy forces alike aim for the throne. In that same castle, the last living daughter of the tyrant king waits, locked in a tower cell, for the prophesied apocalypse that only she can prevent.

To escape the castle with the aid of her closest counsel, Vierrelyne takes a formidable ancient weapon from her family a holy suit of armor and a diadem infused with the soul of a demon prince. With this power, she is unstoppable, but its presence is corrosive. She amasses a swarm of true believers in a fate she finds ever harder to deny.

Vierrelyne is haunted by what it means for her to tame the power she has been given, and by what means she might conquer the Bringer of the Scourge. For, if the prophecy she dreads is true, the weapons she wields might destroy everything she holds dear.

25th September – Artic Druid by Stephen Reeves

YA, Cozy Fantasy

26th September – Throne of Blood (Battleborn Mage #2) by Angel Haze

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Amid the king’s death, magic storms rage, spreading fear against the mages.

Killien will stop at nothing until he finds his sister, Fate. Her magic is both feared and hunted by mages, soldiers, assassins, and the new king alike. Her magic has a power like no other–chaotic and destructive, and she is a danger to everyone around her. But now her magic grows stronger and she is in the hands of someone who wants to use her for her power and turn her into a weapon. The fear of magic is spreading, a war brewing. Killien must find Fate before she is killed and the new king starts an all-out war.

The only way to find her is to follow the destructive trail of her uncontrolled magic, and it is leading to one of the most dangerous places in Arcanthia guarded by vicious magical creatures, a place no mage or soldier has ever survived.

Can Killien save his sister before her magic destroys everything around her and the new king starts a war against the mages?

30th September – Creation (Surgecaller #9) by Todd Herzman


Huon has less than one week to save those he cares about most.

But in the world of Temtoria, time moves at a different rate, and those days are turned into months.

Though Huon has managed to defeat a High Celestial, he still isn’t ready to face the Everlasting King. But he has a plan. Reunited with people from his past, he has to teach them all he knows—whether he wants to or not—as when the time comes, they’ll only have one chance to defeat their enemy.