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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st March – A Low Country (Low Country #1) by Morgan Shank

Grimdark, Weird West

Everything went to hell in the first week.

After four years on the road, Sharla was looking forward to settling down and trying her hand at a steadier occupation. When Claws raid her town and take her lover, Renn, she knows it’s time for action. She’s tired of running. Now, she’ll take a stand.

To do this, she’ll have to follow the Claws across the tablelands. This is a land of bandits, mages, and monsters. If she wants to travel this country and rescue Renn, she’ll need help. An army of Watchmen would be nice. Maybe even a drug cartel.

However, she also knows it’s best to keep things small. The more allies she has, the more she risks a future knife between the ribs.

After all, this is Low Country.

1st March – Muses That Align Us (Palisade #2) by Amber L. Werner

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Romance

Forced from their homes, fleeing a wave of destruction, how far will they go to uncover their fates…

Reeling from shocking revelations into her past, Kayda voyages to the Southern desert city, Joria. Just when the answers she craves are within her grasp, Kayda is thrust into a new adventure in the Sul Waste, and even her dragon can’t save her from the perils that lurk there.

Despite the changes forced upon him, Conall’s still dead set on locating his sister, Lark. That quest leads him on a hunt for a mystic through the icy Northern land of Doln, where the treacherous weather is the least of his worries.

Inspired by her glimpse of Kayda while fleeing the scourge, Lark is determined to conquer her earth magic and return to fight. Her performer friends insist scouring the Raimire jungle will yield answers, but in a land teeming with dangers, that might be a hard act to pull off.

Back in Dracwood, all that remains is a city of refugees with monsters clawing at their defenses. Will they return in time, or will the land they love fall to ruin…

1st March – Girl Squad Volta (Volta Academy Chronicles #1) by Maya Lin Wang

YA, Sci-Fantasy, Progression/Cultivation

For compulsive doodler, Wren, finding out that magical beings exist is a bit of a shock. Finding out that her childhood friend and unrequited crush, Laura, is one of those beings? Less of a shock. Laura has always seemed supernaturally gifted at everything from school projects, to karate, to writing epic storylines for Wren’s long-running superhero comic; her having literal magic barely seems like a stretch.

Before inter-dimensional fairies called Volta brought their rivalry to the sleepy town of Hartwood, Wren’s biggest fear was that Laura would abandon her for cooler friends when they started high school. Now, as light and dark forces converge on Laura’s burgeoning magical signature, Wren will do anything to protect her friend—magic or none.

Alongside a headstrong sonic-powered Volta named Jackie, Wren must stand up to a team of magical hunters, help Laura realize her latent powers, and maybe find her own strength along the way.

1st March – The Last Necromancer #2 by Adam Bright


A second chance means nothing if you didn’t learn from your first

After annihilating the traitor infestation in his city, Jonathan Black knows the danger isn’t over yet. While the last battle helped both him and his companions level up, their advancement brings about a major change–the opening of the Towers.

John knows his Heaven’s Shield Guild needs to get stronger and braving the dangers of the Towers is their only hope. For across the sea, a new threat arises, one that almost defeated John in the previous timeline.

The Bloodied Monster has begun his reign of terror.

2nd March – Fated Reign (Fated Born #2) by Kristin L. Hamblin

Epic Fantasy, YA, Romance

Denied the crown. Denied their love. Yet she will rise.

Faelyn just wants to be loved and accepted for who she is. But when her own father wants nothing to do with her, and the entire kingdom shuns her, it becomes hard to even love herself. Her fae ears and out-of-control magic only make things worse.

From the realm that provides souls to the human world, Ardenis suffers in silence, hiding away his forbidden love for Faelyn. An enemy kingdom, long seeking conquest, is poised to strike Faelyn’s city at its weakest, and he is powerless to save her.

But when natural disasters from the mortal realm begin occurring in Ardenis’s perfect world, their lives are thrown into chaos. The balance between worlds is in danger. While Faelyn fights for her life and kingdom, Ardenis must uncover the reason for the imbalance and fight for their existence.

5th March – Rising Flux NOVELLA (The Flux Catastrophe series) by Jonathan Weiss


Pillars of steel stand scattered across the dunes of the Droughtlands, left behind by those-of-glass. They’re the markers of a people long extinct, wiped out by a fusion of unbound magic and unfathomable technology.

The remnants of humanity who now dwell upon the desert wastes regard these places with suspicion, yet the temptation of forbidden knowledge is too strong a draw for the crews sent out by the Academy of Breggesa. At the age of twenty, freshly initiated Rettic jumps at the chance to join one such expedition, even if it means ignoring the whispered doubts of the rest of the crew.

At the helm is Archarus, a venerated scholar and sole survivor of the last crew the Academy sent to their destination, hellbent on keeping the details of his current mission secret. As mutinous mutters continue to grow, Rettic starts to wonder if they’ll meet the same fate as the failed expedition.

With the chance to make a name for himself in the Academy, Rettic conducts his own investigation into the fate of Archarus’ last venture. It takes him into the depths of the massive towers, deep under the sands where a rumbling voice older than the ruins themselves returns a sinister warning.
You control machines.
This machine will control life.
Do not control it.

10th March – Twilight Storm (The Keri Chronicles #3) by A.C. Arquin

Urban Fantasy

The Wild Storms are getting worse.
Pounding San Francisco, and changing everyone in their path.

For Val Keri, the friend she has today,
may be tomorrow’s enemy.

Or worse…

Tomorrow’s monster.

Change is coming in the next pulse-pounding installment of The Keri Chronicles.
And nothing will ever be the same again.

10th March – Platinum Tinted Darkness (The Legacy of Boulom #1) by Timothy Wolff

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

The Kingdom of Boulom has been lost.

The realms have already seen what happens when the Gods and their Harbingers are left unchecked.

Destruction. Chaos.


The Gods cannot be trusted. No one knows that better than David Williams, the leader of the Guardians tasked to protect the realm from the gods and their powerful Harbingers ever since the fall of Boulom.

Six Guardians take their pledge to leave the squabbles of kingdoms behind and live only to stop the Harbingers and protect the realm from the gods.

Serenna Morgan, a famed Crystal Mage and Guardian, struggles with the Guardian Pact when the Kingdom of Terrangus invades her home.

She’s supposed to stay out of it.

But she can’t.

When she breaks her Oath and joins in the skirmish, she earns the favor of the God of Death when the conflict escalates to an all-out war.

And he makes her an offer, one that’ll make sure she’ll never fail in her goals again.

To become his Harbinger. To partake in the ecstasy of destruction.

13th March – Dawning of Darkness: The Fall of Gods and Kings (Next Life) by James G. Robertson

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Systems fall, planets die—darkness dawns on us all. When a god known simply as the Dark Creator enters our universe, the concord of the world inhabited by the spirits of men and their kings, the gods’ chosen few, fades. As this being and his overwhelming force of corrupted horrors and children eclipse Afterworld and its territories, the kingdoms of men must put aside their differences and band together.

After millennia of fighting, the final blockade separating man from those sinister entities has collapsed. With so much at stake, and with the Dark Creator approaching the Divine Mountains, will our protectors’ sacrifices ensure Afterworld’s survival? Or will this encroaching darkness consume it all?

14th March – Secrets in the Dark (Tale of Thaulm #1) by Yaz Rahhal

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

In a city dominated by lawlessness, survival is all that matters. Even more so for Savas, who possesses diluted magic in his blood and must keep it secret or risk dying at the hands of Magic Hunters. But when a notorious gang leader kills Savas’s sister, he seeks aid from Port Atmak’s clandestine rulers—the Order of Shirya.

In exchange for his sister’s killer, Savas signs a Blood Binding contract with the Order to become a Magic Hunter—joining the ranks of those who’ve hunted him his whole life. Now, as he nears the end of his contract, centuries-old forces and powers yet unmasked emerge, threatening to disrupt his revenge. Death lingers in the shadows, but Savas vows to outlast them all until he achieves his ultimate goal—avenging his sister.

14th March – Makanuele Rumble (Jekua #3) by Travis M. Riddle

Progression/Cultivation, Cosy Fantasy

Summoners travel from all over the world to compete in the biggest Jekua tournament in the Volukho Isles: the Makanuele Rumble.

Alani’s sacred pilgrimage brings her group to bustling Makanuele at this crucial time. Her next stop is at the heart of the city, deep within an ancient crater. The Church led her along this path, but as the journey grows more difficult, she questions whether it is a path she wants to walk at all.

Meanwhile, Balt and Niona have been training for weeks just to earn a spot on the tournament bracket, but the competition is fierce. Facing savage Jekuas and harrowing environments, every battle may bring them closer to the champion’s title – or else bring their journey to a premature end.

Yet as the group struggles with their inner demons and the mounting pressures of the tournament, greater dangers are prowling in Makanuele’s streets.

14th March – Black Talon (Dragonblood Assassin #1) by Jamie Castle & Andy Peloquin

Epic Fantasy

Kullen is the Emperor’s assassin. The sharp hand of justice. The Black Talon.

Gifted a soul-forged bond with his dragon, Umbris, Kullen is tasked with hunting any and all who oppose the Empire.

But when the secretive Crimson Fang murders two noblemen before his very eyes, Kullen must discover the truth of who they are and what they want. What he uncovers is a web of lies and deceit spiraling into the depths of Dimvein.

Natisse, a high-ranking member of the rebellion known as the Crimson Fang, has no greater goal than to rid Dimvein of power-hungry nobles. Haunted by her past, fire, flames, and the death of her parents, she sets out to destroy the dragons and those who wield them as unstoppable weapons of destruction.

Until she too finds herself buried beneath the weight of the revelations her investigations reveal…

The Empire is under siege from within, and one man, dressed in black like the night, stands at the epicenter of it all.

15th March – Wizardom Legends: Castles of Legend (Tor the Dungeon Crawler #2) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

A rag tag crew of adventurers. Three legendary castles. Mischief, monsters, and mayhem abound.

At the behest of a mysterious sorcerer, Tor and his crew must infiltrate Shadowmar Castle, a remote, legendary stronghold protected by a monster most believe is pure myth. Worse, they are not allowed to kill the monster nor have they been sent there to recover relics from the past. This bizarre quest leads them down an unexpected path toward another legendary fortress.

Sailors have long told tales of Hollow Keep. None of them are good. Passersby report horrific wailing coming from the keep, and at night, ghostly figures appear to haunt the ancient ruins. Yet, Tor and his misfit crew intend to brave whatever dangers lurk in this legendary castle and discover what treasures await there.

This dangerous path, filled with twists, traps, and unexpected turns, might lead them to an dead end…a very dead end.

21st March – Ancient Sword Falling (Luke Irontree and the Last Vampire War #8) by C. Thomas Lafollette

Urban Fantasy

From Coast to Coast, Vampires are the enemy with the most.

Luke yearns to return home after a hard winter fighting against his vampire and werewolf enemies in western Europe. But when their plane is grounded in Portland, Maine, they stumble on a deadly plot to terrorize the region.

Trapped 3,000 miles from home, Luke can’t abandon the local pack to the predations of the vampires. Together with Roxi and his crew of werewolves, he rallies the local packs and organizes their defenses. However, what they find in the woods of Maine may be too much for their small team and their untested new allies.

If Luke wants to make it home to Oregon, he’ll have to dig deep and unite the disparate packs of the northeast. But with the vampires and their dark god tightening the noose around his neck, his best might not be enough…

21st March – Wraiths and Raiders (Rimduum #3) by Ben Green

Epic Fantasy, YA, Sci-Fantasy

With his friends and family on the line, Clayson must find a way to heal the world.

Rimduum is Shattered. Stranded on the surface, my friends and I search for survivors of the mithrium crown’s terrible power. Desperately, we track down refugees as we build a network of safe houses to shelter the vulnerable from roaming bands of darksmiths. But the more we help, the more our power shrinks.

Until new clues force me to strike a strange alliance. My search for a power strong enough to fight back will lead us all into dangerous territory. To the forest of Gamgim, filled with wraiths. To a city of fallout where the living buildings want nothing more than to absorb you into the machine. To the dungeon of the champion Erikzin Brightstorm.

Darksmiths lie around every corner. The mystery of the very foundation of this world will be revealed. But what will be the cost? Will the power add up to something I can use to protect those I love? Or will the secrets I uncover increase the deadly cost born by all who find themselves prisoners in the world of Rimduum?

23rd March – Charcoal and Smoke (The Elemental Artist #3) by Jami Fairleigh

Weird West, Cozy Fantasy

One man’s quest to find how far love travels…

The answers Artist Matthew Sugiyama seeks are finally within his grasp… if he can reach and warn his birth family in time. Together, Matthew and his friends will battle through storms and smoke into a world more foreign than Matthew imagined possible.

An inferno awaits. His hopes rest on tomorrow, but first, he must survive today.

And when nothing turns out as expected, Matthew faces an impossible choice: follow his head or his heart?

25th March – A Kiss from a Demoness by Martin Olsal

Urban Fantasy, Grimdark, Horror

The world around us may hold secrets unknown to the vast majority. Shadows in the corner of the eye, whispers in gloomy cemeteries, child laughter in dilapidated asylums… What if the supernatural is not all but a story? What if the entities of folklore are real? What if… demons truly exist?

Matt, our unsuspecting protagonist soon finds out as he is thrown violently into the midst of it all, meeting a certain someone who had eluded her past until their fateful encounter.

Follow their story as they hide from the authorities and run from pursuers who have once again caught her scent.
Meet the man whose very presence instills dread, and whose lackeys are never far behind.

3oth March – A Song of Sorrow (Isles of Bright and Shadow) by C.E. Page

Epic Fantasy

Keep your head down, stay silent, and never use your magic.

These are the rules that Deana has lived by ever since she and her brother lost their parents in a tragic accident. Now Kai is gone as well. He was the only thing keeping her anchored to a world that will never truly accept her. A world that sees her connection to Grandmother Ocean as a curse and her magic as an anomaly that will eventually spin out of her control and destroy everything.

When Bran arrived in the Faridean Isles to study the magical affliction plaguing its young prince, he didn’t expect to be thrown into a race to stop a tyrant from unleashing chaos. But when Prince Samir is kidnapped and Deana—the only person who knows the truth about the mysterious shrouded ones—goes missing, he finds himself swept up by the machinations of a centuries-old curse. A curse that when triggered will drag the Isles and all in them into the fathomless deep.

30th March – Terminus Rex (The Serpent Knight Saga #4) by Kevin Wright

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery, Historical Fantasy

Mystery. Mayhem. Monsters. Murder.

The Grey Waste stretches on vast and infinite, into the unforgiving reaches of the east. Clans of monstrous reavers prowl the wasteland, hunting, harrying, and slaughtering any they encounter. But reavers aren’t the worst the Grey Waste has to offer.

Sir Luther Slythe Krait is a knight errant on a quest. He’s vowed to locate the lost scion of a fallen dynasty, and reunite him with his last remaining kin.

But the lost scion was last seen beyond the far reaches of the Grey Waste.
Can Sir Luther survive the trek across the wasteland? Will he survive the endless attacks by reavers and worse? How will he find this last scion when those around him begin falling one by one, victims to a murderer who may be more than he seems?

31st March – Destiny Awaiting (The Naturae Series) by Jan Foster

Historical Fantasy

She stole away to discover a new world, but interrupted a thief.

Now Aioffe can’t escape from him, or her growing curiosity.

Across England and France, Henry V is relentlessly raising an army to secure his throne. Tarl’s skills as thief, blacksmith and bowman might land him in the firing line, but all he wants is to clear his debts and restore his family’s honour. To pay for his crime he must hand over the strange fae girl to the Church authorities, or he will end up warring with more than just his heart.

Fighting with each other risks both of their lives. To avert war breaking out between their races as well as their countries, Aioffe and Tarl must discover what true love is if they are to survive the destiny which awaits them.

31st March – Summoning and Sacrifice (Liturgy of Worlds #1) by Nathan Hartle

Epic Fantasy

A hunted woman. A missing god. The adventure of a lifetime.
All that Shada desires is peace and freedom. What she has is fear and hunger. She’s a servant on the run from her cruel master, who is determined to lock her away.
Then comes a chance at a new life. Alone in the vast, cruel city of Ronia, she meets the Lady. This enigmatic spirit makes her an offer: Shada can accept her dismal lot… or undertake a quest to find Ronia’s vanished god.
For the gods disappeared without a trace in the long-ago age of legend, leaving the worlds of humans to chaos and war. Without its god, Ronia’s once-mighty empire is crumbling toward an abyss.
To save their people, Shada and her ragtag companions will journey to the ends of the universe. But first, they must escape Ronia alive.
Many in this city of blades, poison, and shadow mean to stop them at all costs. If they fail, slavery or death await them… and their world will fall into darkness.