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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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28th May – The Iron Crown (Dragon Spirits #1) by L.L. MacRae

Fenn’s first and only memory is finding himself in the middle of a forest, face to face with a dragon spirit mocking him, all knowledge gone apart from his own name.

Lost and confused, his only hope for answers is Calidra—a woman living on the edge of the world with her partner. Forced to return home when her father dies, Calidra has put off facing her estranged mother for seven years, and she begrudgingly helps Fenn, forging papers for him so he can avoid the Queen’s Inquisitors.

But her mother is the least of her worries when they discover an ancient enemy is rising again. It should be impossible with the Iron Crown in power—and Fenn is terrified he might unwittingly be playing a part in the war’s resurgence.

Surrounded by vengeful spirits and powerful magic, Fenn’s desperate attempt to find his way home might well alter the fate of Tassar, and every power in it.

29th May – Society of the Ancients (The Wanderlings #2) by Hoyt Hallford

The Wander kids can do magic, but that has nothing to do with how they destroy the galaxy.
On a once in a lifetime trip to Earth, they find that nothing is what they were told, and no one is quite what they seem.
They have to stop the Dragon Queen from whatever despotic shenanigans she has planned, and avoid capture by a shadowy group of time travelers.

They will probably not be successful with both.

30th May – Rise of Fomori (Faerie Warriors #2) by J.A. Curtis

Brothers at odds. One lost faerie to find. An enemy lurks in the shadows.

But not for long.

After saving her friends from death, Mina finds herself in charge of the faeries of the Haven. But the two faerie factions are still divided, and a lost faerie remains to be found.

Answers about their enemy are elusive. And with half the Haven burned to ash, and the faerie army reduced to a fraction of its former strength, Mina knows they aren’t ready for the attack that may come any day.

They must prepare. They must unite. Or risk being destroyed.

Still reeling from a devastating betrayal, Arius struggles to find his way. Realizing now what he should have known all along—that Mina is the one who will save them all—he is desperate to not lose her in the process.

Time is short. The enemy is making their move.

The Fomori are on the rise.

31st May – Split Paths (Fall of Emros #2) by Thomas J. Devens

Paths split, sometimes to merge once more. Sometimes only to stray ever further. Friends and comrades are made, lost, and sometimes, against all odds, found again. None can predict the turns one’s life may take. None can predict the losses to come. One can only hope.

A killer seeks his path to freedom. A path away from the blood that has haunted his life.

A young warrior, journeys to a new world in search of glory, only to find himself forgotten.

A sellsword searches for an easy job.

The mercenaries of the Stone and Shield have suffered great losses, their numbers decimated, many comrades lost. The bulk of the surviving mercenaries return to their home in Frostmoor on the edge of the Norwaldian Wilderness. Eager to begin a period of rest while they winter in.

Others survive, scattered across the world. Whether arriving on the distant western shores, far from the reaches of the Emrosian Empire, or in the capital of the troubled kingdom of Talres. For some of the surviving mercenaries, there will be anything but a time of rest.

31st May – The Dragon Snatchers (Tainted Scales #2) by Alexis D. Johnson

“You princelings prefer a beast wet its talons in blood for you. A monster, if you can make one.”

War has come, threatening to rip away everything Mirren holds dear.

Woefully unprepared for what she and her dragon, Rai, will have to face, Mirren must make choices that will claim far more than she is willing to give.

In the wake of a coup that left nearly half of the Council of Governors dead, the Dragon Corps is being rebuilt. The destruction has only just begun. Assassinations are in motion—cities falling—and the nation’s most barbaric war criminal has been unleashed astride the White Dragon, leaving no person or dragon safe.

1st June – The Last Dragonkeeper by Drew Montgomery

Joven Farquin has spent a lifetime building up a reputation, his name spread far and wide as the man who travels with the last known dragon, as a mercenary who has made his living with a beast that inspires fear and awe throughout the land. It is a reputation that has brought him face to face with kings, warriors, clergy, and more across the Free Kingdoms as he has built his fame and fortune. But none of it could make him invincible.

Awakened in a strange camp, injured and imprisoned, his dragon nowhere to be found, he finds himself at the mercy of powerful forces, agents of both a massive empire and an influential order of sorceresses. As he answers their questions, providing a glimpse into a past that has led him to this place, his mind seeks answers, searching for an escape and to find a reason that the beast he had so long entrusted with his life could allow him to fall.

1st June – The Prisoner of Tardalim by Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Tor’s rebellion war against the Mindolarn Empire has delivered a crippling blow, the death of Emperor Mentas. Seeking aid from their allies, the Mindolarn Empire turns to the Principality of Soroth, and their society of mages, the Sorothian Magical Order.

In an effort to aid the empire, the Order’s council calls for an expedition to travel to the nethermost reaches of the world, the Abodine Wasteland. There they must venture to a reliquary of ancient tevisrals–magical objects–rumored to be hidden within crystal ruins leftover from a fabled war now long forgotten.

Among those heading to the perilous wastes is Amendal Aramien, a conjurer with a quick-wit, keen mind, and a licentious appetite. Forced into this expedition, Amendal begrudgingly enters the depths of the reliquary. What he unearths will forever change his life and set the stage for the return of a Dark God.

Several millennia ago a war raged between the factions of dragonkind. With their world ravaged, the Kaldean Alliance forged the Amulet of Draconic Control and the Tethering Stone, and banished their foes to other realms, saving Kalda from utter destruction. Fearing the power of the Amulet, the survivors secreted it away. But now knowledge of the Amulet has resurfaced—and in the wrong hands, war could erupt anew.

1st June – The Second Sect (A Thousand Li #5) by Tao Wong

Not All Injuries Heal True

Wu Ying saved his master from the machinations of the dark sect but was gravely injured during the process. His body has changed, his bloodline awakened and his cultivation compromised. Physicians and healers at the Verdant Green Water can do nothing for him.

Forced to travel to a new sect for healing, Wu Ying might find opportunity in his distress. But the dark sect is not done with him, or their machinations. Caught up in the winds of war, Wu Ying and his friends must continue to balance their journey to immortality against the pull of mortal politics.

1st June – Queens of the Wyrd RE-RELEASE by Timandra Whitecastle

Raise your shield. Defend your sisters. Prepare for battle

Half-giant Lovis and her Shieldmaiden warband were once among the fiercest warriors in Midgard. But those days are long past and now Lovis just wants to provide a safe home for herself and her daughter – that is, until her former shield-sister Solveig shows up on her doorstep with shattering news. Solveig’s warrior daughter is trapped on the Plains of Vigrid in a siege gone ugly. Desperate to rescue her, Sol is trying to get the old warband back together again.

But their glory days are a distant memory. The Shieldmaidens are Shieldmothers now, entangled in domestic obligations and ancient rivalries.

Family is everything, though, and Lovis was never more at home than at her shield-sisters’ side.

Their road won’t be easy: old debts must be paid, wrongs must be righted, and the Nornir are always pulling on loose threads, leaving the Shieldmaidens facing the end of all Nine Realms. Ragnarok is coming, and if the Shieldmaidens can’t stop it, Lovis will lose everyone she loves…

1st June – Dark Sea’s End (Beyond Ash and Sand #1) by Richard Nell

Feared pirate and scoundrel ‘Lucky’ Chang has a dirty secret: he loves his crew, and would die to protect them. As he’s dragged from prison to face the dark sea and a dangerous new world, he just might have to.

Zaya, warrior and skald from the land of ash, knows she has a destiny. Having left her homeland with only a knife and a dream of adventure, she finds herself captured by pirates. To discover her fate, and become a hero from the book of legends, she must first survive the sea.

With a monstrous pilot as guide, and an ex-assassin as captain, Chang, Zaya, and the crew of the mighty Prince sail into uncharted waters. There they may find new lands and wealth, as well as glory beyond their dreams, or nothing but their doom.

1st June – Mother Pig (Houndstooth #2) by Travis M. Riddle

The Houndstooth has forever loomed over Ruska. A towering black tree with indestructible bark, it seals away powerful dark magic. But its bark is cracking and this magic is leaking, threatening to extinguish all life in the valley.

Six individuals are infected with this foul magic, imbued with unnatural abilities called Blights. Coal is their final recruit, tasked by the immortal Dirt King to track down ancient artifacts that can seal the Houndstooth and restore balance to Ruska. As the Blighted venture through the kingdom, they realize its condition is worse than they feared. The must tangle with cults, navigate through melting forests, and fight hordes of grotesque beasts warped by the Houndstooth’s magic.

Ruska’s fate rests on their shoulders, but are they already too late to save it?

1st June – The Sun’s Blood (The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths #3) by Jeremy Bai

Wang Fan and his friends face dark times

He is stronger than ever, but that didn’t help in his fight against the monstrous rogue Black Corpse, Nicolas Kun.

Now he and his friends face greater challenges than ever. As they climb higher in the Grand Kingdom, seeking the True Heaven, they will learn darker secrets than they could have guessed existed.

The time has come to fight!

3rd June – The Gifts of Pandora (Tapestry of Fate #1) by Matt Larkin

The winding road of fate unfolds …

In the last days of the Silver Age, the tyrant god Zeus takes whatever and whomever he wants with impunity. He has already torn Pandora from one home and now he threatens to destroy another. When he turns his wrath upon Atlantis, Pandora flees with the Titan Prometheus.

Despite her bitterness, Pandora finds a friendship she never imagined possible. But Zeus is not done with Prometheus, and what Pandora will face next will make all she has endured pale in comparison.

But Pandora has considerable gifts of her own, not least her cunning mind. When Zeus binds Prometheus, Pandora swears to turn all those gifts toward bringing Zeus down and saving her one true companion.

4th June – An Unkindness of Magic by Amelia Sides

Murder and Blood Magic in 1919 London, England.

Captain Dante White returns from the war a broken man. London was meant to be a refuge, not a continuation of the war. Mages from his original unit in bootcamp are turning up dead, drained of magic. Will he be next or will he be forced into being a scapegoat for the Army yet again?

Death hunts him, bringing long buried secrets of his family to light.

Can he find the real killer before he becomes the next victim, or is he just another pawn broken by the game?

4th June – A Hollow Mountain (The Brightest Shadow #2) by Sarah Lin

The arrival of the Hero was worse than anyone could have imagined.

The Hero’s mad quest to purge the world continues beyond death, but a journey to the far north promises that knowledge might succeed where power could not. Allegedly there are wise sages who understand the Legend, though Tani fears that they have also been consumed by its light. As the group travels into fearsome mountains, they can only hope to prevent the Hero from destroying new lands.

Though the sage’s mountain promises a simple destiny for everyone, it will test the earthly commitments of each individual. Tani will have her moral ideals challenged, Slaten will encounter a strange young woman among barbaric raiders, and Celivia will struggle with the demands of her military superiors. All will need to change as they meet the steel-clad errants of the far north, and their war that has been simmering for generations…

5th Jun – Pyramidion by G.E. Newbegin

What if everything you thought you knew was a lie?

“Seek the Pyramidion.”

After losing his whole world in a car accident, Luke Nixon falls into a pit of despair, only to find himself receiving advice from his dead wife in his dreams. He soon ends up under the care of an ancient organisation and learns that he and his family are of an ancient bloodline – and that his daughter is still alive.

Unsure if he can trust them, but lacking any other choice, Luke is left with only one option: to rescue his daughter. However, it’s no simple task following a breadcrumb trail across multiple continents, through the spirit realm, and ultimately bringing Luke face to face with gods and demons. 

8th June – Everwood (The Weight Of It All #3) by J.J. Thorn

Into the Everwood, Prep’s Dungeon Dive is here! Closing towards the end of Prep, Terrence and his team are now working harder than ever to Rank Up and progress in their Affinities.
When an old acquaintance decides to stand in their way, will the team be able to deal with the threat? Packs of monsters will stand in their way, but will their fellow students be their most significant burden to overcome?
For Tom and his group, the death of their friend is only the beginning. They’re ready to leave the Dungeon for good, but will the Dungeon let them?
Will Omar, the leader of the expedition?

8th June – Prince of Blades by Kay Thatcher

A human slave.
A Fae Prince.
A single night twists them into a deadly fate.

Hidden deep within nature, ruled by the magical and monstrous Fae, is a world of cruelty and nightmares. Eric Becker, abducted into this world and powerless, is a slave. One night, when Eric is caught trying to escape by the ruthless Prince Cithrel, he is marked by a powerful and ancient magic that few Fae are ever chosen for. Now bound to the prince, if Eric wants to regain his long lost freedom, he’ll have to find a way to master his newfound powers, resist the allure of Cithrel, and survive the Imperial Family. 

10th June – On the Eve (The Eagre #2) by Ron Sami

War has broken out in Atonkaris. In the Cradle of the Wandering God, conspiracies and rebellions are being prepared. Ancient magic is coming to life and out of control. One thousand pilgrims prepare for a dangerous Journey from which no one has ever returned.
Gonat still loves his family, but he transforms into a completely different person than he was before.
Prince Yves receives a mysterious artifact that was not created by or for Atonkaris.
The Gift falls from one deadly trap into another.

11th June – Soulbrand (Weapons and Wielders #3) by Andrew Rowe

The Tournament of the Sacred Sword sounded like exactly the type of thing Keras would enjoy: a series of challenges for thousands of contestants seeking a chance to fight for the Sacred Sword of Earth. He knew there would be challenges. It wouldn’t be a high-stakes tournament without a few high-profile assassinations and mysterious murders, after all. But Keras wasn’t ready to run into someone from his homeland, and he certainly wasn’t prepared for the revelations that came from their confrontation.

Still reeling from the strange revelations of their meeting, Keras plunges back into the fight, preparing for the battle royale — a massive free-for-all contest outside of the scope of the standard tournament rounds. When the consequences of that match tear at the bonds between his allies, he’ll have to face new challenges alone.

Satoshi Muramasa, the strange swordsman from the distant kingdom of Artinia.
Crown Princess Edria Song, the Wielder of Diamantine.
Ishyeal Dawnsglow, the Wielder of Soulbrand.

When their blades clash, the heart of the world will tremble.

15th June – A Dagger in the Winds (The Frostmarked Chronicles #1) by Brendan Noble

A rejected son with a hidden power.
A forgotten sorceress with the blessing of a goddess.
Forced apart for years, only together can they end winter’s reign.

Wacław has always dreamed of a purpose. Except he’s never actually dreamed. Each night, his soul leaves his body and wanders the world, free from the scorn of his father and mocking of his tribe. If only he understood why.

The entire village fears Otylia, but she prefers it that way. She’s a szeptucha, a whispering channeler of the wild goddess Dziewanna. Everyone’s abandoned her—even Wacław, her once best friend—but Dziewanna never would.

It’s been four years since Marzanna, goddess of winter, stole Otylia’s mother. The goddess’s death in spring is Otylia’s annual retribution. But when Otylia discovers Wacław bearing Marzanna’s Frostmark on what should be the last day of winter, she realizes the dark truth.

Spring will not come, and only Wacław can help her find out why.

19th June – Crownless by M.H. Woodscourt

A fugitive storyteller running out of time. A prince hiding from his mother. A kingdom on the brink of collapse. A search for a world of magic.

Convinced his tales are true, storyteller Jinji is determined to find the legendary fae realm of Shinac to save his world from a dread lord trying to cross over—before a fatal illness ends Jinji’s life.

Prince Jetekesh is caught between a controlling mother and his affection for his dying father—until he’s kidnapped and forced to journey with a delusional storyteller and a motley band of fugitives in search of a myth.

Hunted by the queen, hindered by a malady, and invaded by an enemy empire, Jinji and Jetekesh race across a crumbling kingdom to find the alleged gate between worlds.

But even if Shinac exists, how can a humble storyteller and deposed prince hope to stand against a devastating evil?

20th June – Conqueror’s Blood (Gunmetal Gods #2) by Zamil Akhtar

The Kingdom of Alanya is home to mystic warriors and mischievous djinn, vulgar poets and vain philosophers, soaring simurghs and scheming shahs.

Little do the people know that a power struggle between an ancient sorceress and an upstart sultana threatens to bathe the sands in bile and bones. A bloody cauldron boils, and primeval gods laugh whilst they stir it.

As warhorses charge, arrows shower, and cannon shots brighten the night, all must choose a side.

22nd June – Orluvoq by Benny Hinrichs

The young shaman Orluvoq finds herself clanless and addicted. Her last hope at survival, a talisman, lies buried with her mother.

At the end of the world, an ice cliff reaches down forever. Its frozen face holds all the dead who have ever died.

Shamans burn narwhal tusk to work magic for the clan. Every shaman is taught not to eat the tusk. The high is too great to resist, and their clan will perish from neglect.

But not every shaman does as they’re told.

So, Orluvoq must climb down the ice cliff at the end of the world and find her dead parents. Otherwise, she’ll soon join them in the ice.

Should she succeed, she can finally move to her real plan. Seduce a king.

23rd June – Illusion of Grandeur AUDIOBOOK (The Drama Club Presents #2) by Kyle Adams

High-schooler Pierre Chastain, surly hobbyist and shady dealer, secretly holds the power of illusions. With it, he controls perception and bends reality to his will. He is a god among men, or at least he was until he discovered he was not alone.

The girl who can animate the dead was only the first to appear. Many more magic-users of all types reveal themselves–illusionists, summoners, kids who can see the future, and entire agencies with nefarious goals. They all seek to exploit Pierre’s talents in their schemes. Little do they know he has schemes of his own.

Pierre only has one chance to break free from these meddlesome jerks, a dangerous magic heist that could help him ascend to godhood– but it requires betraying everyone who cares about him.

29th June – A Red Moon Over Rhyll (The Dryad’s Crown #3) by David Hopkins

Silbrey and her family travel to the island of Rhyll to seek an audience with High General Bren Caius. As guests in her grand palace, they discover that legends and myths aren’t always what they seem.

New allies share new insights that lead Silbrey to a greater understanding of her power.

Spring has arrived to the gentle rolling grasslands of Rhyll, but a danger lurks nearby that threatens everyone on the island. Silbrey must face the threat alone. The events of this pivotal third book set the course for the rest of the series—an epic story about a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.

30th June – Glass Rhapsody (Songs of Sefate #2) by Sarah Chorn

Five years ago, the Boundary fell. Now the Union is coming to claim Shine Territory as its own.

But not everyone wants to live under their heel.

In a hidden town run by women with rough pasts, life remains untouched until greed paves the way for conflict. Faced with few choices, Grace Hart must stop the Union to protect the women under her care.

Elroy McGlover has spent the past five years running from what he’d done in Matthew Esco’s name. Haunted by ghosts from his past, he returns to where it all went wrong. Enlisted to help Arlen Hobson fight against Union control, Elroy soon finds himself in the middle of a war for the heart of Shine Territory.

In the fight for the soul of the West, no one is innocent.

Space for more…