October is here and it has brought with it a whole new list of self published fantasy chomping at the bit to be released.

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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in October, let me know either in the comments, or by emailing me, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:

1) It must be a self published fantasy novel.

2) It must have a Goodreads page.

3) It must have a cover.


27th September – Daughters of Fire & Sea #1 by Holly Karlsson

Abandoned by their mother, Elaina, at fifteen, twin sisters Lyric and Runa Graymorn are accustomed to living on their own. They’d always known there were secrets in their past, but when Elaina’s unexpected return threatens their lives, the sisters must flee from the only home they’ve ever known.

Embarking on an incredible journey deep into the Veil of the Underworld and out along the Tainted Shore, Lyric and Runa are shocked to learn myths are more real than they imagined and there is magic in their blood; magic they can use.

How will they respond to their new role as pawns at the heart of an age-old war? Will their bond survive their dangerous journey?

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27th September – Crimson Bone (Kouzlo Saga #2) by L.L. McNeil

Demon hunting is all in a day’s work for Seila.

As a soulless Phantom and member of Fallow Caramond’s Kouzlo—a secret demon killing organisation based outside London—Seila is driven by little other than hunting demons.

Although she’s made new allies—Elementals, Enchantresses, and even a Djinni—and slaying demons has never been easier, working as part of a team goes against everything Seila has done before. It’s not easy to adjust to sharing her life with others, especially when she’s still no closer to reclaiming her soul and her humanity. She butts heads with Lady Tress Vitali, a demon assassin, and finds the edge of her tongue as sharp as her dragon axes.

After vanquishing Elite Demon Sekki, another has leapt in to take his place, and Seila cannot rest while London is under siege.

With Prowler Demons on the loose and half-fire Elemental Damon’s developing powers less than under control, Seila has her hands full not just coping with the growing Kouzlo, but the new Elite Demon wrecking havoc upon London.

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27th September – First Steps (Meandering Paths #1) by Luke Daher

Not all roads lead to desired destinations…

A swordsman struggles beneath the burdens of lost friends, survival in the lawless Wilds and a fate he wishes to outrun.

An artist stands on the fringes of her society, derided by her peers while striving to impress the Divine her people worship.

An uncaring world shifts around them, leading their feet onto greater paths unknowingly.

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28th September – The Fall of the Wizards Book 1: Bildungsroman by Paul Calhoun

The Fall of the Wizards follows the previously mythical adventures of the founder of modern magical society on his world, and the political fallout in the modern era of having someone so revered telling his story in his own words. Zunvect the Sunlord, god of organized magic, has been dead for 8,000 years. Unfinished business and a timely intervention by an ambitious demonologist lead to his revival. No matter what forces are arrayed against him, he must accomplish his goal. His autobiography is overdue and the book launch circuit awaits!

Volume 1 of his autobiography sees Zunvect grow up in a world where magic, music, and mathematics mix together. Dictated to the somewhat disgruntled demonologist, who insists she’s the one in control, the autobiography makes waves in the wider world. Ancient history gets political.

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30th September – The Fall of Erlon (Falling Empires Saga #1) by Robert H. Fleming

As empires burn, heroes must rise.

Elisa Lannes was once heiress to the mighty Erlonian Empire. But when her mother abandons the empire and her emperor father is defeated on the battlefield and sent into exile, the world she would rule collapses around her. As enemies converge on the capital, Elisa must join with the last of the empire’s loyal soldiers to escape the evil that hunts her and her family.

With the help of her father’s generals, can Elisa find the strength to fight for her people? Or will a twist in the tide of the empire’s last war awaken an evil far greater than the enemy’s blade?

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1st October – Knight Rising (The Faerie Queen #1) by Jason Hamilton

Do not wander in cursed lands alone…

Una wants only one thing, to find and kill the dragon that drove her out of her childhood home in the heart of Arthurian Britain.

When a handsome knight frees her from captivity, she learns that she is not the only one who wants the beast dead. The knight is Sir George, a messenger of the Faerie Queen and the man assigned to kill the dragon that still haunts her home.

But the road to get there contains new dangers, long shut out from this world…until now.

Together with her newfound ally, she must survive the dreaded Forest of Arden, return to her homeland, and discover what happened to her family. To get there, she will search within herself and discover an ancient, forbidden magic that is either the key to their survival, or the means to their end.

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1st October – Wizardoms: Eye of Obscurance by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

In a realm where wizards rule, the ambitious contend for thrones that grant the power of a god. How can one defeat a god?

Jerrell Landish is a thief, clever, creative, and conniving to the extreme. His legendary exploits force him to use the name Jace just to remain inconspicuous. When he accepts a contract to acquire a secret, enchanted amulet, he discovers the item has already been stolen. To satisfy the leader of the Thieves’ Guild, he must track down the amulet and complete the ultimate objective:

Assassinate Wizard Lord Taladain, a man with the power of a god.

Rhoa is an acrobat, diminutive, agile, and daring. Armed with the Eye of Obscurance, she sets out to accomplish the unthinkable. Haunted by a troubled past, she cannot escape a single, all-consuming desire. She would risk anything to see Lord Taladain dead.

Taladain’s daughter, Narine, is a princess who recently graduated as a master wizardess. However, her father and brother seek nothing but power – one would use her to strengthen his position, the other views her as a threat to his future.

Can she navigate troubled waters with danger lurking at every turn?

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1st October – Hunted by Steve McHugh

Cursed by witches centuries ago, Remy Roax was content with living his long life as a half-man/half-fox. But when he learned he had had undiscovered powers, he had no choice but to learn how to use them.

After relocating to North Dakota in order to practise his new found abilities, he soon finds himself in the targets of Louis Bonne, a man who wants to understand how the curse placed on Remy worked, so that he can use the souls of innocent people to make himself immortal.

Since Remy has no interest in helping, Louis Bonne sends a group of murderers intent on convincing him. But Remy isn’t some helpless bystander, and these people will soon discover that Remy isn’t the kind of fox who runs from a hunt.

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1st October – Battle for Peace (The Silent Champions #2) by Andy Peloquin

A vast barbaric army is on the march. One hardened captain and his elite commandos are the kingdom’s last hope…

Captain Aravon fights to honor and avenge those who died under his command. Groomed for battle by his famous father, he’s proud to stand alongside his six special-ops officers against impossible odds. But as enemy forces surround his starving countrymen, a spy within his own ranks could turn Aravon’s mission into his final downfall.

Still scrambling to root out the traitor, he must recruit a rival warrior clan to join forces against the barbarian invaders. But when the infiltrator sabotages his plan of attack, the beleaguered captain fears his war-weary legionnaires will fall in another bloody massacre.

Outnumbered and under full assault, will Aravon taste vengeance or suffer crushing defeat?

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1st October – Windwalker: Order of the Red Sons

Betrayed by those she swore to protect.

When Kiva is attacked by a group of masked men within the walls of her desert city, she is given a choice: leave, or risk the lives of her loved ones. They are the Order of the Red Sons, and they are determined to return Madina Basin to a time before female windwalkers.

As the Order’s influence spreads, Kiva discovers that no one is immune to their rhetoric, not even those closest to her. But the danger goes beyond the hearts and minds of her people, for a far more insidious purpose lurks in the heart of their leader–one that could spell disaster for every last soul in Madina Basin.

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5th October – Onslaught of Madness (The Madness Wars #1) by Jesse Teller

The Drine war machine needs to be constantly fed and has turned its sights on Tienne. Warlord Rextur devoted his life to planning this invasion, so how did he lose the element of surprise? And who is this emerging rival Peter Redfist? He can’t be much of a problem. The god of destruction has long favored Rextur. His faith is strong and his legions mighty. Who could withstand their onslaught?

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7th October – Rumble in Woodhollow (The Holy Sisters #1) by Jonathan Pembroke

Sydney was bored–bored with mixing potions in her aunt’s alchemy shop and bored of life in the faery homeland of Sylvan Valley. So when her sister Marla sends her a letter and asks Sydney to bring some family documents to the crime-ridden city of Woodhollow, Sydney leaps at the chance–only to discover Marla in charge of one of the criminal syndicates competing for control of the Woodhollow underworld.

Before she knows it, Sydney finds herself embroiled in a gang war and must maneuver her way through the plots of rival thugs, ogre peacekeepers, and the semi-immortal ruler of the city. And through it all, she learns she has drawn the attention of a mysterious order of assassins…who want Sydney for some sinister purpose of their own.

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7th October – The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon by Benedict Patrick

Impossible world. Impossible dragon. Impossible adventure.

Lost with her ship and crew in an unfamiliar land, Min’s first command could be her last.

Nothing here behaves the way it should:

The magic that powers her skyship has been drained, rendering it immobile.

The sky is an endless twilight, lit by the luminous fish that swim in it.

Off starboard, there’s also the country-sized dragon that is looking particularly hungry.

It will take all of Min’s training and experience to get her people safely back home, but as the truth about the Darkstar Dimension begins to be revealed, Min will have to prove to her crew – and to herself – that she is still the best person for the job.

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9th October – Crown of the Sundered Empire by J.C. Kang

A sundered realm. A missing crown. A coming war.

In a broken land where conquerors dream of empires, Tomas dreams of a day when the townsfolk won’t taunt him. After all, he’s the fishing village kid with a misshapen face.

Only the Rune vendor’s daughter treats him well. To win her heart, he relies on a quick wit and local superstitions to convince her he has Diviner’s Sight.

But if he did, he would’ve foreseen magic-fearing invaders plucking out his mismatched eye.

Or the demon trapped in the glass replacement. It reveals a world beyond human vision, while whispering temptations in his mind.
Now, with his village caught between the advancing armies of the Sun God’s mortal descendants and His Chosen People, Tomas must use a combination of calculation, cunning, and demonic insight to maneuver the forces of his world against each other—prince against prince, princess against princess, army against army—or see his home crushed forever beneath the wheels of war.

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11th October – Mid-Lich Crisis by Steve Thomas

Is trying to sacrifice your estranged wife to a bloodthirsty demon an irredeemable act of evil? This is the sort of question the Dread Wizard Darruk Darkbringer struggles with. After being called evil one too many times, Darruk sets off to find a new purpose in his life and become a beloved celebrity. Can a dark wizard come to terms with himself and prove to the world that a few atrocities don’t define who he is?

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13th October – Blood and Iron (B&I #3) by Eli Steele

Magic doesn’t exist, until a mage falls in the streets of Ashmor. In his last moments, he gives Rowan Vos, a thief for hire, a sword that will alter his future, and threaten not only his own life, but the lives of everyone around him. Now, fleeing Ashmor for the mysterious city of Thim Dorul on The Cormorant, the Sea of Shields threatens to end everything he and Kassina have fought for.

The men of the Brae have repelled the Meronian invaders in the first battle of what is now open war, but must now race to repair Hell’s Gate and the keep, while contending with Rayland Mace, the commander of the Beyornian Army.

Kren Redstorm and the Uhnan’akk are now behind enemy lines and must choose between preparing for the harsh Braeridge Winter or coming to the aid of the men of the Brae.

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15th October – A Shattering of Glass (The Riven Realm #3) by Deck Matthews


For Shade, returning to Taralius is like a homecoming she never wanted. She soon finds that old relationships are changed and past contacts have turned sour. Worse yet, a bitter enemy stalks the streets—a venomous assassin who’s sworn to deliver Shade to her own sending.

Meanwhile, others in the city are delving into their own pasts. While Second Corporal Avendor Tarcoth re-establishes contacts from the shadowy life he thought he’d left behind, Tiberius follows the trail of an unexpected message toward an equally unexpected encounter. Neither man is aware of the dangers that stalk them.

Far across the Realm, the man calling himself Carvesh Tarne leads a small company through the depths of Jadenwood in search of answers surrounding the shadowbeasts that nearly destroyed his home and family. But answers aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes they fight back.

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16th October – Dungeon Dive (Tales of the Gods’ Game #1) by Rohan M. Vider

A LitRPG story in the world of the Gods’ Game.

Set hundreds of years before the fall of Crotana, Dungeon Dive follows the adventures of a young Aveyad. Join him and his fellow champion, Talia, as they battle their God’s foes and embark upon a dungeon crawl… a task they may not be equal to yet.

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18th October – Dark Ages by D.S. Tierney

The world of Terragard is a dangerous place. Grint, adopted son of the God of Thieves, has survived by stealing, cheating, and conning his way across the world. When a necromancer hires him to rob the un-robbable city – it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. And one he should have.

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25th October – Order (The Dreg Trilogy #3)

When Mara escaped the Order, she thought the worst was behind her.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now, she must survive court life while undermining the Order at every turn. If the emperor discovers her secret, it will be more than just her neck on the chopping block.

But Cadmus is proving to be a more cunning foe than she’d imagined, and her complicated feelings about a certain disgraced Magi certainly aren’t helping.

Friends have become enemies and alliances will be broken, but can Mara prevent a war?

Or is war inevitable?

Mara must destroy the Order… or die trying.

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29th October – Steel and Valor (The Silent Champions #3) by Andy Peloquin

A hunt for a traitor. A desperate search for salvation. An uncovered secret that could destroy everything they hold dear.

Victory over an unstoppable barbarian horde and the salvation of an allied clan are distant memories for Aravon and his Grim Reavers. Now, they have a single objective: unmask the turncoat selling vital information to the enemy, and bring to justice the one guilty of murdering Aravon’s mentor and surrogate father.
The noble quest throws the specially-trained champions directly in the path of a rampaging force of ruthless enemies. Scrambling to defend a precarious position, Aravon and his companions must rely on the courage and skill of mysterious masked warriors guarding a secret treasure.
But even with their forces bolstered, the soldiers have little hope of survival…much less victory.
Can Aravon defeat overwhelming odds to protect his people, or is his mission doomed to end in failure and death?

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