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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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31st August – Perceiver by E.C. Fuller

Moving to a new town was not on Hattie’s to-do list for the summer.

Her arrival in Applewood brings nothing but strange things to her doorstep. A bendable boy guards an abandoned orchard. A cactus gives her a bullet. A monster made of oil stalks those around her.

And nobody can see them but her.

When traveling consultants show up on her doorstep, a chance encounter with the boy named Jack forces them to confront the monsters and their intertwined fates. Worse yet, the lives of the people she loves now hang by a thread.

When her world collides with another, Hattie must make a choice: save herself or save her parents.

Tsava awaits.

31st August – Wizardoms: Shadow of a Dragon Priest (Fall of Wizardoms #4) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

A man who commands dragons rises. The people call him a prophet, a savior…the one who will free them from the tyranny of the wizard class. They do not comprehend the threat he presents.

The dragon priest rages across the land. Cities and rulers are helpless against his might.

A pair of heroes embark on a dangerous quest, seeking a lost object of power. Without it, the dragon priest and his army will destroy the world.

An army of metal golems invades another wizardom. These magic-powered automatons are the weapon of the last wizard lord – a madman who desires to rule the world. Despite his might, betrayal might be his most useful tool.

31st August – The Gray Mage (Realms of Camellia #3) by Liz Delton

To fulfill her bargain with the Storm King, Kira must train at the Spire to learn more about her Shadow magic. There’s just one problem:

Her Shadow magic doesn’t work anymore.

Something inside her is broken, and she must find a way to fix it or risk losing her Light magic, too. While Kira struggles with her inner turmoil, another battle brews outside the walls of the Spire. Raiders descend on the realm, and Kira’s pretty sure they’re here because of her.

With her magic slipping, not only is she vulnerable, but her family’s legacy is at stake too. She must find answers. And a discovery about the past might offer some clues about the elusive and dangerous Lord of Between, whose dark magics still echo across the realm…

and reveal an unpleasant connection with her broken soul.

31st August – Jaeth’s Eye RE-RELEASE (Legacy of the Lost Mage) by K. S. Villoso

Sume Kaggawa promised her father a dragon. Abandoned by an older brother who dreamed of grand adventures, she is the only hope left for a family fallen on hard times. A deal with a shadowy mage traps her in a conspiracy between greedy merchants and forgotten kings. For the chance to revive her family name and be everything her brother could never be, Sume must sign away her life and freedom–or forever doom her bloodline to failure.

Meanwhile, the mercenary Kefier finds himself chased down by former associates after a botched job leaves his friend dead. Already once branded a murderer, he crosses paths with his friend’s sister Sume and the merchant-mage, Ylir. Their intertwined fates brings them to the crux of a conflict with the first fire-breathing dragon seen in the continent for decades. But the dragon may very well not be a dragon, but a demon hell-bent on corrupting those in its path…including the three running head-first into it.

1st September – Oil and Dust (The Elemental Artist #1) by Jami Fairleigh

Politics, Money, Power, Religion, and Greed. These are the things we never again need.

Artist Matthew Sugiyama can alter the physical world with his art. As the top student graduating from the prestigious Popham Abbey, Matthew Sugiyama’s future is secure… until he bucks convention and begins a journey to find answers about his birth family. The trouble is, he doesn’t know who or where they are.

Determined to find answers, but without a clear destination, Matthew sets out on horseback across a post-technology world, guided only by random flashes of a vision or long-buried memory. Using his skills as an artist to barter for hospitality and supplies, Matthew soon learns his sheltered upbringing has left him wholly unprepared to face the obstacles on the road or his unexpected yearning to join the communities he encounters. When he uncovers a mysterious adversary’s plan to harm the people he’s come to care for, Matthew must decide what’s more important; the adopted family he has created, or his need for answers about his past.

1st September – Forbidden Zone (The System Apocalypse #11) by Tao Wong

They can run, but hiding isn’t in their forte

After revealing the deception spread by the Galactic Council and the hidden aspects of the System, John Lee and his friends flee the council building on Irvina.

Just escaping the capital planet will tax them to their utmost. Evading the full force of the Galactic Council and their minions might be more than they can handle. While old allies deal with the new truths, friends fracture under the increasing pressure and all the while, the System Quest hangs over John’s head, unfinished.

Their only hope, their only clue, lies in the Forbidden Zone.

1st September – Embersoul by Emi Phoenix

In Serevak, ritual sacrifice, slavery, torture, and genocide are polite conversation. The concept of good triumphing over evil disappeared when the benevolent King Reinhardt Embersoul was killed in a coup. But hope isn’t dead.

Alenikka, the heir apparent to her father’s stolen throne, doesn’t want the responsibility. She just wants to find her sisters so they can live their lives far away in peace. But when her contacts inside the usurper’s castle inform her that her sisters are being hunted, they convince her to take on the unlikeliest of allies–the enemy’s General, Magnus.

General Magnus finds out the consequences of loyalty and honor, and for all his years of service, his price has been named–his daughter. Her life, along with nine others will feed the soul of the Dragon God. With the help of his oldest friend, the castle mage Torzod, a gnome with a penchant for women and a temper as explosive as his arsenal, a dragon-slaying witch defected from a long-dead enemy, and the millenias old colossi hunters, he must defeat an ancient lich before the ritual is complete.

Every thousand years, Alewurm of the clan Seaghach must travel to the demon-infested continent of Eikrios to assemble the clans to fend off entities the size of cities. This time, his trip is interrupted when he is possessed by the soul of the Dragon God’s first, and he slays the Eikriotian warlord. Hunted by those he once considered allies, he must rid himself of his possessor and gather the clans before time runs out and the colossi destroy the world.

6th September – An Emperor’s Gamble (Legend of Tal #3) by J.D.L. Rosell

The legend of Tal Harrenfel has a new, dark chapter to its legacy, and its hero quests alone into the East. But though Tal intends to end Yuldor’s war himself, Garin and their companions follow closely on his heels…

Elendol is in ashes, and its queen has been replaced by one sympathetic to the East. Fleeing the destruction left in his wake, Tal leaves behind all those he loves in an attempt to save them from further harm. His aim is simple: find Yuldor and claim the Worldheart from him, no matter the cost.

But Garin and the others won’t let Tal sacrifice himself so easily. Setting off in pursuit, they intend to offer what help they can. But not all the company’s aims are the same…

The East is fraught with imposing challenges, formidable monsters, and dubious allies. And survival is only the beginning — for its Emperor has a scheme in mind that may throw the World off its axis…

7th September – The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey by Shawn Speakman

Forever shamed for family actions a century earlier, Antiquity Grey is a young woman living in a far-future city of Erth. It is a life of danger and hardship, dragons and advanced technology.

But when she discovers an outlawed and operational mech buried in the sands of her planet, she realizes its secrets hold the power to reverse her family’s dishonor while challenging the Imperium’s off-world oppressive might.

10th September – Archcrafter (The Weirkey Chronicles #3) by Sarah Lin

Betrayed. Murdered. Reborn. One last chance, to make it right. Theo’s adventure ended with his mentor’s hands around his neck. The betrayal cost him his friends, allies and everything he had built… but not his life. Though broken and powerless, Theo has one last chance to enter the Nine Worlds, wielding the knowledge and expertise of his first life. This time, he needs more than just power, he needs to unravel the deception that killed him once… and is coming for him again.

Theo has discovered an incredible opportunity to advance, but it stands on the other side of a fatal obstacle. Faced with a duel to the death against an overwhelming opponent, he has no choice but to seek allies in a new world. Time is running out, so he’ll need to soulcraft like he never has before…

10th September – The Hidden Blade (Sangwheel Chronicles #1) by Marie M. Mullany

The bluron’s wings delivers a stark command of death as the Empire teeters on the edge of a most uncivil war. For the first time in Her long history, a ducal line has failed. The last duke of Etendulat is dead and none of his heirs have undertaken the Trials of Dusang. The wealth of farmlands that lies at the heart of the Blutben penninsula lack a ruler and greedy men circle the bountiful plains.

Into this high stakes game, Louis is sent to end the ambitions of Tybalt du Mamel, Baron of Somfaux, who would reach for the Etendulat Sash. With every step, he uncovers more of a treacherous plot that is poised to strike at the heart of the Empire. Forbidden magic shadows him and ultimately he must make a dire decision : Can he take the life of an innocent for the greater good?

13th September – The Reckoning (The Lightning Conjurer #4) by Rachel Rener

Four years after the collapse of the Inner circle, the Asterian Order is functioning as Aspen and the late Magistrate envisioned; containment centers have been shut down, antiquated laws have been abolished, and free elections for a new Prime Minister are underway. In the meantime, Aspen and her fiancé, Aiden, have been enjoying their peaceful life out of the spotlight and away from the Order.

However, in the absence of containment and conviction, the line between freedom and secrecy has been blurred; amid the turmoil, a fresh wave of Elemental Supremacism is threatening to take hold of the Asterian Parliament. To combat this, Ori announces his bid to become Minister. If he loses, his radical opponent will be turning dangerous rhetoric into a stark reality that poses a direct threat to the entire human race.

While he and Aspen embark on a crucial political mission, Aiden, Eileen, and Sophia are joined by an old nemesis to carry out their own top-secret quest: scouring the globe for rogue Elementalists with extraordinary powers. If they succeed in recruiting these hundreds of Wilders to their cause, they’ll have a slew of newcomers to support Ori’s campaign. But if they fail, their adversary will have access to the greatest army of Elementalists the world has ever seen.

The stakes have never been higher for Aspen and her friends… and losing has never been more dangerous.

14th September – Black as Night (Darkwood #2) by Anthea Sharp

One princess. Two realms. And a reckless choice that could destroy kingdoms…

I never thought I’d become friends with Neeve, the stepsister I didn’t want, even though she has everything. Everything, that is, except the one thing she truly desires…which is where things went terribly wrong. Now I’m the only one who can help her, even though she doesn’t want to be rescued.

But saving Neeve might cost me my freedom, my world, and even my heart. Can I bear to make that sacrifice? Do I even have the choice?

14th September – Battle and Burning (Dragon Destiny #2) by Carl Cota-Robles

Dragons clash, and Maya’s Kingdom is the battleground, in book two of this thrilling epic fantasy series.

Maya is a full-fledged dragon rider. She is done with school and bonded to her dragon until death. She has joined the ranks of the powerful Serpentines, after having saved her nation from a devastating weapon. But though the weapon has been stopped, war is destined to descend upon her kingdom.

As the forest burns, Joel races across the desert to warn her of a secret plot. Armies are mobilizing, dragons are spreading their wings, and he’s received word of dangerous scientific progress up north.

The dragon riders lead the military. Maya helps train ordinary soldiers to fight under dragon filled skies. Those closest to her are swept up in the battle, coming together as friends and foes. They are:

A previously broken man with a newfound sense of self. A loyal dragon rider who is destined to perish. An old friend with a grudge. An outcast with family drama.

And a boy who is more valuable than all the jade in the world.

Maya and her dragon must step up and fight for everything they hold dear.

15th September – Quill & Dust by Maria Vermisoglou

The supernatural can take lives just easily as it can save them…

Prepare to meet djinns. Mermaids and magic stones and a pack of other enchanting characters through a tangled string of fairy tales that combine adventure, mystery, and the supernatural into a package that is certain to hold something for everyone!

20th September – A Wicked Wind (The Archanium Codex #2) by Nicholas McIntire

As the aftershocks of Kalinor’s fall radiate through the realm of Ilyar, Prince Jonas Belgi finds himself fighting a very different war. As he battles for his very soul, powerful forces are in motion to remove him from the world entirely, lest the contradictory magics burning within him engulf all of existence in a conflagration that no one, not even his beloved Hunter Aleksei Drago, could hope to survive.

Even as Jonas begins the impossible task of escaping his prison, the Lord Captain is caught up in a savage civil war. As the fractured remnants of the Legion attempt to regroup, seeking refuge from the hordes of rebel soldiers dogging their every step, Aleksei is confronted by a new nemesis, a creature at once invisible and indestructible.

Aleksei must be constantly vigilant for the vengeful spirit that stalks him, waiting to catch him off-guard, thus forfeiting both his and Jonas’s lives.

Aleksei is torn between his need to find Jonas and commanding the last remnant of the Legion against the Zra-Uul’s rebellion, with its overwhelming numbers and scores of powerful and destructive Magi under the Demon Bael’s command.

Having to choose between his heart and his homeland, Aleksei attempts to accomplish the impossible, while always listening for wind. A Wicked Wind.

21st September – City of Reckoning (Nerasia Saga #1) by Brianna da Silva

Kindy Sharro is used to hiding. As a Nocturan, her bat wings, claws, and night vision place her under constant threat of hunters, who cruelly slaughter her kind for sport.

But everything changes the day of the invasion. The Dorish Empire drafts the Nocturans it once persecuted to help defend against a godlike foe. Kindy enters the war, but she has an ulterior motive: Use the war to destroy her arch enemy, Charris Pouden, before he gains enough power to destroy her first.

Meanwhile, Lasía Mae’olo, an elite wolf-accompanied warrior, plots rebellion against the Dorish Empire. When she is drafted to fight for her enemies, she must find a way to subvert the war for her own purposes.

But suspicion and distrust haunts her every move. This war has many sides—and she’s not sure which side she’s on anymore.

The bonds of friendship will be tested. Alliances will be questioned. In a story of political intrigue, ethics of war, and young love, one question must be answered: Which side will you join?

22nd September – Time Tells (The Turned Trilogy #2) by Christopher Percy

“Dark days are these.

“I am mourning the loss of my friend. I am a broken man, incomplete.

“I left my home on a quest to destroy the bag or hide it forever but my heart died the day my friend did and I now lack motivation, purpose and hope.

“Every day is a struggle to exist. Every day is a fight.

“The witches are coming for me. Three remain. Two travel from their mysterious kingdom of Kakkakin and the third has spent an eternity alone. Epochs of isolation have driven him mad and he successfully anticipates our every move. He plots and schemes. He waits for us.

“I must stay ahead of the witches but the little I understand of the wide world is in flux. Rights to the crown are being contested and life’s proving to be dangerous both at home and abroad. There is another golem, madder and more dangerous than the Tracker and the Turned continue to seek us out. Some come to kill us whilst others to join our disparate group of survivors.

“Men, Turned, witches and my ever expanding assemblage struggle to find a place in these rapidly changing lands and only time will tell if we can survive all the trouble that’s heading our way.

“And I still have that damn bag and I swear it’s started to look at me.”

24th September – To Cure A Curse by Sky Sommers

Belle and Beast. A tale as old as time. A spell that sounds an awful lot like a curse.

What if Belle went in search of a remedy for the Beast and when she came back he didn’t remember her at all? What if you can’t rely on a true Love’s Kiss (because one party has, quite obviously, forgotten and wants to eat the other party).

How do you break a curse then? Given that the last few petals are about to drop any day now.

Easy. You work with what you got and try to fall in love.

28th September – Spirits of Vengeance by Rob J. Hayes

He’ll die as many times as it takes.

The Ipian Empire was once a land that welcomed dragons and spirits alike, but a century of war and bloodshed saw them all but vanish. Now, the lost things are returning and the Onryo have gathered. Five legendary spirits with mysterious powers, bent on freeing an ancient evil that would wreak havoc on humanity.

Haruto swore his soul to the God of Death for the chance to hunt down the vengeful ghost of his wife. Now an onmyoji, he’s tasked by the Imperial Throne to hunt down monsters and malicious spirits. But he knows not all spirits are evil and not all deserve the peace of the sword.

Kira is a student at Heiwa, an academy for children with dangerous techniques. But she has a secret, she’s not like the other students. When the school is attacked, she flees with one of the tutors, determined to hide both from those who would kill her, and those who would use her.

As a plague of spirits sweeps across the land, the Onryo leave a bloody trail for Haruto to follow. But who’s hunting who?

28th September – Wake of the Phoenix by Chelsea Harper

War Hero. Thiefmaster’s apprentice. Traitors. Every title comes with a price.

Arkaen is a gods-damned saint. He sacrificed his childhood innocence fighting for the beleaguered rebellion in a civil war and relinquished a comfortable life with the man he loves to reclaim his place as high lord from corrupt nobles. Now, a hidden enemy is manipulating his lower lords into talk of rebellion, including the powerful Rogue Baron who is slowly swaying the city into questioning every move Arkaen makes.

With the help of his near-omniscient lover’s gift of foresight, Arkaen finds a potential ally in Niamsha, a reluctant thief trying to pay for her brother’s education. But Niamsha owes an insurmountable debt to the mysterious leader of her thieves guild and failing to pay means death—for her entire family. When her guild leader demands she join forces with the Rogue Baron himself, she finds herself caught in a political battle beyond her skills. Torn between protecting her family and following her conscience, Niamsha doesn’t know who to trust.

If Arkaen can win Niamsha’s loyalty, he might just prevent a second civil war and the destruction of everything he fought to protect. Or he might get them all killed.

28th September – Duke’s Brand by Deston J. Munden

Ser Torlyek is an awkward and soft-spoken man fumbling through his knightly duties as a member of the Duke’s Brand. Though there is little trust afforded to a band of former criminals, Torlyek and his companions continue to prove themselves to be one of the strongest knightly orders in the land.

But when Jani—a half-orc woman of noble blood—joins their ranks, they find themselves targeted by one of the most powerful lords in Dargath. Soon, Torlyek finds his new life cast into turmoil as the secrets of Jani’s past converge with the shadows of his own.

Faced with an impossible choice, will the Duke’s Brand stand with one of their own? Or will they turn her over to the forces that hunt her? And what will come from Torlyek’s own turbulent past—and the choices that continue to haunt him?

Space for more…