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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st November – Sistah Samurai by Tatiana Obey

Sword & Sorcery

This is no revenge story. I ain’t got time for that. I’ve got errands to run and things to do and barely enough time to make it home before sundown. I don’t care why folks are going around stealing ink. I don’t care why the monks are acting kinda strange. I don’t care that everybody is expecting me to save them. I might be a Sistah Samurai but those days playing hero were back when my knees didn’t ache, and I wasn’t the only one left. So leave me alone.

All I want to do is get home, drink some green tea lemonade, and enjoy my peace. I’m not asking for much, so why are all these demons daring to get in my way?

I am not the one. Not today.

1st November – Fool’s Play (System Apocalypse : Kismet #1) by Tao Wong & David R. Packer


Not everyone falls during an apocalypse. Some rise to the occasion.

For Fool and Jackal, the System Apocalypse was a chance to start again. A chance to rise, and be who they were meant to be.

Now, they’re trying to offer others the same opportunities as part of a secret organization helping humanity survive the System.

Today’s mission? Nothing big, just your typical save-the-princess quest.

But when you’re the Acolyte of a Trickster god, typical is the last thing you should expect.

Just ask Fool’s cat.

1st November – Alice Ravenwood and the Tomb of Saint George (Malevolent and Divine #1) by Orson Teller

YA, Steampunk, Sci-Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy

‘The Mythological Society are the only thing stopping this world from being overrun by violent, monstrous beings. The hours are flexible, there’s no uniform to speak of, and the tea-making facilities are excellent.’

After his parents mysteriously go missing, thirteen-year-old Thomas Crowley is sent to live with his godmother, Alice Ravenwood, and her elderly Scottish housekeeper, Dougal.

Having previously known nothing of his godmother’s existence, Tom is further surprised to learn that Alice is in fact a globe-trotting field agent for the shadowy Mythological Society. Their mission: to protect the planet from all manner of extra-dimensional threats.

When Alice and Dougal are despatched on a mysterious assignment to the West Country of England, Tom must join them. There he befriends Prisha ‘Pree’ Laghari, and the two of them are thrown head-first into an adventure that will change their lives forever.

What is causing tremors underneath the town of Glastonbury? What connects a village postman with a martyred knight? What exactly does Alice Ravenwood keep locked up in her basement?

Tom must discover the answers to these questions if he’s to survive his new life with Alice and the Mythological Society.

1st November – The Blood Stones (Legends of the Bruhai) by Tori Tecken

Epic Fantasy

His name is not worthy.

A traitor is executed, his name ripped away from history. Now the kingdom stands on the brink of a succession war that could bring the country to its knees. Forces stalk the darkness, moving pawns into place in a deadly game.

Gehrin and his brothers were not meant to witness the execution, but now they find themselves trapped in the center of a political quagmire. When Gehrin faces the loss of everything he knows, will he also lose himself?

To the south, tribal warlords clash in an endless cycle of violence. Syndri, the daughter of a chieftain, kills for the honor of her people. An alliance with a foreign queen offers the power to unite the tribes, but at what cost?

Someday, history will remember them as legends.

2nd November – Legacy of a Hated God (Mennik Thorn #4) by Patrick Samphire

Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Nik Thorn should know better than to get involved with gods.

But when a priest of a hated god asks Nik to save his life, Nik can hardly refuse, particularly when the priest knows exactly how, where, when, and why he is going to be killed. How hard can it be?

Of course, that’s not Nik’s only problem. When is it ever? A god has been murdered, the city’s high mages are about to go to war, and fury is rising in the streets.

Agatos will burn.

2nd November – Rematch of the Titans (Titan Wars #3) by Samuel Gately

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

In a world where a titan is worth only his latest victory in the ring, Scott Flawless is the envy of them all. He’s dominant, fearless, and remarkably good-looking, at least according to him. But his self-proclaimed perfection will be challenged when he is dragged off to a far corner of the Open Nations. Here he’ll battle a new host of dangers and learn that being Flawless may not be enough to survive.

3rd November – The Lion Vessel (Sangwheel Chronicles #3) by Marie M. Mullany

Epic Fantasy

Prophecy and rebellion ignite a race for ultimate power.

In the heart of the tumultuous Empire of Lumiaron, Naira has at last been united with the scent of the cup-flower, personified in the assassin, Louis. A hidden faith whispers her name, singing songs of prophecies that tell of a savior. As her destiny unfolds, Naira must grapple with her role and the will of the Gods.

Power has shifted. The once-shadowy figure of Brice Rennaurd now wears the Emperor’s face and sits upon his throne. He is not content with political might and reaches for a greater prize with bloody hands. Only the rebel dukes stand between Rennaurd and the Blood Gate.
But men cannot follow three leaders. Enter Alund, the Imperial Prince, a figure of hope amidst chaos. The purpure sash lies heavy on his chest, and empires demand a cost. Will Alund rise to the occasion or crumble under the weight of rebellion?

Isabella continues her journey under Herself’s tutelage, overcoming her blindness with a burgeoning power. For her too, the Gods have plans and her youth is no barrier to Their demands.

5th November – City of Onyx by Phil Parker

Cozy Fantasy

People keep vanishing in Temz. The authorities don’t appear to care. Life goes on as normal. Mages continue to age rapidly and die early deaths, from the toxic magical energy that pervades the city. No one cares about that either. Life in the city is all about survival. Or wealth and power. Or both.

It is Tadhg’s destiny to be the hero of this story. His mother said so.

Trouble is, this second-rate mage and lousy thief hardly fits the role. He’s impetuous, an irresponsible good-for-nothing. His one interest is the shapely, high-class courtesan, Zherah. He’s even thought about marrying her. If he had the money. Except, when she poisons him, he’s less sure about the idea.

Hardly a way to start a story; poisoning the hero. But it triggers events where Tadhg must use all his charm and wit to save the city. Admittedly, charm and wit aren’t much use when you’re risking your life. Weapons would be better. But sometimes, a hero has to work with what they’re given.

6th November – The Hunter’s Lament by Steve Pannett


Infamous bounty hunter Bitter Sweet has led his crew of like-minded miscreants for nearly three decades. They can track and capture any man or woman in the known world…for a price. But Sweet is tired. Decades of pursuing the lowest reaches that humanity has to offer have taken their toll. The grime, the lies, the danger, the death. He’s sick of it all.

But it’s the only business he knows, and business is good in the aftermath of a long and bloody war. The unstoppable armies of the Vol Empire have conquered Pratia, obliterating all opposition and occupying the kingdom’s cities as they establish a brutal new order. The Pratian king is slain in the carnage, but his son—the Crown Prince and sole heir to the throne—has vanished.

Eager to tie up the loose ends, the new Vol rulers turn to those who know the land and its people the best. Bounty hunters.

Against his better instincts, Sweet accepts the contract and sets out in search of the fugitive Crown Prince. But his crew are not alone in the hunt. Danger rides with them every step of the way. Rival gangs, Vol soldiers, deadly trackers and dark magickers are all pursuing the heir to Pratia, too.

Soon Sweet and his crew have a choice to make, hunt or be hunted?

7th November – Target 75 (System Orphans : Claire #2) by J.J. Thorn

Sword & Sorcery, YA, LitRPG, Progression/Cultivation, Sci-Fantasy

Don’t be Distracted. Trust the Quest. Kill your Target.

Claire’s home has burned to the ground. Displaced and plagued by nightmares, Claire can’t rest as she continues her quest to eliminate every target.

And though she gets stronger by the day, so do her targets. Her Skills will be put to the limit as she does everything in her power to reach Target 75.

7th November – Partial Function (Infinity Bague Technique) by JCM Berne

Sword & Sorcery

Monster hunter Akina Azure inherited the most powerful weapon in the martial world before retiring to a peaceful life raising her twin girls.

The Reaver has them kidnapped, thinking Akina will trade that weapon for their safe return.

Will she? Or will she use it to wreak a terrible retribution on the men who took her girls?

7th November – Merlin’s Crucible (A Legacy of Shadows) by James G. Robertson

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

In the age of earthly magic, Merlin faces the uncertainty of an unrivaled challenge: destiny itself. After being haunted by elusive visitations from the dreamworld, he answers the summons of his long-estranged master, leaving behind the throne of King Arthur to venture forth. With the aid of his master’s steadfast dragon, Faris, Merlin embarks on a perilous odyssey, navigating the tricky boundaries that thread between worlds in pursuit of answers to his enigmatic questions.

As the ancient tale unfolds, Merlin finds himself in a timeless battle between the forces of light and darkness’s abyss. With the odds stacked against him, does the formidable mage hold the power to banish this malevolence for good, or does a fate of perpetual shadows await both him and the world he seeks to defend?

7th November – Shadow of Dragod (The Dragod Saga #1) by Jeffrey Hall

Epic Fantasy, YA

A world consumed by fire. A boy with a mysterious power. A perilous journey to undo the wrath of a dragon larger than the heavens.

In a world ravaged by the ancient Dragod’s apocalyptic flames, Blain Aldaldin, an apprentice scribe, seeks to restore order by reviving the written word of lost languages.

When prophecies arise and demonic creatures emerge from the still-burning fires once unleashed by the slain god, and glimmers of hope appear in the distant ash, Blain’s journey takes an unimaginable turn.

Forced from the safety of the world’s last library, he confronts the devastation firsthand and must discover his true purpose: to remain a mere recorder of the world’s extinction or become the one destined to bring it back from the brink.

10th November – Myrmaiden (Stories of Midgate) by R.M. Krogman


Fear is a monster.

Taiuki is the thirdborn royal of the myrkingdom of Shiggo. With her brother set to be king and her sister the arch commodore, she has no worries beyond imagining adventures and exploring the fascinating ocean beyond her window.

But when arrogant visitors arrive from the land kingdom of Krita, she allows her pride in who and what she is to overcome her better judgment. Tragedy shakes the castle, and Taiuki finds herself facing the unbearable weight of loss, paired with a deep-seated fear of the water and the monsters within.

Will she ever taste the sweet, salty ocean again . . . or will it always taste like blood?

Moving on with life seems impossible, unless she can slay the beast who haunts her nightmares and claim blood for blood, redeeming herself and her broken soul.

14th November – The Emerald Eclipse (The Crystal Halls #2) by Thomas K. Carpenter

Urban Fantasy

The clans are on the verge of war.

Pandora and her Drops clanmates discover the existence of an elixir that allows for perfect faez crystal attunement—which will give imbibers a way to match the best stones with the best warriors—signaling the balance of power in the Undercity is about to change. While Razor clan, desperate to keep up with the escalations allies with the Crows, a gang from the city who can supply much needed manpower in exchange for faez crystals and training their members in the ways of the waku.

Both clans have a new foe to worry about, as the smaller clans that they’d previously ignored, come together to form the Alliance. Together with the attunement elixir and their superior numbers, this third clan has pushed the Undercity to the brink of war. The only question is who will strike first.

14th November – Kraken Rider Z (Kraken Rider Z #1) by David Estes & Dyrk Ashton


If there’s one thing dragons fear, it’s a kraken.

Even lowly hull-scrubber Zee Tarrow knows that. Like everyone on the island kingdom of Tosh, he grew up frightened by fables and horrible tales of the great beasts of the deep. It seems an odd thing to impress upon the children of the realm, because–luckily for the dragons and their riders–no one has seen a kraken in a thousand years.

Then again, Tosh’s lifeblood is the sea. Royal Dragon Knights guard the king’s ships from the constant threat of pirates, hostile empires, and the monstrous horrors that dwell beneath the waves. It makes sense that the people would fear krakens, even after generations of Knights graduate and take flight from the ramparts of Triumf’s Citadel, the country’s most elite–and therefore also exclusive–military academy. A school that Zee, who has barely ever had more than two copper pennies to rub together, should have no chance of getting into.

Thing is…Zee has a secret. He’s not only seen a kraken…

He saved its life.

When that truth gets out, will Zee be hunted by the Dragon Knights he has always envied and admired, or will he become the first Kraken Rider in history?

14th November – For the Bloody Marquesa! (The Conglicts #2) by Zachary T. Sellers

Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

For nigh 150 years, the Marcs of Desryol have been embroiled in the Era of Campaigns.
Season after season, campaigns are waged with little to nothing gained.

What began as a power struggle has long devolved into a farce.
And there are those who have had enough…

Recha Mandas – The marquesa sworn to vengeance and the end of the campaigns.
For three years, La Dama Recha Mandas has precariously balanced her Marc of Lazorna on a knife’s edge. Despite her swift rise, she has pursued neutrality with the three larger marcs surrounding her, forsaking the campaigns entirely, regardless of the damage to Lazorna’s prestige, all for one purpose—the destruction of Si Don Emaximo Borbin, Marqués of Orsembar, the man responsible for the death of her beloved. This season appears to be her last chance, and she plans to wage a campaign the marcs haven’t seen since the beginning of the era. In doing so, she may face a challenge greater than a marc three times her size. Will she be able to keep her lofty oath to end this destructive era, or will she lose herself to the thrill of campaign?

Necrem Oso – The scarred blacksmith who longs for home.
Nothing good comes from the campaigns, especially for Necrem Oso and his family. They have scarred both him and his wife and cast his family into destitution. What little happiness he can provide for his daughter, his little miracle, and the few good days his wife has are all that keeps him going. But the campaigns don’t care for a steel-working man’s happiness, nor does Marqués Borbin when he has grand campaign plans for this season. If men can’t contribute to the campaign effort through their labor, then they will be forced into it another way. However, opportunities can arise on campaigns. But for Necrem, if given such an opportunity, is it enough for a wronged man to keep his shoulders hunched and go home, or raise his fists and demand retribution?

For over 500 years, the status of the world has gone unchanged. In one year, three events will shatter it. The second happens in the west.

14th November – Bold Ascension (The Sundered Nation #2) by Vaughn Roycroft

Epic Fantasy

The gods favor the bold, they say, and Vahldan believed it. His boldness had led him to victory against the Spali, earned him the futhark sword, and made him the Lion Lord of the Amalus. Now he sought the power to lead his clan back to glory, and to bring those who oppressed his people to justice. He was well on his way to fulfilling the oath he’d made to his dying father. But his father had never seen the wealth of the stone cities that lined Pontea’s shores…

The seeress had prophesied that Vahldan was the Bringer of Urrinan, and many believed. Now he could wield the power that belief afforded him, whether he was the Bringer or not. What if he really could bring the so-called civilized world to its knees? By seizing the opportunity fate had set before him, he could lead the Gottari to heights beyond the imaging of his sires and place his descendants on the first throne of a hundred Tutona kingdoms.

Though Elan often cautioned Vahldan that the gods were fickle, it seemed clear they had revealed the steps to a glorious destiny. To become the Bringer of Urrinan in truth, he had only to relentlessly pursue his bold ascension.

20th November – Pathlighter by Rob Leigh


James is convinced that the gods have cursed him, left to fend for himself in a squalid city-state in the clutches of a corrupt theocracy. As a lamplighter, James serves the palace by illuminating the streets each night with a flame from the gods’ temple. Despite his disdain for the gods, he feels a connection with the flame, and a surprising yet small amount of control over its brightness.
For him, a quiet life weathering the desert was all he had to look forward to. That is, until others appear. From distant corners of the world, each has connective power to the gods, and each a past of great consequence. A soldier, an idealist, a hero, and a monster.
Each squabbles according to their own desires, but cannot afford to exist alone any longer. Ancient devils and horrors beyond time have come to reclaim the world from the gods, but the forms they take and power they wield are anything but understood.

20th November – Secret of the Thistle (Rainfallen #2) by Benjamin Aeveryn

Epic Fantasy

There’s nothing more dangerous than a paranoid king.

Wickerton is in peril. Obsessed with the idea of an attack coming from the Bright Crown of Northumbria, the Unholy King keeps raising taxes to pay for an ever-expanding army. But such an attack will never come. With taxes on the rise, and no money to pay the collector, Fay must find a small fortune within a month or Wickerton’s canvas shelter will be torn down as punishment.

While Galahad languishes in the dark of New London, a bloody letter arrives from the Elaine is in trouble. Despite everything that’s happened between them, Galahad can’t help but to rush to her aid. Now he must travel to the origin of the magic that stained his eyes the colour of whisky, and try to save the woman he both hates and loves.

Each must do their best to slay new monsters, face old enemies, and reforge broken relationships.

It’s time to fight for the things that matter.

21st November – The Deathless Sons (The Frostmarked Chronicles #4) by Brendan Noble

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, YA

Death claims the living realm.

Scarred by the demon’s influence, Wacław cannot forget the horror he caused in Vastroth. He knows he must be strong to face Koschei and the Frostmarked Horde, but powerful magic protects the deathless sorcerer. With everyone Wacław loves at risk, can he control his power and find the key to slaying Koschei’s soul as his tribe burns?

Anointed by the Vastrothie, Otylia has found worshipers and new strength in the force of endings, but it’s nothing without her mother. She finally knows where to find Dziewanna. Can she save her before the pacts she’s woven with her enemies come due?

21st November – Firebound (Fireborn #4) by Venessa Ricci-Thode

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

For the first time in her life, Spark has friends and has cobbled together something that’s starting to look like a family in her new home under the dragon city. But she’s never felt more alone. Or under more pressure. It’s only a matter of time before Loch and the ice dragons take revenge and attack the dragon city again. Spark throws herself into spellcraft as the dragons’ only hope. But there’s no way she can do it alone. And then there’s the matter of having mere days to rescue a stolen dragon egg.

In order to save the dragons, she needs her mother and her grandmother at her side. First, Spark must delve into the most dangerous kind of magic while learning that rebuilding a family isn’t easy.

25th November – The Last Spell Knight (The Spell Knight #1) by T.J.J. Klamvik

Sword & Sorcery

Ser Archibald is the last of his kind. A solitary monster hunter desperately clinging to a world that has long since passed him by. Despite this, Archibald perseveres. There is no giving up as long as there are monsters to slay.

Death disagrees. The chilling specter is growing tired of the Spell Knight’s ability to evade its grasp. Of course, no one is as patient as Death. But to gain Ser Archibald’s soul, even its patience will need to be tested. Death is not in the habit of discussing over which souls to take, but when dealing with the last Spell Knight, Death has little choice.

It is always a negotiation, but it is clear that both parties are growing tired of it. Will Death be able to convince Archibald it is time to go? Or does the old Spell Knight still need more time?

26th November – The Knight of the Moon (The Dance of Light #0.5) by Gregory Kontaxis

Epic Fantasy

John, the Long Arm, leads a life as a bounty hunter at the Three Heads. His name has spread far and wide across the north while plenty of gold weighs down his pockets. Just when everything seems to be going well for him, a group of soldiers order him to take on a new mission.

This time, his task is to track down a very dangerous man—a knight who rejected his oaths, turning his back on Gaeldeath and its ruler.

Will John choose the way of honour and devotion or will be succumb to his unquenchable thirst for wealth?

27th November – Aujjwallya (Jaya! #3) by Geetha Krishnan

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Historical Fantasy

Exiled by his uncle even if not in name, Yudhishtira is determined to gain allies, something he cannot do when under the eyes of his uncle’s and cousins’ spies in Varanavata. Faking his death may seem a bit extreme, but he’s sure he has no choice if he’s to break this stalemate. Yudhishtira is certain that Suyodhana, his hated cousin, will be blamed for his supposed death, so it’s a win for him, anyway.Vasushena and Suyodhana are pleased with the news of Yudhishtira’s death, but the rumours that Suyodhana is behind it has them seething. When it turns out that Yudhishtira is not dead, and he wins the hand of Draupadi and an alliance with both Panchala and Dwaraka, they know that they have to tread carefully. Suyodhana is even ready to divide the Kingdom to get rid of his cousin. The province of Khandava will do nicely.Because Khandava is a vast jungle inhabited by the Nagas who don’t acknowledge Hastinapura’s suzerainty. But, Yudhishtira has no choice but to accept its kingship if he’s to ever achieve his ambitions. Some may baulk at genocide, but Yudhishtira has never baulked at anything that needed to be done. If that’s what it takes to win Khandava for himself, he’s ready to exterminate the Nagas.

27th November – Quarantine Thirteen (Inner Universe #3) by Natalie Kelda


Since her fight against the last Star-Eater, Tara Polendi’s energy-vision has become unreliable — a truth she is too humiliated to share.

When Tara unwittingly directs Lucia into the heart of a portal storm, the ship and her crew portal back to the last place they want to go: Outer Universe.

Now, they can’t take off from their crash-site, and Tara’s unstable vision becomes the least of her worries.

There is someone – or something – else on the island. And if Tara doesn’t get control quickly, it might cost the lives of everyone she holds dear.

28th November – Guardian (The Caein Legacy #2) by A.J. Calvin

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Alexander has been sent on a perilous journey through the Southlands, a pilgrimage all would-be magi must undertake in order to develop their abilities. His brother, Andrew, was named his guardian by the Oracle, a strange woman with the ability to see glimpses of the future. The brothers do not know the land or its dangers, but both understand the importance of the journey.

With the proper training, Alexander will become instrumental in opposing Colin’s tyranny in their homeland of Novania. Colin is king; he has reinstated the Mark Inspections and seeks to execute anyone born with the Mark of the Magi, whether they are trained to use their abilities or not. That his brothers escaped his grasp once is a source of ire for Colin, and he plans to make war directly on the magi to the south who harbor the fugitives.

The natural dangers of the land may not stop Alexander from succeeding in his quest, but the royal assassins sent to pursue Andrew might prove to be their undoing. Andrew is sworn to protect his brother no matter the cost to himself…

Even if he is the last of the dragon-kind.

30th November – Queen of Hope (Empire of Shattered Crowns #3) by May Freighter

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, YA

With each passing day, life in Dante becomes more complicated.

The duke is on trial, Emilia’s capital is slowly recovering from The Great Fire, and the treasury is almost depleted. To make matters worse, her servants keep misunderstanding her relationship with Prince Thessian. Add an attractive Pope with a smile to die for, and it’s a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

What doesn’t help is that the dragon is still missing, and Sir Laurence seems to be a trouble magnet no matter where he goes.

As the side quests keep piling up, Emilia is forced to put her dream life on hold and possibly explore her feelings for a man who’s willing to do anything for her.

Yet, the enemies of the Crown never sit still. With new sinister plans in motion, the lives of Emilia’s subjects are at stake, and when Thessian falls into grave danger, the young queen is forced to make a choice that could bring about the destruction of her kingdom.

28th November – Order of the Shadow Dragon (Legacy of Light and Shadow #1) by Steve McKinnon

Epic Fantasy

Magic is the enemy. When he discovers all is not what it seems, can a young knight survive long enough to protect his kingdom from betrayal?

Adrian Navarro burns for revenge. The lone member of a defunct military sect, the nineteen-year-old can’t shake the horrific nightmare of witnessing his father’s murder by shadowy fiends.

So when a cataclysm devastates a neighbouring kingdom and his superiors blame a powerful sorceress, he gladly agrees to assassinate her to settle the score.

Striking out across another realm’s border, the relentless soldier tracks the evil wielder of the dark arts. But after he’s ambushed by magic-users and captured, he’s shocked to discover his single-minded crusade for vengeance could be built on a stunning lie…

As he’s confronted by soul-shattering truths, can Adrian prevail to embrace his greatest fear?

28th November – Consort of Fire (Bound to Fire and Steel #1) by Kit Rocha


For three thousand years, an ancient dragon god has protected the borders of the Sheltered Lands. In return, he makes only one demand: every one hundred years, the mortal ruler must send their heir to serve as his consort…for as long as they can survive.

Sachielle of House Roquebarre is the thirty-first consort to be sacrificed to the monster who guards the mountain passes. She is young, beautiful―and she has three secrets.

First: she’s a disposable orphan trained in seduction.

Second: her handmaid, Zanya, is an assassin and the only person she has ever loved.

Third―and most deadly: she’s cursed. Sachi and Zanya have five weeks to murder the Dragon in his bed. If they fail, the mortal king’s curse will steal not just Sachi’s life, but her very soul.

The Dragon has only one secret: he is nothing like what they have been told. And he will do whatever it takes to possess them both.

28th November – Waves Breaking Over Ys (Tales of Dark Faerie #1) by Matt Larkin

Historical Fantasy

The mermaid Lí Ban has long studied humans, fascinated by their culture and strange ways. But when she begins to have dreams in which she lived a human life, she decides she must have once lived in the surface world, in a past life. Determined to regain what she has lost, she makes a dangerous bargain, trading her tongue for legs.

But the bargain has a she must win the heart of the man once she once saved from drowning. If he should ever wed another, she will lose her soul. Plagued by increasingly insistent dreams, Lí Ban realizes not only does she need to win a heart—she may have unfinished business from her past life.

28th November – Feral Night (The Revenant Records #2) by Kell Shaw

Urban Fantasy

Return to Kell Shaw’s Vestiges of Magic world in a knife-edge sequel.

Lukie’s father is trapped in the Underworld and it’s all her fault.

Twenty years after her murder, Lukie has returned to life and is ready to go home, but her father isn’t willing to believe his beloved daughter is back from the dead. Before she can reconcile with him, a supernatural predator steals her father’s soul. One that she’s led straight to his door, after foolishly ignoring the signs that something was amiss.

To get her father back, Lukie must uncover the true nature of the ancient horror haunting Thunderhead Ward before a spectral hunt of bestial ghosts is unleashed upon the world.

And she only has until midnight on New Year’s Eve, when the borders between the dead and living lands seal, or her father will be lost forever…