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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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3) It must have a cover.

1st June – The Devising (The Dark Oak Chronicles #3) by Jacob Sannox

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

After all of the victories and the losses, with fortresses toppled and armies broken, a once united human realm has been shattered; its people scattered within unending forests.

Dark Oak, former King of the Dryads, stands ready to unleash his forces against not only humanity, but also the Dryads, the Sylphs, Oreads and Naiads; all humans reborn as the spirits of the world itself.

Sir Tolucan sets out on the final leg of his quest to bring down the relentless Dark Oak, who commands a terrifying horde, armed with weapons that can kill even the Immortals.

Can Morrick the woodcutter find redemption in the final days of the greatest war that the world will ever see? What will become of his wife, Rowan, and their children?

1st June – Shadows Within (The Silver Empire #2) by Timo Burnham


Ryushu has survived the brutal climb up the mountain and passed the entrance test. But this is only the first small step on his journey. As training begins, he will have to deal with his own weakness while traversing rivalries and potential romance on his way to becoming an adept.

Across the continent, Zashou is out of his element, dealing with courtiers and politicians as he tries to convince the Emperor to send aid to Oroto. What begins as a simple task quickly becomes complicated as he uncovers assassination attempts, secret cults and a develops a closer-than-proper relationship with the mother of the Emperor.

As darkness spreads through the outer provinces, Both Ryushu and Zashou discover that evil isn’t only on the outside. There are also Shadows Within.

1st June – The Crown and the Caged God (A Time for Wrath #1) by C.D. Jensen

Epic Fantasy

The Crown and the Caged God takes us on a slightly different journey. While there is a university, it is a much more realistic institution. (The author is a tenured professor — in real life — and his handling of fantasy academia serves as a behind-the-scenes portrayal of real academia.)

The Crown and the Caged God also lacks traditional magic. Rather, it asks the natural sciences: what “magic” exists at the fringes of physiological possibility? Those fringes populate a fantasy world… in which a mysterious creature is mysteriously attacking.

Lastly, The Crown and the Caged God is not a “coming of age” tale. Well, not a first coming of age, anyway. Perhaps it’s a second coming of age story. For imaginative readers whose first age came a while ago, but an appetite for adventure still remains.

4th June – The Knight (The Last Horizon #3) by Will Wight


“As the Knight of The Last Horizon, I challenge you.”

The Last Horizon has already sown new legends across the galaxy, tales of monsters defeated and worlds saved. For better and for worse, their reputation is spreading.

Their enemies have taken notice.

On Karosha, the Perfected gather fleets crewed by inhumanly flawless soldiers. In the Galactic Union, the secretive organization known as Solstice pulls strings in the shadows. And in the depths of Dark Space, after years of silence, the ravenous D’Niss begin to stir.

Raion Raithe, Knight of The Last Horizon, sees these threats as a chance to redeem himself. He will stand against the danger, and he will stand strong, no matter what it costs.

His friends are counting on him.

4th June – A Lich in Time (Liches Get Stitches #5) by HJ Tolson

Epic Fantasy, Horror, Progression/Cultivation

There is only room for one god of death on this plane of existence, and her name is Maud Greenleaf, Spinster of This Parish and Empress of Einheath.

Done with everything, this not-so-frozen-hearted lich queen is out for one final rampage and this time, the prize is the soul of the world. Do or die. Again. The stakes are high, the board is set. More than just Maud’s crafting stash is on the line. She has a fabulous skirt, bombs in her bloomers, undead minions in the millions, and an unshakable urge to murder anyone who gets in her way.

If the Whisperer’s brain wasn’t getting eaten by parasites he’d probably be terrified.

5th June – Magic Kingdom at War #1 by Tao Wong


Dying the first time sucked. Matt’s trying to avoid a repeat performance.

For Matt, joining Earth’s last line of defense was exactly the purpose he had been seeking. Having to save the world after being reincarnated in a magical realm might be enjoyable, in a soul-crushing responsibility kind of way.

But trading his office cubicle for the battlefield chaos of a 4x game world wasn’t what he had in mind. The world map is made out of hexagrams, the units are semi-sentient and his opponents have a head start. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s no instruction manual for this nightmare.

Now, Matt’s going to have to figure out how to rule a Magic Kingdom at War… or face annihilation along with the world he once knew.

5th June – The Crown Tournament #2 by Shami Stovall and Ryan Tang

The Crown Tournament intensifies!

Amir and his ragtag team of arcanists have made it the second round. All the weak competitors have been eliminated, and only teams with synergy and strategy remain.

Some teams overwhelm their opponents with dragons. Some use illusions and trickery. If Amir only had to focus on the fighting, perhaps things wouldn’t be so difficult, but problems outside the tournament also need his attention.

Sage’s brother might get executed. Master Elias’s old rivals come calling. And one of the competitors might have hired an assassin…

Amir and his two mystical creatures, Roux and Wren, will have to use every trick in the book if they hope to stay in the running for the crown!

June 11th – Riven Earth by Zammar Ahmer

Epic Fantasy

The world has stopped turning.

Burned by a blazing sun. Thrust into eternal winter.

Life survives only in the Sunset Forest.

For untold millennia, mankind lived subservient to the dryads, forced into worship of the Earth-Mother, Astea. Then one man ventured into the Scorched Desert and returned with the secret of fire. His rebellion brought the dryad empire to ash. In its place, he founded the Kingdom of Heartsong.

Twelve years later, the new king is missing. The earth trembles. Famine ravages the land, and a mysterious illness creeps through the capital.

Plots of treason and revenge abound, but as the mistakes of the past bear fruit, men will reap what they have sown.

Open now the Book of Astea and learn what has been forgotten.

June 14th – Abandoned by the Gods ANTHOLOGY – by Ronit J


Welcome to Adeva…

A land abandoned by the Gods themselves. The mortals that were left behind built a rich thousand-year history full of legendary exploits.

But history doesn’t remember everyone. Written by the victors, written for them, history has a bad habit of neglecting many.

This collection features four tales of those hapless souls that history forgot. A girl sold into divine servitude who would threaten to change the face of Adeva’s history, a noble forced into dacoity fuelled by vengeance, a princess in forbidden love compelled to make an impossible choice, and an ordinary woman fighting to survive through a mad god-king’s reign, this collection is an attempt to honour their humanity, to celebrate those who dared to defy norms, dared to thrive despite fate being against them.

Welcome to Adeva. Your faith will not protect you.

June 14th – Deathseed (The Weirkey Chronicles #8) by Sarah Lin


Betrayed. Murdered. Reborn. One last chance, to make it right. Theo’s adventure ended with his mentor’s hands around his neck. The betrayal cost him his friends, allies and everything he had built… but not his life. Though broken and powerless, Theo has one last chance to enter the Nine Worlds, wielding the knowledge and expertise of his first life. This time, he needs more than just power, he needs to unravel the deception that killed him once… and is coming for him again.

Theo and his allies have ascended to Authority, but new power means new challenges. They’re capable of changing the Nine Worlds, but those worlds haven’t waited for them to gain power. Something foul is growing back in Tatian, threatening everything Nauda holds dear. Friends and enemies from their entire journey will come together in a great struggle where every decision has consequences, and the tiniest of details might save or ruin everything…

27th June – Waking the Fire (Ghosts of Valhalla #3) by Amy Cissell

Urban Fantasy

If the world ends in Ragnarök, no one will escape the flames.

Frankie has finally accepted her destiny as a Valkyrie with a talking cat. Developing the confidence to lead an army of battle maidens against hordes of draugr is a different beast altogether.

In order to stem the tide of Valkyrie deaths, Frankie needs to act. Odin’s spies are closing in. Loki is lurking in the shadows, harrying her at every turn. And the queen of the underworld is creating hell on earth in Portland.

Hel and her undead soldiers aren’t the only thing holding Frankie back, however. She’s the only Valkyrie whose flying horse hasn’t shown up. Without her battle mount, she worries no one will follow her and she won’t survive Ragnarök.

27th June – Fool’s Promise (Eterean Empire #2) by Angela Boord

Epic Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fantasy

Will love be enough to bind these two broken souls?

Reunited after years of separation, Kyrra and Arsenault long for a peaceful life together. But the magic keeping Kyrra alive is also tearing her apart. When a mysterious piece of ancient metal falls into Arsenault’s hands, he gambles that it will prove to be Kyrra’s salvation despite the secrets from his past it threatens to reveal.

Kyrra is willing to sacrifice everything to free Arsenault from the vengeful god who haunts him, even if it means embracing the magic killing her. But Liera is on the brink of war again, and an unlikely alliance with her greatest enemy may be the only way to save it from destruction.

With their love tested by powerful forces, Kyrra and Arsenault face a heart-breaking decision between their own happiness and the greater good. As the dark truth begins to unravel, can their promise hold—or will they find it was a fool’s promise after all?

28th June – The Shepherd in Shadow (Song of the Scourgelands #2) by M. Daniel McDowell

Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

To forge a new destiny, he must confront the demons of his past.

Mehren Tevaht wasn’t supposed to survive his desperate gambit. Throwing himself into the abyss along with the truename of the demon prince should have been the end of it: as worthy an end as Mehren can picture for such a coward as himself, anyway.

When Mehren awakens in a shadow-realm he’s only seen in dreams with his beloved, the warrior princess Vierrelyne du Talorr, at his side, he knows the spell he meant to do went horribly awry. Together, they traverse a realm both familiar and hostile while the sorcerer tries to figure out what went wrong—and how to fix it—if only to restore Vierrelyne home without him.

Haunted by his own past history, and the dawning revelations of the doomsday cult which once held his undying loyalty, Mehren must choose a fate that will define the future for himself, for Vierrelyne, and for all the realms beyond…

…the realm of bodies, the realm of beasts, the realm of spirits, the realm of dream…
the Scourgelands beyond the Known Lands of Derebor itself.

28th June – The Legion of the Lost (The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers #3) by Joseph John Lee

Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

All gods bleed.
All gods die.
Even those of our own making.

The flames of war have left a scar through the Heart of the Land, and its once-pristine landscapes have been stained with divine blood. After a battle that has cast a shadow larger than anything the Tribes have ever seen, who memory permits to endure shall be determined by the hand to pen the tale, and for whom it may be penned:

For Kamataa, who continues her centuries-long search for revenge, regardless of the cost.

For Tez, who must find her place after being stripped of her greatest talent.

For Aritz, who will stop at nothing to complete his conquest, and at any means necessary.

And for Sen, who must rise above her gravest mistakes to carve a path for her people.

But whether for friend or foe, memory shall ever remain a fickle thing, but it shall not forget the Harvests . . . and the legion who survived them.