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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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29th June – A Red Moon Over Rhyll (The Dryad’s Crown #3) by David Hopkins

Silbrey and her family travel to the island of Rhyll to seek an audience with High General Bren Caius. As guests in her grand palace, they discover that legends and myths aren’t always what they seem.

New allies share new insights that lead Silbrey to a greater understanding of her power.

Spring has arrived to the gentle rolling grasslands of Rhyll, but a danger lurks nearby that threatens everyone on the island. Silbrey must face the threat alone. The events of this pivotal third book set the course for the rest of the series—an epic story about a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.

30th June – Glass Rhapsody (Songs of Sefate #2) by Sarah Chorn

Five years ago, the Boundary fell. Now the Union is coming to claim Shine Territory as its own.

But not everyone wants to live under their heel.

In a hidden town run by women with rough pasts, life remains untouched until greed paves the way for conflict. Faced with few choices, Grace Hart must stop the Union to protect the women under her care.

Elroy McGlover has spent the past five years running from what he’d done in Matthew Esco’s name. Haunted by ghosts from his past, he returns to where it all went wrong. Enlisted to help Arlen Hobson fight against Union control, Elroy soon finds himself in the middle of a war for the heart of Shine Territory.

In the fight for the soul of the West, no one is innocent.

1st July – Dark Apprentice (Fall of Magic #1) by Val Neil

A psychopathic wizard. An immortal mage. An epic battle of wills.

Nikolai doesn’t want much out of life: sex, immortality, and the power to disembowel anyone who crosses him. But with dark magic forbidden, his only option is Medea–a mage so deadly even the Enforcers give her a wide berth. Despite dire warnings that her apprentices don’t survive, Nikolai won’t stop until she agrees to train him. After all, he’s a killer himself.

Barbaric and brutal, the training is a far cry from what Nikolai expects. When a mysterious illness strikes Nikolai down, he suspects he’s found the secret to Medea’s longevity. He resolves to find out what happened to her previous apprentices. If he can locate the source of her power, he can turn it against her.

Medea swore off training dark wizards–none of them take the craft seriously and the ungrateful bastards always try to kill her. This one definitely seems the backstabbing type, but magic is dying out and she hasn’t felt such magical strength in centuries. If she can control the boy, show him that magic is more than curses and necromancy, he might obtain the power he desires. If not, well . . .

What’s one more dead apprentice?

1st July – Footwizard (The Spellmonger Series #13) by Terry Mancour

A Search For Answers In The Lost Land Of Anghysbel!

After winning two wars against the Nemovorti in six months, Minalan plans an expedition over the summer to the Lost Valley of Anghysbel, in the far north of his realm, in the caldera of a super volcano at the edge of the tundra. There, he suspects, many of the answers he so desperately need might be hidden. The only problem is that thanks to the anti-magical properties of the jevolar, there, his spells won’t work – he’ll be without magic for the first time since he came into his Talent. On this quest for the knowledge to save the world, however, the stakes are too high to be concerned about such things. Minalan seeks the knowledge he needs no matter the price.

1st July – Nephilim’s Hex (Timelessness #3) by Susana Imaginario

The Nephilim loom over Niflheim.
Gods, Dharkan and mortals fight amongst themselves in their shadow.
And Time is on no one’s side.

The gods are outmatched, their talents useless against the Nephilim’s technology. Desperate, they turn on each other.
New alliances form and fall apart, for there can be no peace when survival is at stake.
Psyche, torn between a goddess’s duty and a mortal’s hate, sets off on her own to learn the truth behind her fate, unaware of the danger following her.
Meanwhile, Chronos’ own agenda involves a power so dangerous and unpredictable it’s been long forsaken by both the gods and the Nephilim.
Will it be worth the risk?

5th July – Scale of the Dragon by Richard Fierce

Her key to freedom is also her torment.

Mina is an outcast. A childhood accident left her scarred and with a curse that her master exploits to hunt dragons for sport.

She wants freedom, from both her master and the curse, but unless the right dragon is killed, she’ll be a bondservant for the rest of her days.

With Mina’s uncanny ability and her master’s magical strength, the beast responsible for her misery will fall … even if she has to take matters into her own hands.

5th July – An Altar on the Village Green (The Chained God #1) by Nathan Hall

“If one suffers, I suffer. If one is chained, I am chained.”

My faith called me to become a Lance. My compassion drew me into one of the fallen lands. Through my connection with the Chained God, I alone can find and destroy the Horror that stains the land.

Death can no longer chain me.

But I couldn’t have imagined the madness waiting for me in this village. I’m not sure my faith can withstand the secrets I’ll uncover. Or that my compassion can survive the violence to come. This Horror may swallow me whole.

Death can no longer free me.

A creature stalks in the dark. Buildings burn. People die. An altar has been built on the village green.

10th July – Scars of Stone (Pacts Arcane and Otherwise #2) by Joana Maciejewska

Discovering the truth about magic is one thing. Doing something about it will require bloodletting, backstabbing, and a bunch of lies.

The battle with a demonic foe had opened Kamira’s and Veelk’s eyes: they were unprepared for their task. If they want a chance of freeing Veranesh from his crystal prison, they need the help of a brilliant inventor imprisoned by Gildya, a man also desired by the refugee queen, Cahala, who will stop at nothing to slate her thirst for magic.

Time is also of the essence as Archmage Yoreus maneuvers for power. Once he claims the title of the first archmage for himself, he will tie up all loose ends, and that entails burying Kamira, Veelk, and a long line of secrets he’d prefer to be forgotten.

Kamira and Veelk have a rule, “no heroics, survival first.”
When dealing with demons, avoiding heroics is easy. But survival? Not so much.

10th July – A Wolf’s Quest (Wolves of the South #1) by Hannah Steenbock

Ben McMullen is a wolf on the run.

While his father is drawing off the Hunters, his job is to find a new home for himself and his two sisters. After he helps a young woman fend off a creep, she offers him a ride to his father’s old haunts.

Little does he know that her own family are the enemy.

Sylvia just wants to spend a few weeks of her college summer break to reconcile with her estranged Grandfather. And when she can help Ben out, she does so gladly.

Little does she know that this decision will lead both of them into mortal danger.

Can Ben escape that Hunter family? Can Sylvia handle the dire truth?

14th July – Blacklight Born (The Combat Codes #3) by Alexander Darwin

The Grievar War has engulfed the Empire of Kiroth. Silas the Slayer has given voice and violence to his warrior kin, providing them a reason to rise up after a thousand years of servitude.

Cego is released into a war-torn world where the lines between shadow and light are blurred. He must decide which side to fight for: with his brother’s righteous rebellion or beside the family he has finally found.

Murray Pearson leads a group of Lyceum students on an adventure across Kiroth to follow the path of combat mastery. But Murray seeks something more on this long road. Redemption.

15th July – A Lair of Bones (Curse of the Cyren Queen #1) by Helen Scheurer

A deadly contest. A vaulting ambition. How far will one cyren go to win?

Mighty cyrens have ruled the ancient lair of Saddoriel for centuries. A cavernous fortress, a subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and levels, powered by magic and music…

From the moment she was born, Roh, the daughter of an infamous criminal, has been despised by her own kind. Restricted to the Lower Sector and forced to work as a common bone cleaner, she has always believed she belongs above: where lies adventure… and power.

Opportunity arises in the form of the Queen’s Tournament, a treacherous set of trials that could see the victor crowned ruler of the entire lair. Up against the most cunning, dangerous cyrens in all the realms, does Roh stand a chance?

19th July – Unseelie Queen (The Crown of Tir na nOg #2) by Sarah Tanzmann

The Unseelies are no longer hiding…

After barely escaping the Unseelie Queen, Kayla travels across Tír na nÓg in search of the truth about her flower pendant’s magic. In her pursuit of peace, Kayla leans on the Seelie Princess Fay, who is determined to regain Kayla’s trust—and that of the Seelie Queen. But uniting the faerie realm may just be impossible.

In a world where no one can lie, secrets are ever-present and allegiances constantly shifting.

As Kayla dives deeper into her past and struggles to control her newfound powers, Fay’s effort to forge a blade lethal to any faerie unearths locked-up memories. Soon Kayla and Fay are tested in a battle against the Unseelies that will decide Tír na nÓg’s fate and the strength of their love.

22nd July – Robin’s Hood: A Tale of Sherwood Forest (Hightower Fairytales: Robin Hood #1) by Jacque Stevens

The King of Thieves is dead. Long live the Queen.

Orphaned at five and widowed at sixteen, Marian is the sole heir of Locksley keep and the Earldom of Huntingdon. Her husband, Robin of Locksley, never returned from the crusades, leaving her at the mercy of the sheriff. He chooses her a new husband among his brutal lackeys and taxes her people to rags and starvation.

Marian is sidelined and powerless, but rumors spread of a charismatic thief who could change everything. Clever, brave, and strong, his followers claim that the hooded rogue is Robin’s spirit back from the grave.

Only Marian knows the truth. Her husband is dead, but under his hood, she could be invincible.

23rd July – City of Salve (Magelands Eternal Siege #7) by Christopher Mitchell

For six months, the lands of the massacred Scythe tribe have lain empty and desolate; then, one crisp winter’s morning, the red sky crackles and forty thousand survivors of the Lostwell Catastrophe appear, along with a dozen dragons, and one Holdfast…

While King Daniel struggles to reform the City, Queen Emily dreams of recapturing the lost town of Jezra on the Western Bank. When the Lostwell Exiles arrive, she realises that she may have found the only force capable of transforming her dreams into a reality.

Lurking in the dark shadows of his palace in Dalrig, Montieth, the powerful God-Prince, conspires against the mortal government, as he plots to seize control of the City’s last remaining reserves of salve, whatever the cost.

23rd July – A Wizard’s Good Misfortune by Jack Volante

Porrello is the only wizard attempting to stop a former colleague from committing a terrible act. But when his two grandchildren come to visit him, their mischievous games get in the way of the critical spell he is concocting.

A slight mishap later, and Porrello’s spell backfires spectacularly. In another time and place, four unfortunate characters are teleported from their world to this magical land: a knight from Medieval England; a warrior-woman from ancient Turkey; a ninja from feudal Japan; and a cocky young cowboy from nineteenth century California.

The four new arrivals are shocked to hear from Porrello that they have seven days to help him, otherwise the spell that brought them here will run out and their lives will expire with it.

27th July – Once Stolen (These Treacherous Tides #1) by D.N. Bryn

No one with half a brain would rob the jungle’s most notorious energy cartel. The vibrations of their power-producing stones are the only thing that calms the mer-snake Cacao’s agonizing sensory condition though—and after being banished from his homeland swamps for similar thefts, he’s desperate.

When his attempt fails stunningly, a chaotic escape leaves him chained to a cartel prisoner: a self-proclaimed hero with a hidden stash of ignits so large, Cacao would never need to steal again. He’s determined to get his hands on it, even if it means guiding her home straight through the mist-laden and monster-filled swamp that exhaled him, with scheming poachers and a desperate cartel leader on their tail.

But the selfish and the self-righteous can only flee together for so long before something snaps…

27th July – Horns of the Hunter by Frank Dorrian

An age of myth. A bitter feud. A storm of legend.

It is the closing days of the Enkindled King’s wars for Earthblood, when a cycle of violence and hatred sparks a bitter feud in his shadow.

Náith, the Warrior. Luw, the Hunter. Cast aside and burned by their lover’s betrayal, the two find themselves trapped in a bloody struggle for the affections of Síle, the Maid of Mael Tulla.

Cherished as a healer and bringer of verdant life to barren lands, Síle stands as a mystery unto all – even those who would claim her heart. For one so gentle and kind, secrets and bloodshed swarm about her like flies upon a corpse.

Consumed by hatred and heartache, both Náith and Luw will take the darkest of trials and challenge death itself, unaware of the true game being played.

A storm beyond imagining waits for the Warrior and the Hunter. One that will decide the fate of Luah Fáil.

27th July – Falcon (Masks #3) by Amara Lynn

Keeping his boyfriend and his identities secret, fighting demons, and nearly losing Chayton have made college life bumpy for Avari Terran so far.

All he wants now is a quiet and uneventful spring break alone with Chayton.

Between Kaiden insisting on continuing to fight the demons, and Chayton insisting on continuing to be Falcon, it doesn’t seem that’ll happen.

When three people from Chayton’s past appear, everything is thrown further into chaos. New revelations will threaten to drive Avari and Chayton apart, and neither of them knows if they’ll be able to work it out this time.

27th July – Forged in the Fallout (Rimduum #1) by Ben Green

Clayson Spangler turned fourteen a couple of days ago—maybe. His father keeps the exact date under a mountain of secrets. But secrets have a way of getting out.

On a tranquil evening in the Appalachians, Clayson’s solitary life crashes into his family’s impossible past: a kingdom under the Rocky Mountains; his mother enchanted to forget her own son; strange metal objects filled with magic; and his father’s most dangerous secret—mithrium—a metal strong enough to level cities.

Now, Clayson’s father is on the run, his mother is on trial for treason, and Clayson is ordered to hide in the last remaining safehold—Tungsten City. To stay out of danger, he’ll need help from his new friend, Rugnus, a master of elemental magic, and Andalynn, the sister his father had kept hidden from him.

But after years of secrets, Clayson won’t stand by as a world of enemies—both known and unknown—threatens to eradicate his family and ignite a war between the last two cities deep under the Rockies in the Kingdom of Rimduum.

29th July – Hazelhearth Hires Heroes by D.H. Willison

Welcome to Hazelhearth: our picturesque city is nestled in a tranquil corner of the empire. Fitness lovers enjoy vigorous nature walks in the surrounding forest (don’t forget your sword!) Foodies savor rich, robust walnut-based cuisine. Or visit the gnome quarter for a walk on the wild side! Local mines and orchards beckon with plentiful employment opportunities, while workers sleep safe knowing that stout city walls keep mythic monsters at bay. A select few may even be chosen for exciting quest opportunities.

The onslaught of subterranean hordes? Oh, that’s happening miles away. And the elves have it completely under control.

Inquire today at the Hazelhearth board of tourism, employment, and heroics!

How could Sam and Lee say no? Lee is bored to tears as a telegrapher. His only excitement in life is the revolutionary new board game he’s creating. And of course constant disruptions at work by Sam, whose high voltage experiments wreak havoc with nearby electric systems. These two best buddies… colleagues… acquaintances are ready to escape from 19th century America into a more exciting world!

Space for more…