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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st January – The Sunder Blade (A Thousand Li Novel) by Tao Wong

Epic Fantasy, Progression/Cultivation

A blade cuts both ways

Newly minted an Elder of the Verdant Green Waters sect, sword prodigy Elder Cheng Zhao Wan – the Sundering Blade – is forced to leave the sect to fulfil an old obligation. A benefactor from the past is injured and has demanded Elder Cheng locate his assailant.

Forced to listen to the ramblings of a dying old man, amidst a small and unfamiliar sect, who Elder Cheng can trust is unknown. Was the injury nothing more than happenstance, or is something more dire afoot?

For once, Elder Cheng finds that his skill with the sword might be the least of his gifts.

4th January – Ancient Sword Shattering (Luke Irontree and the Last Vampire War #10) by C. Thomas Lafollette

Urban Fantasy

To defeat the vampires, Luke must destroy their god.The vampires have taken too much from Luke. He’s lost friends and family. Because of them, he’s been forced to live an immortal life of brutal conflict. Now he’s going to take everything from them.With only one target in mind, Luke must overcome all the vampires and their dark god can throw at him. Assassins, werewolves, elite vampires and all the money and power of the bloodsuckers, all are arrayed against Luke. He might be a powerful vampire hunter with strong allies, but his resources aren’t unlimited.As losses mount up and Portland burns, Luke isn’t sure how much more he can lose. But after threatening to destroy a god, he won’t be able to back down or escape. The only roads open to Luke are victory or obliteration…

4th January – Remnant (The Palimar Saga #1) by K.R. Solberg

Epic Fantasy

The shocking death of an immortal sends Collector Mavell, a master of shadows, on a quest for the killer. He believes a foreseer of Drawlen, a religious regime, knows something about the murder.
Jon Therman and his family of sunrock smugglers stumble into this manhunt. A former slave, he only desires to live unnoticed and to avoid the corruption of the world. But when a Drawlen immortal pursues his children, Jon retaliates.
Jon’s daughter, Ella, attempts to rescue her friend from a ritual sacrifice. To do so, she must defy the commands of her fellow smugglers.
Shane zem’Arta, a Freelander spy, searches for his missing commander. His orders complicate Ella’s effort to save her friend and Jon’s mission to protect his family, leading these old friends on a perilous adventure. Smugglers, rogues, and lords clamber to stand against the Drawlen immortals. Can these fragile factions set aside their mistrust to survive a burgeoning war, or will they fall divided?

5th January – Drowning Earth (Portalverse Elemental Origins #1) by Sean Willson


In 2055, with global tensions nearing the breaking point, humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation. Their only hope lies with Captain Kel Williams and her loyal team, crewing what some call the deadliest submarine ever built.

Kel races to stake a claim to valuable undersea biomass—a lifeline that could prolong humanity’s demise. But deadly Russo-Chinese factions lurk in the lightless depths, determined to stop her at every turn.

Besieged by threats within and without, Kel finds herself walking a razor’s edge to maintain control. Surrounded on all sides, she relies on her crew’s dedication and her Bull Nuke Oscar Allen to maintain order and avert disaster.

Yet unbeknownst to all, salvation may lie in secrets lurking deep beneath the waves. Hidden truths once dismissed as myth. Whispers of impossible doorways and gods long forgotten.

With danger at every turn, will anyone escape the deadly snare, or do ancient myths hold the key to humanity’s survival?

7th January – Krieg Chess (Krieg Chess #1) by Phil Tucker

Sci-fantasy, LitRPG, Progression/Cultivation

Krieg Chess: Where glory is won at the edge of a blade.

In 2442’s scorched future, the ultimate survival game is Krieg Chess. It’s a high-octane fusion of brain and brawn, where players morph from mere pawns to mighty kings. Using cutting-edge tech, they unlock hidden powers in a ruthless battle for dominance.

From the shadows emerge Charoen and Jessie, refugee siblings from Oslo. Discovered by a cryptic billionaire, they’re catapulted into an elite team, training in the wilds of the Faroe Islands. Here, they tap into staggering abilities and battle ferocious rivals, rapidly evolving into champions of the chessboard.

But Krieg Chess is more than a game; it’s a battlefield. Here, strategy meets savagery, and tales of deception and alliances flare up. In this arena of intellect and intensity, can Charoen and Jessie navigate the treacherous tides to emerge as legends?

9th January – A Reckoning of Storm and Shadow (Heirs of War #3) by Jamie Edmundson

Epic Fantasy

A Clash of Gods and Champions.

A Reckoning of Storm and Shadow.

Sanc continues his quest to unravel the mysteries of the gods of Silb. But will the answers help or hinder his mission to defeat Ezenachi? And what awaits him upon his return to Dalriya?

Peyre and Liesel have played instrumental roles in Esterel’s conquest of the Brasingian Empire. But will their victories make a difference when the inevitable confrontation with Ezenachi and his enslaved armies arrives?

9th January – Dreamer’s Folly (The Wayward Light Saga #1) by A. Samuel Bales

Epic Fantasy

The daggers of gutter rats do not easily find themselves in the backs of princes, yet this vengeful hope is all that sustains young Jeld after the prince’s tyranny leaves him alone and broken on the harsh streets of Tovar. The god-like Idols had abandoned Avandria, never so much as protecting him in dreams where some said they lingered. In a horrible irony, it seemed he survived thanks only to his father’s violent temper for so honing his empathy that he might discern danger in a man’s eyes, or in the strange depths he alone seemed able to glimpse beyond.

Jeld’s fight to survive brings together a diverse band of companions and begins his journey from the cold streets to the spired royal palace. Along the way, he will unlock the magic of a lost world, untangle the secrets of the missing Idols, and find love in the most unlikely of places as his blade inches ever closer to the prince.

But alas, not even hatred can be so simple. Old enemies and new allies are not all they seem. Finding himself at the center of a plot to tear apart the realm, Jeld must choose between revenge and fighting for the very kingdom he owes no favors.

9th January – The Rest to the Gods (Song of the Sleepers NOVELLA) by Joshua Walker

Epic Fantasy

On the peak of the Mountain Pass, the Four-Front War takes its final breaths.

The walls are closing in.

The allies are dwindling.

The last front is on its knees.

14th January – The Fey Hotel (Enchanted with the Enemy) by Vermilion H. Baine

Urban Fantasy, Romance, Cozy Fantasy

A mysterious inn, hidden away on the western coast of Washington, has asked for help.

Avalon, sent to restore the failing reputation of the Refuge on the Moor, carries a secret that could lead to her own destruction. A secret she’s kept since birth, and one that the grumpy, short-tempered innkeeper becomes the first to discover.

Elden is the unwilling manager of a once great, and magical, hotel—that is failing under his inexperienced hand. When he reluctantly requests the help of a hotel management company, he’s introduced to Avalon—someone that has more in common with him than either of them knows.They fight their past, and one another, but the pair must learn to work together—not only to save the inn, but to save everyone they love.

19th January – Heralds of a Fallen God (The God Engine #3) by Mars G. Everson

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

The epic conclusion to “The God Engine” trilogy sets all the players in the same stage for the final showdown. A hidden God will appear, threatening deities and humans alike. The secrets of the Fallen Gods will be revealed, and the destiny of humankind will be defined for good or ill.

19th January – Curse of Souls by Niranjan k.

Sci-Fantasy, Romance

The fates of two nations hang on the balance on a man’s choice between love and an arcane bond.

Philip has been spearheading a rebellion in his country, with Casey, his lover and partner, at his side. The rebellion has snowballed into a civil war and casualties on both sides are mounting. In a desperate attempt for peace, Philip decides to approach Raylan, the second in command of the other side. He has learned that Raylan is not as stubborn as his mentor and that he may be open to negotiations.

The last thing Philip expects is for a soul mate bond to spring to life between him and Raylan, activating an ancient curse that will kill them both if the bond isn’t consummated. Philip has never loved anyone but Casey, and Raylan is a total stranger who he has no feelings for. Yet, the delicate negotiations between the two nations will fail without him and Raylan. Philip’s life is not his own, after all; it belongs to the people he has pledged his service to.

With more than his life at stake, will Philip be able to let go of the love of his life to bring peace to his people?

20th January – Beneath the God’s Tree (Children of the Nexus) by S. Kaeth

Romance, Historical Fantasy

Amanah knows all-too-well the dangers of catching the attention of the upper class of Arruk. Using her position as a guard to steal secrets of healing and help other lower class people means she works hard to remain unnoticed.
Fellow guard Taunos is boisterous, laughing, larger than life–and always around. He attracts attention as easily as breathing, which makes being associated with him dangerous. Better to stay far away, regardless of her attraction to him and his easy calm.
But when Amanah inadvertently insults a magistrate, she must flee the city to avoid his vengeance. She takes a last-minute job escorting a pair of noblemen to another town–a job Taunos is also hired for.
Along the way, she’s forced to reveal her stolen healing skills to keep the small group alive, and finds more support from Taunos than she ever would have dreamed. His confident charm becomes hard to ignore as he sees her as no one else has, even when she’s doing her best to be invisible.
But opening herself to romance might be as dangerous as the wildlife and bandits they face in the wilderness, and pursuing her dreams of becoming a healer could attract the ire of those in power.

23rd January – A Wolf in Space (The Raoke Gang) by Alex Valdiers

Sci-Fantasy, Weird West

Gunslinger. Skyhorse rider. Lone Wolf. Malvius is a veteran gunslinger in Larragon, a six-planet solar system with two rivers: two train lines linking each planet together. The two rivers are a beehive for opportunistic merchants and feisty gunslingers.

All you need to survive in Larragon is a skyhorse to roam the open space and a gunblaster to protect your hide and earn your keep. Wild moons and saloons are aplenty, money is easily made and lost, but life for Malvius isn’t about money, it is about helping who needs helping, shooting who needs shooting.

Along comes the Raoke Gang, shattered, their leader wounded, half of the gang incarcerated. Malvius feels compelled to help. Little did he know that simply relaying a message from their leader to the survivors of the Raoke Gang will send him on a wild course of events that will see him facing off a space wizard, assisting a space train heist, and become Larragon’s most wanted man.

24th January – Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard (Paladins of the Harvest #1) by Kaden Love

Epic Fantasy

The beginning of a new fantasy epoch from debut author, Kaden Love.

Forced to appease the policies of a foreign fiefdom, Phenmir must do the harvest organs from infants.

Ten years ago, a new generation of children began to manifest abilities from the gods. Now, nearly half of the continent has chosen to graft these organs into adults, granting them their powers.

Phenmir will no longer participate, but can he repent his sin before all morality is lost?

Meanwhile, Aerhee will give all to preserve the process of harvesting, silencing those who oppose her people

Will this land of peace resort to the barbaric practice of war? In a battle of preservation and progression, there can only be one victor.

24th January – Don’t Blood the Black Flag (Malitu) by James Lloyd Dulin

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

The fight for peace is often a war.

To end nearly a century of war plaguing Ennea, a clan of nomads plans to bring leaders from the four nations together. They task a young water dancer named Isála to deliver a missive to a northern general, her estranged mother, and convince her to join the conclave. However, there are those who would do anything to defend their war from the threat of peace. After living a life sheltered from the violence, Isála will have to choose between her principles and shedding blood for the good of her people.

28th January – The Masked Crows (The Masked Crows #1) by Chad Retterath


Bacester is a city shrouded in mystery, where the distinction between hero and villain is thin. Each citizen possesses a unique ability, and in the shadows of lamp lit streets, the Masked Crows hunt down and kill those deemed “Noxious.”

Among the Crows is Bryn Dimes, a young and newly recruited member of this clandestine organization. He must navigate discovering his own abilities while facing unknown enemies and deadly vendettas.

31st January – A Silent Country (Low Country Trilogy #3) by Morgan Shank

Grimdark, Weird West

Low Country has changed. Watchmen have embraced criminals, and nobody knows the difference anymore. A notorious outlaw controls his puppet ruler, and the people despair. Coin is scarce, food is low, but worst of all, a Shadow rises in the east.

This darkness grows like a plague, turning day to night, but few fear it more than Sharla. She remembers hearing of a similar Shadow from months past, one that disappeared when Dormun Redskull died. The former chieftain had bargained with mages to earn himself a territory, but Sharla robbed him of it. Now, the mages want to settle the debt.

Sharla already lost her home, her friends, and her family. Her mother chased her from Low Country, and when Sharla returns, their reunion will probably end in more bodies. Nevertheless, she can’t stay in hiding. She fought for Low Country too long to abandon it, and her mother doesn’t scare her.

Win or lose, all roads lead home. And when Sharla returns, the country she remembers will finally end.

31st January – Breaker of Fates (Broken Song #1) by Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Perilous quests give rise to heroes. And broken songs call for Chosen Ones to be mended.

Roderick and Keeva, once friends, now orphaned by a dragon’s wrath that fractured the harmony between the great clans, spend their days locked in battle… until they are reunited, realizing that they’re both dating the same guy: Mateo, whose overdue transformation into a dragon is complicated by feelings of self doubt after the disastrous attempt to broker peace.

Choosing to get along is one thing, but forgiving one another—or themselves—for the hurt they’ve inflicted is another. Keeva keeps seeing the face of her dead best friend in her dreams, and Roderick’s suspicion and distrust keep him up at night. Soon, though, a great threat unites them against a common foe.

Someone has stolen a song from the gods, disrupting the tenuously rebuilt harmony of their homeland, and the very beast that tore them apart threatens to be set loose. True heroes of Koor Kosma are required to serve as vessels for the other four godly songs and reforge the divine harmony.

Neither Roderick nor Keeva are such heroes, but unless they can unite the divine and broken songs, unless harmony brings the shattered clans together, all will burn.

They are not chosen.
They are not the heroes of this story.
They are broken.
And they must be forgiven.