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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st May – The First Ancestor (Ranger of the Titan Wilds #2) by J.D.L. Rosell

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

She avenged the fallen. Rebelled against an empire. Commanded a titan itself. Now Leiyn must win a war against death incarnate.

Oathbound to a deceased shaman, the ranger Leiyn ventures north with her comrades to fight alongside the Gasts in their ancestral war.

But this enemy is like none other Leiyn has faced. Ancient and malevolent, the very world bends to their dominion.

To overcome them, she seeks to rediscover a secret lost to time. A magic even dryvans fear.

The true power of titans.

Leiyn must prevail, for the Gasts’ war reaches far beyond the Veiled Lands. Should she falter now, the Gast nation shall fall, and all of Unera will soon follow.

1st May – Daughters of Tith (Children of the Trees #1) by J. Patricia Anderson

Epic Fantasy

The kandar are the children of the trees. Powerful. Immutable. Nine hundred eternal beings who need no sleep nor sustenance, created at the beginning of time to guard the nine human Earths.

That was never meant to change.

The youngest of five sisters, Tchardin is about to be acknowledged as queen of the kandar. She must lead them in their Creator-given Purpose–to guide and inspire the humans–but her people have been exiled to their homeworld for generations. None of them have seen the Earths. Not one of them has met a human.

Tchardin can think of no way to end their exile until a strange longing calls her from beyond the shore of their island. Most of her sisters tell her to ignore it, to take her place as queen and focus on the kandar. One suggests she answer it, as it might be the key to finally returning her people to their Purpose.

1st May – Seeds of War (The Smokesmiths #1) by Joao F. Silva

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

“He ran like the monster he was. And the smoke followed.”

GIMLORE is a single mother and war veteran turned crime boss set on protecting her family and her town.

ORBERESIS is a petty thief pretending to be God to protect a terrible secret.

REDNOW is the world’s most feared mercenary, but his best days are behind him and there’s one job left to do.

In a world of dangerous monsters and devastating smoke magic, the seeds of war are being planted. Allies must be treasured and enemies defeated.

1st May – Lines that Drew Us (Pallisade #3) by Amber L. Werner

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Romance

A city under siege. An ancient evil bent on destroying their world. Can they defeat the Unseen before it’s too late…

Despite being abandoned by the one she trusted the most, Kayda plans to rescue her city, and the only family she has left. When she arrives in Flamesmoat and discovers the king has disappeared, Kayda races to save him. Can she find him before the scourge, and will she ever uncover the reality behind her buried history?

Finally reunited with his sister, Conall vows to save Dracwood from the Unseen. Along the way, he runs into faces from his past, and is forced to confront hard truths. When the scourge threaten his beloved bondmate, he’ll stop at nothing to save him, even if it means relying on the woman who once betrayed him.

Lark’s determined to fulfill her promise to return to her country and fight. A terrible mistake quickly lands her in danger, and her savior gives her a gift that becomes a burden. Can she and her friends stay out of trouble long enough to confront the Unseen?

To the east, evil forces combine, readying for the battle that has long been foretold. Can their scattered forces band together to defeat them, or will the world they love be reduced to ash…

1st May – A Sovereign’s Rebellion (Dragon’s Dilemma #3) by Luke W. Logan

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery, LitRPG, Romance, Progression/Cultivation

Rhelea has fallen, Monsters walk on the surface of Astresia, and a hostile fleet sails from east to west causing nations to collapse within hours of its arrival. The age of kings is finally ending, and what comes next is going to be considerably more violent .

Having travelled to Terythia’s capital, Typh and Arilla have pleaded with the humans who rule from their palatial estates to change their ways before it’s too late. Our duo have begged and scraped, sent out missives and emissaries all proclaiming the dire end that awaits them all should the eldritch Monsters be allowed to roam the surface unchecked.

But the high nobles inside Helion have no intention of listening to an upjumped commoner and a dragon. Instead, they bury their heads in the sand, host extravagant balls, and play political games while the continent around them crumbles.

Lured in as mere pieces on a board to be bartered between houses, Typh and Arilla will have to show the great dynasties that they’re done waiting to be heard.

Some changes have to be forced.

2nd May – Brainstorm RE-RELEASE (Elements of Mind #1) by Nissa Harlow


What’s worse than nearly puking in front of a cute guy? Zombies. Definitely zombies.

I’m not feeling so great. I don’t know if it’s something I ate, or if it’s from flipping through one too many teen paranormal romances, trying to find inspiration for an obnoxiously backward creative writing assignment. (Seriously. What kind of teacher asks their students to write a story in their least favourite genre?) But I’m determined not to barf in this stupid vampire book I’m holding, especially not in front of the cute guy who’s checking out the library’s pitiful selection of DVDs. So I make a run for the bathroom… only to have the guy follow me in there. Can you believe it?

But that’s just the first unbelievable thing that happens. When we come out of the bathroom, the library appears to be closed. Weirder still, it’s surrounded by a strange, supernatural storm that definitely wasn’t there a few minutes ago.

Being trapped in a library with a new friend (or enemy—I haven’t decided yet) might not be the worst thing in the world. But it might not be the best thing, either… especially once that weird storm starts spitting out characters that are only supposed to exist in stories, and we find ourselves trying to figure out how to take on a horde of zombies with nothing but our wits, the Dewey Decimal System, and some very strange bookish magic.

6th May – Humanborn (Shadows of Eireland #1) by Joanna Maciejewska

Urban Fantasy

In the war, the mythborn killed her friends, but now humanborn Kaja needs to work with them to uncover a conspiracy or Dublin’s streets will run red with blood once more.
Less than a decade ago, the Magiclysm, a tear between Earth and another place, brought magic to Ireland—and worse, it brought back the mythborn. The war that followed left Dublin scarred, and cursed Kaja Modrzewska with chaotic magic that will eventually claim her life.
Struggling with wartime nightmares, Kaja seeks normalcy amongst the volatile peace working as an information broker when a series of explosions across Dublin threatens to reignite the war. Both sides are eager to blame the other, so Kaja reluctantly agrees to investigate.
But finding the terrorists responsible means working alongside the mythborn’s elite killers, and uncomfortable wartime secrets coming to light. Kaja, who had saved a mythborn’s life during the war, finds out she has a life debt of her own, and as she juggles her allegiances and obligations, she’ll have to decide where her loyalties lie, with her old human allies or the mythborn.

7th May – Planetary Destruction is Imminent and All I Got is This Stat Menu (All I Got is This Stat Menu #2) by J.J. Ackernecht

Sci-Fantasy, Progression/Cultivation, LitRPG

Infinite power at your finger-tips, but will it be enough?

Following her victory against the aliens in Washington, Anya Nowicki has allied herself with the Department of Extraterrestrial Research and a newly formed organization headed by the shrewd Director MacDougal. Other hosts for the Archive, like Anya, have also joined the DERD, dedicating their time and efforts to honing their supernatural abilities, and searching for whatever aliens remain on Earth.

The hostile creatures known as gnosiphages have gone into hiding, but they have not remained idle. Hosts have been vanishing overnight, along with many civilians all across the globe. Something is still out there, stalking mankind, building its own power. It will take everything Anya has, and all her friends working together, to save the Earth from the apocalyptic crisis rushing towards it.

8th May – imPerfect Magic (The imPerfect Cafar #1) by C.N. Rowan

Urban Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fantasy

After hundreds of years of dying, you’d think I would’ve perfected it by now…

One moment I’m a heretical priest in the twelfth century, hunted, hated…The next, I’m waking up in the nearest corpse. Stuck in a cycle of instant reincarnation, popping back up like a tarnished penny.

Fast forward eight hundred years, and you might think I’ve learned a thing or two. Nope. All I’ve learned is how to die far too easily, far too often.

Now my territory in the South of France is under threat and I find myself trapped by impossible angel-made runes. If the angels have gone full red lightsaber evil, it might not only be my territory in danger, but the whole of reality itself…

I need to stop whoever is behind this, and now. After all, you can’t come back to life, if there’s nothing left to come back to.

9th May – Darkstrider (The Swords of Heaven & Hell #1) by Aaron Hodges

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery, LitRPG, Progression/Cultivation

Jaxon Daniyal was a hero once. A soldier and a killer too. The Darkstrider, they called him. But those days are behind him. Too many mistakes. Too many marks against his soul. Now all Jaxon wants is to fade into obscurity. Fate has other plans.

Plans that involve a young man in a cave with no memories. An Offworlder, a force of chaos and destruction. Their legend is burned into history—always accompanied by war and ruin. And so Jaxon Daniyal is faced with a choice. Become the Darkstrider once more and kill the Offworlder before he threatens the world. Or spare him and risk the annihilation of his own people.

9th May – Spectacle of the Spring Queen (Seasons of Soldark) by Liz Delton


A fortune lost. Lifelong dreams at stake. And she only has one chance to decide her future.

When Mae Wright inherits a shop in Soldark, her dreams of opening her own seamstress business come true. But when she lands in Soldark and bad luck strikes, she’s forced to choose between saving her dog, or the money she came with. With Bobbin safely in hand, she must find a way to make it in a new city almost penniless.

Things change when she meets Des, who hires her as a costume designer for the Proserpina Theater. Spending her meagre earnings simply on clothes and food, she’s thrown into destitution yet again when her shop demands more repairs than she can afford. And with the theater close to the brink of going under, she and Des decide to team up to design a costume for the annual spring festival contest—the winnings enough to save both of them from sinking.

But with the spring festival looming, Mae finds herself immersed in the comfort and beauty of the Proserpina, the place pulling her away from her own dreams. And when she realizes her feelings for Des, she finds herself even more torn between the two worlds. But her contract is ending, and time is running out to make a decision on her future.

9th May – Salt in the Wound (Rainfallen #1) by Benjamin Aeveryn

Grimdark, Horror, Gaslamp

Our world is lost to time. Only our myths remain.
Centuries after the rain turned, civilization is a distant memory.
Once rain was a symbol of hope and harvest. Now it brings only death. Shadowy rainwights form in rainfall, hunting for victims with their long teeth and claws.
Humanity survives in sheltered cities and canvas-covered towns. Travel between these patches of limited safety is rare and dangerous.
It’s what Galahad lives for.
While seeking a lost cache of salt—a fortune he plans to use to build a shelter over his hometown—Galahad is betrayed by the friends he holds dearest.
They leave him for dead. Unfortunately for them, he lives.
Torn between seeking justice or revenge, Galahad knows one thing for certain: that treasure is his, and he’ll do anything to reclaim it.

10th May – Veridian’s Curse (The Society of the Leaf Chronicles #2) by Kyle Harvey

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

In a search for answers, Cedric and his companions travel to the capital city of the Holy Order of the Verdant Guard. A simple mission to find answers becomes fraught with danger upon the Grand Lord’s death. Political intrigue, sinister plots, and the race to find the Cube threatens to throw the Empire into chaos.

Cedric’s personal struggles mount as he confronts the death of loved ones and his inability to grasp his newly acquired Spark. Only closure and a return to normalcy can save him. In the midst of his personal struggles, Veridian’s foundation crumbles with the death of the Grand Lord. High Lord Pellor seeks power at all costs to assure his Ascension to the throne. The Lady Eliza Dertian, Keeper of the Sigil and daughter of the Emperor, confronts Pellor and reveals a secret about the demise of her cousin and Worlin. Loreck’s search for the whereabouts of the Cube in the famous Archives of Veridian leads to shocking discoveries about the undercurrents of power in the city.

The squabbles of the world of men intertwine with the awesome power of the spiritual world. Dark powers swirl in the Empire’s holiest city along with a secret better left uncovered.

12th May – Arvia: Heart of the Sky (Tales of Arvia #3) by D.H. Willison

Sword & Sorcery, Romance, Cozy Fantasy

It takes great courage to stand against a ferocious mythic monster.

It takes far greater to stand WITH one who’s at her most vulnerable.

Tremors rock the land. Wild magic and creatures from the abyss ravage a formerly bountiful forest, while a creeping magic ailment spreads among the harpies. A fragile peace between harpy and human teeters on the brink.

Darin and Rinloh, oddest couple in all the land. They must become the oddest of heroes to save the land.

14th May – The Last Echo of the Lord of Bells (Mage Errant #7) by John Bierce

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Progresson/Cultivation

A new kind of war has come to the continent of Ithos.

Airborne mage armies traverse enemy territory in utter secrecy. Vast city-liches conspire to influence events from afar, while city-states and archmages unleash strange new magics in a rapidly accelerating magical arms race. Nations and great powers that have remained quiescent for years have begun reaching out into the growing power vacuum. Magical superweapons and giant monsters are wielded by every side in an deadly tangle of alliances and factions, as each squabbling force spirals in towards their inevitable final conflict. At the center of that spiral lays the capital of the Havath Dominion, where a vengeful madman has proclaimed the precise date and time he will destroy the city.

The Last Echo will ring, and in its wake looms the threat of the Tongue Eater. Hugh and his friends are the only ones who can stop the ancient weapon, but the web of lies they’ve woven is fraying rapidly, and even their own allies have begun to question their mission. Monsters and archmages capable of leveling cities would stop at nothing to claim the Tongue Eater, leaving Hugh and the others with no one to trust.

And if they fail to stop the Tongue Eater, it could mean madness and death for the entire continent.

16th May – Wizardom Legends: Shrine of the Undead (Tor the Dungeon Crawler #3) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

A magical weapon. An evil cult. The race to find a lost city and save the world.

An enchanted relic, once wielded by a long-dead and powerful sorceress, has been stolen. This artifact falls into the hands of a cult intent on resurrecting Maeve, the Queen of the Undead. Tor and his crew must find a way to stop them.

Following a cryptic map and clues buried in ancient prophecy, our heroes set out on a quest to locate the long lost city of Mystakka. A mighty wizard and a band of warriors join Tor and his crew as they venture deep into the desert on a desperate search for the one weapon able to stop this mad queen should she rise again. In a race against dark forces, they find themselves challenged at every turn.

They dare not fail. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

16th May – Synched (Gilded Blood #4) by Rachel Rener

Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance

War is coming – and this time, I swear it’s not my fault.

Sol and his reanimated Unseelie army are hell-bent on destroying the Seelies once and for all. Worse, he’s stolen the most priceless relic in this land – Zayn’s grimoire – along with my magic-unleashing gilded blood.

Oh yeah, and Sol’s claim is slowly killing me (though I’m so pent-up, I might actually die of horniness first).

But not all hope is lost. I somehow led the elves through the mountain, arriving at the Summer Palace in one battered, weary piece. Bonus points: I’ve expanded our ad hoc army by two hundred more soldiers – never mind the fact they’re completely untrained, three-foot-tall tommyknockers.

And, for better or worse, while Zayn was busy prepping the castle for battle, my loud-mouthed Jewish mother gained the “support” of our equally-shrill family members. Unfortunately, banshees have the power to predict the future, and our outlook isn’t looking so good.

The only way we’ll survive the impending war is by finding some mysterious “ally” in the most inhospitable, remote corner of the Fae Realm: a ghost from Zayn’s past who will either help lead the Seelies to salvation…or doom us all.

16th May – Trueflame (Fireborn #2) by Vanessa Ricci-Thode

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Neesha doesn’t care about the affairs of dragons. All she wants is to cultivate her unprecedented pyromantic power, but chafes against her mother’s reputation as a ground-breaking dragon whisperer and against a regressive society that expects her to marry. Escaping not only her mother’s judgement but the attention of family-approved suitors proves difficult, especially when an unplanned pregnancy drastically narrows Neesha’s options and sets a tight deadline for fulfilling her dream of being accepted to the Wizards Guild before motherhood sidelines her.

Just when she thinks she can take no more, her mother’s old foe returns for revenge against her entire family, bringing river monsters, a threat to the dragon city, and tough choices that hold the fate of her city—especially her unborn child—in jeopardy.

She’s going to have to start caring about the dragons and earn their trust in order to succeed.

17th May – The Shattered Arch (Mark of Valliath #1) by M.H. Woodscourt

Epic Fantasy, YA

Marked by Light.
Hunted by Darkness.

One year ago, Prince Jetekesh lost his friend and mentor in a fight against a powerful demon. On the heels of that solemn victory, the once-spoiled prince is determined to prove his mettle and atone for his past mistakes, whatever the cost.

When he learns that the same demon has been unleashed from its watery prison, he must seek out help to prevent large-scale devastation. Unfortunately, the source of that help dwells in the magical realm of Shinac—and the Arch to get there has been destroyed by a second dark threat.

To thwart both dangers, Jetekesh must find a new way into Shinac. With little power of his own, he embarks on a perilous quest with formidable yet mysterious companions toward a jungle country where a new Arch may be hidden. Meanwhile war brews on the horizon, monstrous creatures gather, and Jetekesh has become a beacon for all things magical, good and bad alike.

20th May – Hills of Heather and Bone by K.E. Andrews

Romance, Cozy Fantasy

The bones of the dead hold stories.

On the fringes of Errigal, Morana longs to exchange a life of hiding for a peaceful one with her husband, Percy. While Percy’s bloodgift lets him grow plants and heal broken bodies, Morana’s a boneweaver, despised and feared because she can hear bones and raise the dead. Morana doesn’t want to be seen as a villain from the old stories and instead spends her time gardening, writing the stories of the dead, and fending off a spiteful chicken.

Morana and Percy’s lives are shattered when a group of Failinis tasked with capturing boneweavers and rogue bloodgifted find them. On the run and battling the elements, ancient creatures, and the loss of all they called home, Morana and Percy search for any sanctuary left in Errigal. Morana must choose between the call in her blood or the family she holds so close to her heart if she and Percy are to survive.

23rd May – Heir of Fates (The Shadow Sequence #1) by Katie Collupy

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

A hidden prince running from his destiny.
A nightmare seeking vengeance on a king.
A god waiting for a vessel.

Centuries ago, both the gods and their magic were banished from the human kingdom of Mystwood. The kings have since violently erased the Church of the Nine. But when history has been erased so has the truth, and an exiled god is done sleeping.

SILAS SCHOLAR has never known his destiny among the Fates, a group of individuals blessed with the foresight of the gods, until he discovers his true identity. Fearing that he will be locked in another gilded cage, Silas plans his escape.

MAURA FIORNE, an assassin and spy, has been haunted by a sentient shadow for as long as she can remember. Driven to pay reparations for her past, Maura is on a path of murderous vengeance against the land that cursed her, and its king.

SERAPHINE AU FIRE, a royal elven warrior, has been crafted into the perfect weapon to use against the human kingdom. Desperate to prove her worth, she sets out to destroy the monarchy from within.

NERISHA ADELYSE, an orphan taken in by the royal family of Mystwood, has always been perfectly content with her position at court, until she uncovers a treasonous secret about her mother.

23rd May – Dragon Lands (The Shadow’s Dragon #2) by Dustin Porta & D.K. Holmberg

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Cozy Fantasy

Treylen never thought he’d be hunting his own people. Least of all, family.

In the mines of Wetherdin, a foul plot is unfolding. Someone’s stealing dragon eggs for the Jaul, and it’s up to Treylen, Aaron, and their dragons to infiltrate and root out the traitor.

This time he’s ready. His spycraft is stronger, his bond with Rime is better than ever, and his mentor has come along for the mission. Under the guise of visiting nobility, they’ll have all the comforts of a cozy mountain lodge while untangling the mystery at their leisure.

But when Marziel disappears on the night of a murder, and his own family gets caught up in the intrigue, a dire deadline is set. Treylen is faced with a choice that the abbey never prepared him for. And the solution will take him deeper into the caves of the Dragon Lands than he’d ever imagined.

26th May – Johara’s Choice (Elizabeth and Edvard’s World #4) by Astrid V.J.

Historical Fantasy

Locked in a tower with the fear of prophecy holding her parents back, Johara dreams of freedom. However, her time in confinement is spent well, researching the true state of her country. When she realises her father has ignored the importance of ancient ritual, Johara must find a way to break free and avert the gathering catastrophe, or risk the annihilation of her people and their way of life.

Haunted by the horrors of war, Erik has given up hope of ever finding anything truly worth fighting for. When a twist of fate allows his path to cross Johara’s, everything changes and he begins to hope there might yet be a chance at happiness. But can he embrace life and the spitfire princess who never does as she’s told, running headlong into danger at every turn? Or will he let that, too, slip through his fingers.

29th May – The Blinding End (The Driver Series #5) by Ian Lewis

The otherworldly Driver is desperate and on the run, pursued by a malevolent being that seeks ownership of his soul. Realizing he’s incapable of saving himself, he succumbs to despair and becomes a pawn in a plan to introduce a murderous evil into the world.

But unknown to the Driver, there are others who will be drawn into his ordeal, friend and foe alike, whose involvement will bring about a final reckoning for them all.

The otherworldly Driver is desperate and on the run, pursued by a malevolent being that seeks ownership of his soul. Realizing he’s incapable of saving himself, he succumbs to despair and becomes a pawn in a plan to introduce a murderous evil into the world.

But unknown to the Driver, there are others who will be drawn into his ordeal, friend and foe alike, whose involvement will bring about a final reckoning for them all.

29th May – Faeland’s Champion (Garlan Greatheart #2) by Mark Cushen

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

The kitchen boy he used to be seems like another life.

Garlan is almost two years into his training, and every day that passes brings him one day closer to realizing his lifelong dream of becoming a knight of Faeland.

But when an old friend shows up unexpectedly, Garlan is left with no choice but to set his dream aside and go forth into the wide world once again.

For a new enemy has surfaced—an enemy that threatens to destroy a very special piece of the page boy’s heart.

As if stepping out from the very trunks of the trees, a mysterious woodsman has appeared in the great Fae Forest, and is making his presence felt with the furious edge of his axe blade.

Driven by unclear motives and seeking vengeance for an unknown slight, the woodsman starts down a path of retribution that leaves the inhabitants of Fae Forest trembling before him.

To uncover the truth behind the woodsman’s fury, Garlan and his loyal companions must travel to strange and frightful places, and face brand new dangers of all shapes and sizes.

Can they find a way to stop this enemy before Fae Forest falls helplessly to the blade of his axe?

It may already be too late.

30th May – The Children of the Black Moon (The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers #2) by Joseph John Lee

Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

Torrential did the storms become. Torrential shall be the days to come.

Exiled in disgrace and defeat after a vicious coup, Tez seeks an alliance with the militant Lake Tribe. Retaking the Stone Tribe is the key to a unified north in the face of the Invaders’ impending offensive…if she can only stop her allies from warring amongst themselves.

After finally successfully breaching the dense forest barrier dividing north and south, Aritz a Mata wants more. Seeing opportunity and resources in those untouched lands, he is eager to show the Tribes the full might of his forces…and the fear he wields as the Sword of the Savior.

Stripped of everything she held dear, Sen is given the opportunity to start anew among a group of fellow Eclipseborn. But quickly are her loyalties tested as she must choose between those who provided her a home and Tribe yet rejected her all the same, and her newfound kin who would see fit to destroy the Tribes entirely…something they have sought for almost four centuries.

The flames of war approach, and they seek to reduce all memory of the Tribes to nothing more than ash.

30th May – A Necromancer Called Gam Gam (Chronicles of Gam Gam #1) by Adam Holcombe

Sword & Sorcery

A grandmotherly necromancer seeking resolution for her past with the help of her loyal entourage: an undead cat and a spectral knight.

A girl on the run from the Eternal Empire for the mysterious power she possesses.

When a chance encounter pulls them together, Gam Gam will do what it takes to protect Mina from the rogue sergeant hounding her–including raising the dead. As long as they’re dressed for the occasion.

30th May – Death’s Disciple (Death’s Disciple #1) by Emma L. Adams

Epic Fantasy

Seven years ago, Captain Yala Palathar was a hero. She and her squad of close-knit dragon-riding warriors were Laria’s elite, fighting for their nation alongside the monarch and his magic-wielding Disciples. Seizing control of an unmanned island should have been a simple mission, but Yala’s squad was little prepared for the horror and tragedy that awaited. Instead of triumph, all Yala and her allies found was death.

Years on, Yala lives in seclusion in the deep jungle, ignoring the rumours of unrest in the capital following the end of the war. She little expects assassins to find her hideout – nor does she anticipate the mission that ended her career to have given rise to rumours that see her targeted by mercenaries vying to claim a price on her head. With the other survivors from her squad being picked off one by one, she has little choice but to return to the capital in the hopes of finding answers.

Whether the truth lies with the Disciples of the Flame – who refused to believe her stories of the monstrous beasts that haunted the island – or with the long-dead king who sent her squad to their doom, one thing is clear. Yala must finish the battle she started all those years ago… even if it brings her face to face with the god of death Himself.

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