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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st February – The Blood Fountain (Mark of Valliath #3) by M.H. Woodscourt

Epic Fantasy, YA

Chosen by Birth.
Rejected by Fate.

Haunted by a devastating mistake—and desperate to stop a curse—Prince Jetekesh sets out to locate the legendary Blood Fountain, even at the cost of his royal title. He won’t survive the journey alone, but after a recent betrayal who can he trust to travel with him into the very heart of Valliath?

Wrestling with heartbreak, Blood King Aredel marches to war against the unleashed Unsielie. Fueled by his wrath, Aredel seeks the tyrant king controlling the dark fae to exact his revenge…or die in the attempt.

Two worlds hang in the balance, and the power to change fate lies beyond human reach. Can a once-spoiled prince and a broken conqueror shatter the chains of their pasts and embrace hope—or will they be consumed in the fires of shame and fury?

1st February – Woe to the Stargazers by Alex Shipper

Epic Fantasy

Heroes strive to end the world. Villains fight to save it. Kelydy just wants to go home. But it’s too late. He’s been sucked into this backwards debate with no way out, forced to choose. Either preserve his spoiled, rotting reality or obliterate it forever. Either side with the selfish, narrow-minded saviors, or join the misguided bringers of doom. Saints clash over holy ground. Cults squabble and scheme in secret. Divine weapons are forged and shattered until the morality of creation itself is brought into question. Why begin if the end is inevitable? Why live, only then to die? Kelydy doesn’t know. Kelydy just wants to go home. But he must make a decision. Which side would you choose?

1st February – Smoker on the Porch by Dom Watson

Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy, Horror

1989. Suffolk, England

All the children saw it. Out there, in the night-time swirl of dreamy sleep. The House of Sweet Things. It promised full bellies forever.
On the periphery of childhood to adolescence, Jake and his friends wonder where their lives are heading. An accidental encounter with Francis William Biggot propels them into a battle for their souls. Not just their own, but those of the whole world.
Jake will face a choice and a journey like no other. Be at Biggot’s side and have the power of a god, or be a boy.

5th February – Fool’s Bond (System Apocalypse: Kismet #2) by Tao Wong & David R. Packer

Sword & Sorcery, LitRPG

Even in the apocalypse, some people just get more annoying

Fool and Jackal returned, triumphant from their latest mission. As a reward, they get to babysit a spoiled rich kid as he levels up and maybe, becomes a valuable asset.

An easy job, until the Armageddon cultists showed up.

Fool’s Bond is the second book in a new series in the System Apocalypse universe. Written by David R. Packer in Tao Wong’s bestselling post-apocalyptic LitRPG universe, System Kismet follows a different path through a post-apocalyptic world, one of hope, redemption, and second chances.

6th Feburary – Traitor’s Tome (Death’s Disciple #2) by Emma L. Adams

Epic Fantasy

Several weeks have passed since the capital of Laria narrowly escaped destruction at the hands of the god of death and His followers. Former Captain Yala Palathar is attempting to lie low, but the dead no longer rest easily in their graves, and her role in the battle has drawn attention from potential allies and foes alike.

Niema, too, has been irrecoverably changed by the choices she made during the battle of Dalathar, and journeying home to the Disciples of Life reveals the devastating consequences of her actions. Niema grapples with her desire to protect Yala’s secrets, but when monsters start appearing in the forest, she fears that she’s brought doom upon her own people.

When the Disciples of the Flame come to Yala with the news that a dangerous book used by the god of death’s followers has gone missing, Yala is compelled to seek it out to avert further disaster. Her quest takes her to Setemar, home of the Disciples of the Earth, where her path soon crosses with Kelan and the Disciples of the Sky. It isn’t long before Kelan’s alliance with Yala puts him at odds with his fellow Disciples, and the closer Yala treads to the domain of the god of death, the louder Mekan’s voice whispers in her own ear.

With threats stirring above and below ground, ally is set against ally, and not everyone will survive the calamity that will follow…

10th February – Imperator (The Great Hearts #5) by David Oliver

Grimdark, Sci-Fantasy

Progression comes at a price.

The end of the Academy is in sight, but at what cost?

The eighth and final year of the Academy awaits; a brutal and harrowing place designed to remove emotion and create the perfect Imperator. A place of legend amongst the Imps and barely repressed horror amongst the Imperators. A place where the final tempering in the forging of an Imperator is completed.

A place where monsters are made.

Wolf’s Hollow.

Can Calidan do what is necessary to become the tool of vengeance he seeks to be? Better still… should he?

Having successfully stolen from one God, can Calidan the Imperator do it again? As a little fish in a very big pond, he might just find that the sharks are circling.

12th February – City in the Dragon’s Eye (Dragon Reich #1) by Jordan Loyal Short

Epic Fantasy, Gaslamp

Viktor’s magic is turning him into a dragon. And it’s not pretty.

To save his friends from a deadly ambush, Viktor drew too deeply on the power of the Dragon Well, and now a magical tumor has begun to change him, one scale at a time.

Viktor sets off on a quest for a cure that will lead him to a remote sanitarium. Here, he will uncover a mad doctor’s strange experiments, a very stubborn dwarf, and rumors of an ancient mirror that may hold the key to Viktor’s very survival.

As a secret society of dragon fanatics closes in, Viktor must choose between the power his transformation offers, and the hope of finding a cure.

To the fabled Tyrant’s Tomb, Viktor races the mysterious Thule Society, where deadly traps and cryptic puzzles protect a treasure of unspeakable power. With every heartbeat the tumor’s corruption spreads. Can a court dandy and a disgraced scholar help Viktor find his cure? Or is it too late to save the city from a mad doctor’s dark designs?

13th February – Undead Samurai by Baptiste Pinson Wu

Sword & Sorcery

Japan, 1625

A new Drum Master has risen, and soon the nation will fall to the curse of Izanagi. Answering the call of his kotsuzumi, dead warriors abandon their peace to once again roam the land of the living, swinging rusty blades and chattering rotten teeth at his behest.

Japan’s last hope lies in the hands of the nine warriors gathered by the young daimyō of Owari. To reach Onijima, where the source of the curse’s power awaits, the Nine will not only have to face swarms of undead samurai and waves of shinobi mercenaries but even more dangerous to their mission, their inner demons.

Against the undead, the Nine only have two choices, fighting as one or becoming them.

14th February – Prince of Shadows (Stories of Gereon #3) by Camilla Vavruch

Sword & Sorcery, Romance

An avian tournament.
A chaotic prince.
An unwanted engagement.

Assassins out for blood.

Crown Prince Orson of Mannerobes is a turbulent young man, desperately trying to live up to his father’s impossible expectations. Engaged to Lady Liadan, a woman he does not love, and longing for freedom, Orson’s life takes a darker turn when the Avian Tournament, where birds and their handlers challenge each other in a variety of contests, begins. When Orson’s friend and fellow noble, Overster Tristan Arrington, is poisoned as they greet guests, they discover a sinister assassination plot. As the tournament progresses, Orson’s relationship with Lady Liadan’s deteriorates, while a new and intriguing bond forms with Sir Rorik Ironhold of Chim, a gemstone connoisseur whose true intentions are unclear. As if juggling the tournament, an unraveling betrothal, and his father’s ire isn’t enough, it does not take long before a second assassination attempt makes everyone question who the real target is.

21st February – The Ordeals of Ornland (The Kiynan Chronicles #3) by Eric P. Callibot

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Forced to choose between loyalty and destiny.

Cadvin is destined to become the greatest Augur to have ever lived. When he alone is selected for training, he vows to pass along everything he learns to his childhood friends, despite the law. When they discover that their aptitudes lie in forbidden magic, Cadvin is forced to walk the line between duty and friendship.

Daimin, Cadvin’s closest friend, refuses to hide his powers from the authorities. Nothing in Cadvin’s prophetic visions can prepare him for their impending confrontation.

Centuries later, Fridrik, a student of Kayla Freeland’s, discovers an aptitude for forbidden magic. Refusing to deny his newfound identity, he goes on the run to escape the unforgiving magicians bent on enforcing the ancient law. His only hope at acceptance is a desperate search for the truth that was buried along with Cadvin and Daimin so long ago.

22nd February – The Chronicles of Earth (The Edinburgh Doctrine #3) by CL Jarvis

Historical Fantasy, Gaslamp

Edinburgh, 1785. A kidnapped geologist unleashes an explosive new theory.

George Stephens is weeks away from receiving his medical degree, but he doubts he’ll make it as a physician in a crowded, competitive marketplace. Instead, he hopes Professor Joseph Black’s friend James Hutton might get him a job in his chemical manufacturing works.

But before he has a chance to suggest this, Hutton is kidnapped. The eccentric geologist was about to deliver his bombshell treatise on the true age of the Earth, threatening to upend conventional beliefs about the universe and man’s place in it.

Getting Hutton back pits George, Black and friends against a fanatical opponent who will stop at nothing until Hutton’s dangerous theories are buried. If George wants to survive long enough to graduate, he’ll need every ounce of his courage and skill.

24th February – The Bastard Heirs (Riverda Rising #2) by Helen Rygh-Pedersen

Epic Fantasy

The sundered islands of Riverda are dying. The earth magics that protected and sustained them before the Rivening are unbalanced; dwindling in some areas while stifling others. Refugees flee to find a better future, most heading for the nearly unscathed island of Felisted… but not all is as perfect as it seems.

On the eve of her wedding to the future emperor, Kalla is kidnapped along with many innocent Felitians by hideous flaming demons. She must find a way to survive in her harsh new surroundings and she will do whatever it takes, but is she willing to pay the price?

Meanwhile, her beloved vows to retrieve his bride against the odds and the wishes of his father. As the old ruler weakens and Nerosus begins his plan of ridding the empire of magic, he enters into a power struggle with his sister for control of the Felitian people. He has brute force and fear on his side, while she has a voice from the shadows, a secret from the past and the very thing he despises; magic. Will his love of power outstrip the power of love or will he set the world alight with his passion for both?

27th February – Serpentus (The Relics of War) by A.J. Calvin

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

Dispatched to Stone Hill to oversee the city’s defenses among nebulous rumors of the Shadow Council’s threat, Owen Greenwaters must rely on the city’s guard and its natural defenses to protect the citizens.

But when an army of mythical hooded ones bolstered by a sea serpent and the Soulless arrive in the wake of a terrible storm, he knows there is little he can do beyond hope the walls hold – and pray to the gods he and Stone Hill’s people will survive.

They are outnumbered, outmatched, and without magical support. Owen is the only knight present in the city. They will be overrun.

The Soulless are merciless and rarely take prisoners, but Owen and the survivors of Stone Hill are exceptions…
And some fates are worse than death.

27th February – Born of Scourge by S. Jean

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

Legends say when the skies grow dark and scourge starves the land, a star will fall in order to save humanity. Only when the star is sacrificed at the end of their journey will light return. It’s a cycle—one humanity refuses to break because stars are plentiful and their sacrifices easier than learning the true nature of the scourge.

When Sol finally falls, it’s not because of humanity. It’s because he’s had enough of watching his brethren be sacrificed. He has one goal: end humanity and end the cycle.

Unfortunately, he has to pretend he cares before humans get wise. It doesn’t matter how soft the princess who catches him is—Celena will be dead by the time his journey ends. Nor how kind his assigned companions are—the outgoing Mira with her ballads, the brave Nebora with her axe, and the hero Loren with his soft voice and friendly smile. For centuries, humanity has lied and their kindness is a ruse to bring about Sol’s own destruction at the end of his tale. He will not be fooled.

No one cares about the cries of the stars they’ve destroyed over and over again and Sol will make sure this time, humanity is the one sacrificed.

At least, that’s the plan until his traitorous heart begins to care for the humans he sought to eradicate.

29th February – Queen of Hearts (Empire of Shattered Crowns #4) by May Freighter

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Only one can wear the crown of Dante.

After Emilia awakens from her brush with death with a divine message and a newfound determination to take the reins of her destiny, her allies uncover shocking betrayals and treachery within her court. Despite the challenges, and with the Pope seemingly on her side, the date for her coronation is set.

Meanwhile, Thessian embarks on a dangerous mission to quell the budding rebellion in the South. His journey is fraught with distractions and unexpected obstacles, including an old flame who may be his downfall.

The fate of Dante hangs in the balance. With spies within their midst, lies at every turn, and new revelations that shake their resolves, Emilia and Thessian must go above and beyond to protect their loved ones.