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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st February – A Contract in Sol Forne (The Eighth Chant #2) by Christopher Warman and Elan Marche

Epic Fantasy

A djinn.
A boy.
A terrible contract.

“I wouldn’t have asked for that if I knew I could ask for anything.”

Vaelin is an ancient djinn on a quest to seek the artifact to which she is enslaved. Her centuries-long journey lands her in the southern port city-state of Sol Forne, where she is certain the artifact is held.

There, she meets Dorovan, a disaffected youth from a dissolved noble house. Though their initial connection is cursory, their bond becomes one that may endanger the entire Cycle of Nature.

1st February – Wizardom Legends: Templ of the Unknown (Tor the Dungeon Crawler #1) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

A retired master ranger has disappeared, and his daughter is desperate to find him. When approached with this quest, Tor Ranseur declines…until he discovers this man went missing while following clues leading to a temple of legend.

The magical artifacts rumored to await in these ruins are too alluring to deny.
Joined by a dysfunctional crew armed with magical weapons, Tor sets off on a quest to locate, infiltrate, and pilfer the Temple of the Dark Lord. What he finds is something completely unexpected as monsters, traps, and betrayal turn the quest from dangerous to deadly.

1st February – The Third Realm (A Thousand Li #8) by Tao Wong

Epic Fantasy, Progression/Cultivation

Heaven commands and the Middle Kingdom Obeys

Or so the story goes. Yet, as Wu Ying travels the lands beyond the kingdom of Shen, he sees both the minor and major truth of reality. Disparate forms of government, among kingdoms and villages, among immortal sects and mortal governance abound, each with their own interpretation.

As Wu Ying chases the traces of the Heaven’s Wind, grasping at the truth it so elusively dangles before him, he must also contend with his own place under the Heaven’s. Or among them.

1st February – Eleventh Cycle (Mistland #1) by Kian N. Ardalan

Epic Fantasy

It has been a thousand years since the last Seed abandoned their duty. The mists are closing in. Finally, the Morning Bell tolls. A new Seed is born, but is it too late?

The rot eats away at mortals. The Witnesses pray so that they may not turn into one of the forgotten. And the constricting mists infect the lands with fear.

But there is more to this tale than just the Elders and their Seeds. Four mortals will have a part to play in Minethria’s fate. A farmer girl with only love in her eyes. A warrior born to the life of a refugee. A highborn stuck between the realm of gods and men. And a woman running into front lines and away from home.

Will the cycle finally be completed? Or will the mist swallow all?

A seed is born and the evil is slain, so doth another cycle commence. Yet the last Seed born hath turned traitor, and the mists, which had been pushed back, returneth.

2nd February – A Still Voice Beyond the Shallows (The Dryad’s Crown #7) by David Hopkins

Epic Fantasy

Silbrey, Maricel, Gydan, and their dragon companion Cyru are now far from home on the continent of Raustfweg, continuing their search for the mythical great tree of life known as “Alda Feren.” They’ve come to a village where the borders between the world they know and the fey world is blurred. Visions from the past and a strange trickster may have the answer to finding Alda Feren before the titans wake and all is destroyed.

2nd February – Pandora Unleashed by A.A. Warne


Pandora must be punished.

But is her punishment justice for the crime?

In a time when gods are mischievous, Pandora is the subject of a cruel joke.

Now she must turn the tables and exact her revenge.

Perhaps the punishment was just after all . . .

5th February – Alloy Cooperative (Dialectics of Geos #1) by N.J. Noakes


Gram is angry at work, and not just because of his bad back. The forge he works at sits atop the biggest Mythril Meteorite ever to fall on Thelre – or perhaps on all of Geos – and the riches it brings in are squandered by the grandson of the late owner. When Gram stumbles on an ancient Geomancer Fossil Tome, it shows him that another way of running the world is possible. Alloy Cooperative is an Anarcho-Syndicalist Fantasy novella, about a blacksmith unionizing his forge to overthrow their nepotist boss and turn it into a worker-owned cooperative.

Geos is a world where it no longer rains, and powerful magic meteorites fall from the sky – bringing riches to the few, and destruction to the many. Wars are fought over well water, and get even more vicious when magic metals such as healing gold are on the line. The peninsular Republic of Thelre thinks itself above such conflicts, with its Republican Democracy and Open Courts system, yet all to often it is wealth that guides the decisions of the Prime Minister and the Judges. But one group of forge workers is going to show the destitute working classes of Geos the true power and value of their labour.

6th February – The Way of Unity (Velspar – Eulogies #1) by Sarah K. Balstrup

Epic Fantasy

The Seven Lands of Velspar put their faith in the Intercessors, a psychic priesthood responsible for the purification of the spirit. Where passion flares, they soothe its intent. Those who cannot be soothed, are cast out, their spirits destroyed by fire.

The Intercessors are mystics of the highest order, but Velspar’s ruling Skalens believe their power has grown too great.

Surviving the Intercessor’s murder plot against her family, Sybilla Ladain rises to power. The Skalens come together under the banner of her grief, bringing the practice of Intercession to its brutal, bloody end.

Yet victory brings Sybilla no peace. In time, she will have to face the people of Velspar, forced to live in a psychically alienated world, and a band of rebels led by an escaped Intercessor set on her annihilation.

6th February – The Price of Power by Michael Michel

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Grimdark

Prince Barodane could not hold back the darkness. Not even in himself. He laid an innocent city in its grave and then died a hero.

In his absence, war whispers across the land.

Power-hungry highborn dispatch spies and assassins to the shadows as they maneuver for the throne, while an even greater threat rises in the South. Monsters and cultists flock to the banners of a mad prophet determined to control reality…and then shatter it.

Destiny stalks three to the brink of oblivion.

A dead prince that isn’t actually dead. Barodane buried his shameful past in a stupor of drugs, drink, and crime, and now, he’d rather watch the world fall apart than wear a crown again.

An orphan with hero’s blood who is forced to make a harrowing choice: betray her country or sacrifice her first love.

And a powerful seer who has no choice at all–her grandson must die.

If any of them fails to pay the price…

The cost will be the world’s complete annihilation.

7th February – The Many Shades of Midnight by CM Debell

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

A mysterious enemy threatens the continent of Ellasia, spreading a deadly sickness that kills or transforms everything it touches. In desperation, the King of Lankara sends an envoy to his disgraced former military commander, Alyas-Raine Sera, recalling him from exile and begging his aid.

But when a discovery links the contagion to the mining of Isyrium, the most precious mineral resource in Ellasia, it pits Alyas against the powerful mining syndicates in a conflict that could have catastrophic consequences.

Because the syndicates will fight to defend their wealth and power, even if the cost is everything and everyone else.

7th February – Vevin Song by Jonathon Neves Mayers

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Years have passed since hostile creatures flew down from the sky and forced humanity to fight or flee. Now, the surviving humans live in underwater cocoons, knowing that the world above does not belong to them anymore.

Marla Hightower is just getting by with a job she loathes in a cocoon, longing for something more fulfilling after a rough start to life. But things change as she begins to develop unusual abilities not unlike the winged creatures who invaded her world.

Knowing that being discovered will result in her being experimented on and placed in confinement, Marla plans to escape from the cocoon and launch up to the surface, beginning her dangerous journey to uncover not only her origins, but those of humanity’s enemies.

7th February – The Face of Hekate (Tapestry of Fate #6) by Matt Larkin

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Historical Fantasy

A dark Fate stalks the halls of time

While Pandora remains lost in a foreign world, Hekate finds herself pursued by the relentless machinations of Fate. Her future has been laid out before her in awful clarity, and now, she will do anything to avoid the fate she has seen.

Across Gaia and through time itself Hekate flees, but Fate remains always one step ahead …

7th February – Linked (Gilded Blood #3) by Rachel Rener

Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance

A lot can change in a week.

Seven days ago, I was just Talia – an art school drop-out with an affinity for tattoos, a hopeless crush on my boss, and a knack for finding trouble.

Now, I’m a gold-blooded, magic-harnessing, Runemaster-in-training.

The good news is, all of that has resulted in one hell of a promotion. Instead of sweeping floors, I’m sweeping swarms of venomous squatters out of castles. I’ve been enrolled in accelerated, hands-on rune lessons – super handy for those, like me, who are death-adverse. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my incu-boss’s upgraded benefits “package,” which has been particularly generous.

Sadly, promotions aren’t just about the perks. There are increased responsibilities as well: amassing a magical army alongside the newfound fae king, repairing centuries-old divisions among the Seelies and Unseelies, and vanquishing a completely unhinged demon lord whose ego may have gotten the teensiest bit damaged when I became the first woman with a pulse to ever spurn his advances (oh, and nearly kill him too).

But hey, when you’re the most coveted tattoo artist in two realms, it’s all in a day’s work.

7th February – Blood Bargain (Charmslinger #7) by Liza Street

Historical Fantasy, Weird West

Hold fast to your hat—the Great Winter has finally arrived.

Gracie and her posse are no strangers to supernatural scuffles, but the long-dreaded Great Winter ushers in foes they’ve never faced before. The chill makes these foes resistant to charms and half-mad, fearless of their own extinction. Worse, because of Boone’s nature, Gracie fears losing him to the magical winter blight sweeping through the land.

With a dark and dangerous faction of outlaws threatening to open the Rift, it’s up to Gracie and her posse to preserve some semblance of order and keep the Rift closed. Their lives, their very souls, and the fate of the Rift Territory depend on it.

7th February – A strange Bunch (Tale of Tales #1) by Nikola Stefan

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

Senka is no hero, but you never know what is coming for you. And if that burns down your house and family, while you are left blinded by your house’s guardian snake, the outlook becomes grim. So Senka clings to her dog’s back to survive, unaware of the fateful prophecy and the great changes to come. But when a wandering warrior becomes her protector and mysterious strangers join their hounded party through a series of seemingly chance encounters, they all begin to discover that all is not as it seems.

What is pursuing her? And why? Can the strange characters gathering around her on her desperate quest save her from doom? Are they mere puppets of a young, beguiling witch guided by her own hidden motives, or are forgotten shadows rising again from the immeasurable depths of time?

16th February – Blood & Steel (The Legends of Thezmarr #1) by Helen Scheuerer

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

With her death foretold, Althea Zoltaire only has three years to become what she’s always dreamed of being: a warrior legend.

Women are forbidden to wield blades, so she has trained in secret her entire life. Now racing against the clock, she fights to secure her place in the elite guild charged with the protection of the five kingdoms.

The sparring and hazing of the new trainees border on deadly, but even more dangerous is her growing attraction to Wilder Hawthorne, her unwilling warrior chaperone.

All around them, schemes are afoot and darkness looms.

Will Althea pass the perilous initiation test and take her place as a champion of Thezmarr – or will the invading evil snatch away her dream before it starts?

17th February – The Doctrines of Fire (The Edinburgh Doctrines #1) by CL Jarvis

Historical Fantasy

Edinburgh, 1779. An academic rivalry turns deadly.

George Stephens is a lousy medical student. Lacking the social and financial resources to succeed in Edinburgh’s elite medical school, his dream of becoming a physician appears over before it began.

Then George comes to the attention of two famous professors, William Cullen and Joseph Black. Medical students are dying mysteriously – the professors suspect a disgraced former student is to blame – and they need George’s help uncovering the truth. Believing the partnership will bolster his academic standing, George agrees.

Their investigation pulls them into the murkiest, most dangerous corners of Enlightenment Edinburgh. The professors are secret wielders of fire magic, but their foes are courting even darker forces. With violence threatening to erupt, and George struggling to navigate this confusing city, getting justice for the dead will be harder than he imagined.

17th February – The Sapphire Solution (Accidental Capers #2) by M.H. Thaung

Steampunk, Gaslamp

Apprentice chemist Iggy’s uncle won’t sign her off as competent, even though he trusts her with Project Sapphire: researching a formula to erase forensic evidence. When she finds an alternative route to sign-off, she applies her energy to that, neglecting her assigned duties to do so. In a stroke of luck, this decision leads her to a sponsorship deal, but her benefactor has secrets she’s unaware of.

After his recent adventure abroad, Lord Richard Hayes is now home: and on probation to keep his seat on the Council of Lords. He has plentiful funds, detailed instructions and a boring plan for honest living, but despite his efforts to fit in, everything starts to go wrong. He loses his only household servant, he antagonises a young chemist the first time he meets her, and he gets blamed for a burglary he didn’t even do. The only bright spot is that making new enemies keeps life from being completely dull.

Stiff-necked Lord Huntley Angus detests frivolous young nobles who dodge responsibility for their actions. But when he secretly pawns his wife’s jewellery to pay an unexpected debt, he gets entangled in a spiralling set of misfortunes.

20th February – The Stone of Iron and Omen (The Runewar Saga #3) by J.D.L. Rosell

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Monarchs rise. War spreads. Alliances shift. The first rulers have returned…

Ha-Sypt has been driven back. A new king is crowned in Baegard. Yet the fight for Enea has only just begun.

With Prince Alabastor by her side, Aelthena heads east to liberate Oakharrow, her home. Yet the Jotun still claims the city, and he will not easily yield it. To win this battle, Aelthena and her allies will have to bring all their wit and courage to bear.

Bjorn’s path also leads him to Oakharrow. Following the visions of an ancient king, he seeks an alliance among his foes. But prophecies are fickle things. For even a hope of success, Bjorn must risk bringing ruin to all the lands.

To the south, Ha-Sypt pivots toward fresh conquests, while its new karah, Sehdra, rebels against her shadow ruler, the giantess Oyaoan. Though she has always trod quietly, Sehdra must walk a razor-thin line now. Even the slightest misstep might doom her fragile plans.

The Runewar sweeps the land—cities and armies shall burn.

20th February – Bastards of Liberty by Matthew Zorich

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sword & Sorcery

Two nations give up land, title, and heritage fought over for a hundred years as the Crimson Struggle ends. The Holy Imperium reigns victorious over the Nation of Stouya and The Legion of Carigreed. Peace is forged on a battlefield where bodies lie melted, and ashes remain inside rusted armor after three mages clash on a battlefield. Society starts to move to a pace of life last seen during the golden age of King Christopher and Queen Erica the Red. Prince Damon of the Holy Imperium attempts to secure his legacy from the spoils of war. Bastards of Liberty is an epic fantasy set in Vineland filled with orcs, goblins, elves, and grit. The Ashburn siblings are separated across the continent of Vineland after years of war, and if they reunite, they may kindle a revolution. Fans of the Dragonlance Chronicles, The Blade Itself Trilogy, and Game of Thrones will enjoy this journey full of plots, politics, magical universities, and unstoppable weapons mixed with sharp rogues, a drunken mage, a failed squire, and a grumpy line cook.

22nd February – A Hired Blade (The Everlands Cycle) by J.C. Rycroft

Epic Fantasy

A sellsword’s bargain.
A burgeoning desire.
A future balanced on the point of a blade.

Sellsword Des is travelling alone in a dry and dusty southern land, after a spectacular bust up with her best friend. She’s running low on coin, so when former client Karina offers her a job leading her caravan’s security through brigand country, it feels like a gift.

Des has done the route before, but she isn’t sure about leading solo. She recommends Karina hire Cap, a rugged old mercenary, to head up the crew. Maybe she’ll even learn a thing or two about how to lead, in between the delightful distraction of Karina’s flirtations and keeping the marauders at bay.

As they head off on their long trip across Rescalin, though, the wheels start to come off Des’s plan. The crew is drinking too much, even on duty, and Cap is dismissive of the dangers she identifies. Des worries she’s made the wrong call by putting Cap as the lead, and Karina is in her ear, wanting her to take over.

As brigands close in, will Des back the merc she put in charge? Or will she take over — and risk the caravan’s safety resting on her blade alone?

23rd February – A Winding Path to Alda Feren (The Druid’s Crown #8) by David Hopkins

Epic Fantasy

Silbrey is all alone against the Ancient Beast—and the fate of the world depends on her. Read the mind-bending climax to this epic nine-part novella series about a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.

26th February – Endfall (The Kingdall Histories #5) by David Estes

Epic Fantasy

Be bright but do not burn. Embrace the shadows but do not live in the darkness.

Those are more than just words; they are truth revealed to only the bravest of souls, those who have the power to change the course of history and rewrite a future otherwise etched into Kingfall’s flesh itself. But will good finally overcome the storm of evil brewing in the north? Or will the ancient invaders have their pound of flesh? The answers to these questions may surprise both heroes and villains alike.

In the east, Sampson, Grym and Charlotte seek to unearth the seventh and final godblade. But to do so, they must overcome the wiles of the magical forest of Echoeswood while facing enemies lurking in every shadow.

In the west, dragonriders Peony and Dane must unite what is left of the fractured nations of Kingfall, but a surprise visitor has the potential to destroy what small measure of peace the bondmates have managed to restore to Travail.

In the north, Rose must come to terms with her own undeadness while facing demons no living human has ever faced.

In the south, Ando and his merry band of misfits journey the Loslandian wilderness in search of their purpose, a purpose that destiny always knew would lead them back to Kingfall. But will they arrive in time with their entire crew intact?

And all the while, the enemy draws closer, the creatures known as the Thousands drawn by the scent of human blood and the promise of chaos. If they reach Kingfall’s shores, gods save us all.

28th February – The Starlight Dragon (Realm of Camellia #4) by Liz Delton


After a year of hard training, Kira’s time at Gekko-ji is coming to an end. But her ceremony is cut short when Tigran and his army arrive with a powerful weapon and new laws prohibiting magic.

And now everyone in the Realm of Camellia is in danger.

When strange magic starts appearing across the realm, Kira must decide whether or not to continue playing the political game.

Or become a rebel.

As more anomalies appear, Kira and her friends set out to undo the evil wrought by the same man responsible for separating Kira’s family. But in order to defeat Tigran, Kira must delve into a centuries-old mystery and seek out allies both old and new.

Can she unravel the secrets of the past and save the realm from total darkness?

28th February – Awakener (Darkblade #6) by Andy Peloquin

Epic Fantasy

The Hunter’s journey takes him far into the jungles and plains of Ghandia, where he will face foes–both human and monstrous–unlike any encountered so far.

In the heart of these wild lands, secrets will be revealed, mysteries unraveled, and powers greater than he can possibly imagine awakened…

28th February – Owlfeather (Blodeuedd #2) by Christiana Matthews

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Historical Fantasy

Beware the Huntress of the Night

Vengeance is coming for immortal Blodeuedd and she needs to prepare. Already her home is ringed by impenetrable forests. No one can enter or leave unless they know the right spell. Birds patrol the skies, primed to give warning when the enemy approaches.

And the name of that enemy? Her estranged husband, Lleu, the Summer King. Now free of the eagle form Blodeuedd trapped him in to escape her marriage, Lleu plans to destroy everything she holds dear. He’s accompanied by the shapeshifter Gwydion, Blodeuedd’s creator and nemesis, who has his own special revenge planned.

Blodeuedd fights to escape and save her friends. But can she protect her lover, The Winter King, from death at the hands of Summer’s Lord?

28th February – Phantom’s Lament (The Shadow’s Creed Saga #2) by Noelle Nichols

Epic Fantasy, YA

Time is running out for the Shadows.

The flames of war have spread across Kiriku, severing alliances, and dividing the people. With pressure from his friends building, Kilo sets out to confront the False Shadows, vowing at last to find an amicable solution. Back home, Vaiyene is in danger. A rift has spread within the Shadows, and when Shenrae returns. Not all approve of her actions.

As the truth is revealed behind Hitori’s actions, the line between right and wrong wavers. Will Kilo and Shenrae be able to save the Kiriku they love from someone with no morals? And are they willing to pay the price?