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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st March – The Fourth Stage (A Thousand Li #10) by Tao Wong

Epic Fantasy, Progression/Cultivation

Change is the only constant

Returning to the Verdant Green Waters sect over a decade after his exile, Wu Ying finds his position and place within the Sect in flux. Strong enough to be an Elder but not having achieved his rank via the normal methods, he has jealous and worried rivals to contend with. It is reminiscent of his own past, but now, he’s an Elder and able to enact transformation in a broader sense.

Wu Ying must find his own place in the sect or leave it once and for all. The cultivation wounds he received in the south trouble him, and it will require time and resources – resources the Sect is able to provide – for him to stabilize his footing before he continues his climb to ascension. As with all things, immortality is never easy to grasp.

1st March – A Drifting Sun (The Exiles #1) by Ashley Capes

Epic Fantasy, YA

Born without a face, Iggy is an outcast in his own village, surrounded by those who both fear his powerful telekinesis as much as they rely upon it for survival.

But Iggy’s gift often feels closer to a curse, and after a tragic accident, he disappears on the day of his Exile. Only his sister Mei follows, chasing Iggy into the hostile nation of Nasaru – a land that sees them as nothing more than enemies to be captured or killed on sight.

Two other quests are afoot in the land of Nasaru, with each seeker fated to cross paths with both Mei and Iggy.

Anyo, disdained as the Beggar Prince, is desperate to win back his honour by unearthing a legendary blade, unaware of dangerous ambitions lurking within himself.

Veteran Greyshield and king’s assassin, Rokura, is charged with rescuing a royal bastard from slavers. But despite Rokura’s considerable skills, his quarry stays one step ahead, as if receiving aid from unknown quarters.

Separately at first, each character must overcome their own demons in time to unite and defeat a rapidly spreading darkness: the Moon Father, an ancient god determined to sow the seeds of chaos…

2nd March – Bones of Prophecy (The Elder Blade #1) by J. Rokusson

Epic Fantasy

Forged in hate. Chained by fate.

Azran possesses three gifts that evoke unease in both allies and enemies alike – sorcery to edge his blade, unsavoury virtues, and an ill-favoured, imaginary friend. Yet, even Azran isn’t knowing in carrying the fourth: the Elder blade, glacier-forged, with a will of its own.

After fulfilling his master’s latest orders, Azran awakes inside a mausoleum, with both his memories and sorcery gone. Clasped in the hands of a corpse is a centuries-old letter, addressed to him. If Azran is to reclaim what is lost, he must follow a path of puzzles.

With each step, a plot unfurls that stretches further beyond Azran’s own troubles, reigniting divine rivalries. A goddess reaches from beyond the grave, and a chained god stirs. To make matters worse, Azran’s fabricated friend sets out on his own, guided by a sinister hand.

Unburdened by the remembrance of his former life, Azran has a chance to earn back his humanity … If only he could stifle his simmering rage. And like his anger, so too the secrets of his past refuse to stay buried, giving Azran a glimpse of the man he used to be. What will happen to this earth if he ever regains his memories?

4th March – Wizard’s Debt by Niranjan K


When saddled with the guardianship of Ellis, Jeff is prepared for his life to change. It can’t get much worse after all. He is a wizard, despised like all of his kind. Life had already caused him to seclude himself away from humanity for centuries with only Derek, his shifter boyfriend, for company. Even with the help, Derek is no better at taking care of children than he is.

Add in Paris, Ellis’ aunt, who wants his custody to herself, change is going to be rough. Topped off with the mystery behind the death of Ellis’ parents, and the dangerous assailants who have been stalking and attempting to kidnap Ellis, Jeff finds nothing in his life is what he has expected.

With this relentless mystery group making child rearing harder than it already was, Jeff and Derek must find a way to keep them all safe, or die trying. Death might just be their end as secrets about the murder of Ellis’ parents are revealed. Jeff has grossly underestimated his enemies, and it may be already too late.

4th March – A Spectre Raps on My Windowpane (Alexander Southerland, P.I. #7) by Douglas Lumsden

Urban Fantasy

TAP, TAP, BOOM!Alexander Southerland knew Cindy Shipper for only the briefest of days, but his memory of the alluring femme fatale has haunted his dreams ever since. Now Cindy’s literal ghost has come rapping on his bedroom window, seeking the reasons behind her brutal demise. The mystery of Cindy’s death seems obvious to Southerland, but the working-class P.I. quickly learns a valuable when it comes to sudden death, nothing is ever simple. To find the answers he seeks, Southerland must penetrate the veil of a deadly conspiracy—before Cindy’s cold, grim specter spirits him away to the land of the dead!

5th March – Gods of the Game #2 by Phil Tucker

Sci-Fantasy, Progression/Cultivation

As the dust settles in the wake of their meteoric rise, Charoen and Jessie stand at the threshold of Krieg Chess’ Minor League. Their raw talents, honed by relentless training, face a grueling ordeal against towering rivals, escalating stakes, and the intoxicating allure of fame and glory. Virgil, their enigmatic benefactor, continues his cryptic guidance, drawing them deeper into the high-stakes world of professional Krieg Chess. Yet, every triumph illuminates a disturbing reality—they are pawns in a grander, more malevolent game. Survival hinges not merely on victory, but on overwhelming dominance that leaves no room for contestation. But can the siblings deliver impossible wins while assailed by corrupt forces both on the battlefield and off? For if they wish to etch their names into the annals of legend, they must be willing to risk the ultimate sacrifice.

15th March – The Song of Thyssia (The Thyssian Archipelago #1) by S.J. Stiles

Epic Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fantasy

The Thyssian Archipelago rose from the deep as six treacherous islands. Islands that were forged from stone and sand, with kings and conquerors alike. Long ago, the gods gave each kingdom a relic to protect. In return, their peoples would remain safe from the servants of the Void. Years bled into centuries as their respect rotted into complacency. Thyssia, the mother island, sheltered three kingdoms on its soil as it reached across the sea. In the east, Trejen’s forests neatly encircled the verdant meadows while new trees crept closer each spring. Cerulean river lands carved through the island under the watchful eyes of house Spessia and everyone drank from its meandering depths. All of this was overshadowed by a solitary broken mountain. Their people’s separation from the gods fractured its stony face into a chasm, a wound that released any magic the mountain held within its stone. Their relic was ruined by abomination in the wake of Haydrian’s touch. Haydrian, an alchemist who relished in the hope of immortality. As the kingdoms of Thyssia disregarded their duty to the nine, so waned their fear of the Void.

15th March – The Ballad of Sprikit the Bard (and Company) by Sean O’boyle

Sword & Sorcery, Cozy Fantasy

The Free Lands; a far off fantastical world full of noble warriors, gallant heroes and gentle souls. Sprikit The Bard is precisely none of these things. However he’s not without his own unique qualities. He enjoys the simple things in life; song, merriment and (mostly) victimless swindles.

But this little Bard carries a secret. He has a mission to do, a promise to keep, as an elite force seeks to intercept him. The journey ahead is long and dangerous with hurdles aplenty; monstrous creatures, dastardly villains, laborious hikes and most of all – Sprikit himself.

But he’s not without allies, reluctant and disdainful as they are. Help is help at the end of the day, and By the Notes does he need it. The clock is ticking. The cavalry is coming. And Sprikit The Bard doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

Bards love to tell tales of adventures, but will Sprikit last long enough to recount his own?

19th March – Calling the Blood (Ghosts of Valhalla #2) by Amy Cissell

Urban Fantasy

There’s no escape from death when you’re a Valkyrie.

After a long, fraught journey, Frankie landed safe with her family, but her challenges are just beginning. Constant training is taking a toll, and a quick trip to find a lost Valkyrie might be the confidence-booster she needs.

The mission turns out to be anything but simple. The missing Valkyrie is being guarded by Draugr, Hel’s zombie soldiers. Frankie rescues her, but waiting at home is Freyja with even more bad news. The last remaining Valkyries are being hunted, and it’s up to Frankie to save them.

She might be destined to lead the new generation of Valkyries into battle, but when more and more turn up dead, she wonders how her enemies know their every move. If she can’t even protect the people she loves, how can she defeat the gods and prevent Ragnarök?

19th March – The Alchemist’s Forge (The Alchemancer #4) by Scott Marlowe

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Eslar invaders occupy half of Brighton. The elemental nexus spirals into instability. A sitheri magi lurks in the shadows, pulling strings and threatening all life. The Alchemancer series continues.

Aaron never thought he’d have to navigate through an elemental maelstrom, but then he never thought he’d find himself trapped in the Underland, either. He’s traveled deep into the earth and is prepared to travel even deeper to find the alchemist’s forge, where he hopes to fabricate a device capable of correcting the elemental instability and saving everyone from annihilation or worse.

Though revenge remains elusive, Ensel Rhe knows the true face of his enemy now. With his adversary far away in the Grimmere, he turns his attention toward destroying the infernal machine at the center of it all, even though such destruction will destroy Brighton along with it.

Serena has lost control of her magic twice now, and too many have paid the price. Yet she is determined to never let it happen again. But her desire to save her people means she must face the deadliest of sorcerers. Can she control her magic against such a foe? Does she even want to?

19th March – Black Dot White (The Powers of Equilibrium #1) by JPS Marinho

Epic Fantasy

Balance is a hard thing to maintain. Even more when a war is brewing…The Two Continents used to be one until the Almighty Greysui separated them and forbidden Yin and Yang from meddling with mortal affairs; and for 3000 years, the Sacred Books of the two gods have been kept hidden by their orders.

Sam, a thatcher who thinks that the life he lives must not be all that is destined for him, finds the incomplete Book of Yang. At the cost of his mother’s life, he manages to escape his pursuers, and sets on a quest to try to find the Temple of the Order of Yang.

Lax’Bo, wielder of the Book of Yin and a gladiator fighting for the everlasting glory in the Eternal Battle, finds himself climbing the power ladder in the northern city of Barverm, through a series of chance events, that entangle him in the web of the Royal Family’s own political games, which he is not sure he wants to be in.

Both try to cope with their newly-found power while managing the threats around them; but they have to be careful, for their Sacred Books can take them down the same path that led to The Breaking of the Continent.

21st March – Pierced by Silver (Paranormal Misadventures #2) by Anca Antoci

Urban Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy

Where the boundaries blur between the living and the dead, the line between hero and monster is thin

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, nestled amidst ancient forests and shrouded in centuries-old superstitions, lies the village of Vânători. A string of gruesome murders has left the villagers terrified, and the authorities baffled. Joining forces are Ella Martin, a witch with a hidden past, Felix Goia, a brilliant but haunted police inspector, and Radu Lupu, a mysterious police captain whose supernatural nature has the potential to unravel everything.

As the bodies pile up and the villagers’ fear turns to rage, Ella, Felix, and Radu find themselves caught in a race against time. The locals suspect one of their own to be a strigoi—a relentless force that hungers for blood. They must uncover the truth behind the killings, whether it’s a human monster or a strigoi, before the village is consumed by darkness.

However, their investigation takes a perilous twist when Radu, as a vârcolac, becomes the target of an unrelenting predator armed with silver tipped arrows. With their strongest ally out of commission, Ella and Felix must hurry to save him and stop the killings before Vânători becomes a ghost town.

21st March – Oublie (A Timelessness novel) by Susana Imaginario


Stranded on a sentient moon with nothing but their enhanced intuition and the help of a bygone deity, the survivors of a post-human race set out to investigate the sudden disappearance of their enemies. What they find might plunge the universe into oblivion.

Galaxies away, after a narrow escape from Niflheim, the god of the dead and the goddess of writing forge an alliance with a Nephilim to uncover the fate of the all-but-forgotten goddess of memory when they receive a distress call from the god of reckoning.

Oublié takes us on a weird journey of self-discovery and deception, where memory and truth are at odds with each other and the fate of both gods and mortals hangs in the thin balance between trust and faith.

22nd March – The Hallows by H.L. Tinsley

Urban Fantasy

The Hallow serum was once sacred to the Auld Bloods. Used to gain access to their lost ancestral powers, now it is regulated and administered by the powerful Providence Company. Evolved from the echelons of the Auld Church, the company exists to maintain the balance between faith, science and politics.

But keeping the peace between humans and Auld Bloods isn’t easy. Taking Hallow comes at a price. Providence Company Assessor Cam must deal with backstreet bootleggers, burnt-out addicts and floating nuns that won’t stay on the ground.

When a string of Auld Blood deaths appear to have been caused by a corrupted batch of Hallow, Cam begins to suspect all may not be as it seems. Bodies are piling up. Someone is hiding something, and the consequences are becoming monstrous.

26th March – A Shot for Death (Red City Reaper #1) by C. Thomas Lafollette

Urban Fantasy

If you try to assassinate the Grim Reaper… Don’t miss.

Dax used to be the Grim Reaper. Until he was banished to Earth to live as a human. Exiled to Redemption City, he’s doing his best to keep his head down and run his shabby dive bar. But when an assassin puts a bullet in his chest, his quiet life dies a bloody death.

Red City, as it’s called, is a corrupt and decaying metropolis. Finding out who wants Dax dead could be a long twisted road. He’ll have to test the boundaries of his suppressed magic if he hopes to survive.

But if he presses his power too hard, the death gods who allied against him will do more than just exile him to earth. They’ll obliterate him from existence…

30th March – The Blood Curse (Gardens of War & Wasteland #2) by Jessica A. McMinn

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

Amika has left Holania in ruins.

Grief-stricken and betrayed, she is on a fiery path to set things right—even if it means submitting to prophecy’s chain. Emboldened by her growing powers, Amika heads towards the wastelands of Qhoraak to rescue her brother and drag another Chosen into destiny’s sick game.

With demonspawn mobilising in unprecedented numbers, she and Rei-Hai Shaw must confront the dangers awaiting them beyond the western border… and those lurking within their shadows.

Kriah, adrift at sea, struggles with the aftermath of breaking the first seal. Now, Azet’haal and his Meah-Hyren army know of the plan to revive the Goddess and it’s only a matter of time before they make their move on the mainland.

But as a new threat spreads across the east, Kriah must uncover the origins of the deadly blood plague and convince the vulnerable people of Whyt’hallen that it is not the old Sickness they fear.

Or did breaking the first seal release more than just a lock on the Goddess’s soul?