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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in February or beyond, let me know either in the comments, or by emailing me, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:

1) It must be a self published fantasy novel.

2) It must have a Goodreads page.

3) It must have a cover.

31st January – The Five Furies of Heaven (The Five Furies #1) by Ashley Capes

Fighting the insect hordes of a malevolent God isn’t easy when you’re a young man with no special talents.

And it’s even harder when a Goddess makes your friends older and stronger – but gives you nothing.

While searching an old temple Kilek and his friends stumble across the Goddess Avendria who transforms them into heroes – all grown up, with weapons, magic, and skills.

But when she gives Kilek nothing at all – nothing except the impossible task of saving the lands – he must fight bitter doubts. Worse, a dark prince is massing his armies and more, agents of other Gods have been set loose in the world.

Only the long-lost dragons can turn the tide but Kilek must find them before it’s too late.

And somehow, he has to do it all without divine intervention.

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1st February – The Exiles Redemption (The Heart of a Tyrant #1) by Reece Dinn – RE-RELEASE

The fate of a continent shall be shaped by the actions of a few.
Awon: A butcher’s son, and foul mouthed thug. His feud with a local baker’s son will bring a city to its knees.
Koma: A handmaiden to the Saban’s daughter, and spy for an enemy nation. Cold, callous, ill-tempered, and longs for home, she hides in plain sight amongst the palace staff.
Melonaz: A gifted young warrior, hindered by his own arrogance and stubbornness. He seeks to redeem himself, and save the lives of his loved ones.
Beroz: A lone warrior struggling to do his duty. A close encounter with his people’s Enemy leaves him with an dangerous affliction that threatens to destroy him, and his homeland.

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3rd February – The Emerald Blade (The Landkist Saga #2) by Steven Kelliher – RE-RELEASE

One Sage is dead. Five remain.

For Kole, Linn and the newly-minted heroes of the Valley, their victory is short-lived in light of new revelations.

The King of Ember is alive. But the man who once led his people against the forces of darkness is changed. His path now takes him to the north and a land called Center, where he intends to bring his power to bear against another would-be God.

While Kole and Linn gather a small company to follow the King, another group heads for the northern deserts, intent on discovering what power the Emberfolk left buried in the sands.

The Dark Months have faded, but the light cannot last. The time for hiding is over.

It’s time for the World to meet the Landkist.

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3rd February – The Raven’s Cry (The Chronicles of Adalmearc #2) by D.E. Olesen

Civil war and foreign invasion are tearing the Realms apart. The Order, severely outnumbered, faces an impossible task in driving the outlanders back across the long wall. The knights have only one hope – the young commander Brand, who must surpass his military feats from last year if there is to be victory.

While the knights battle the incursion, the jarls of Vale and Isarn continue their protracted war to rule Adalrik. Through siege and open battles, they fight over each field and village between their jarldoms, devastating the land.

Both sides make schemes, gathering more allies and fighting new enemies. Like bloody fire, war spreads from one realm to the next as kings, clans, and commoners become entangled in civil strife. And with every life lost, every region ravaged, the Order loses further support in the fight against the outlanders.

Across the Realms, the raven’s cry is heard, and war will follow.

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4th February – Age of Death (The Legends of the First Empire #5) by Michael J. Sullivan

Winter blankets the land, and more than just hope has died. Prevented from invading the Fhrey homeland by the tower of Avempartha, the western army seeks a way across the Nidwalden River before the fane obtains the secret of dragons. As time runs out for both humanity and the mystic Suri, the only chance for the living rests with the dead. Having made their fateful choice, can a handful of misfits do the impossible, or are they forever lost to an inescapable grave? Do gods truly exist? Is it possible to know the future? And what lies beyond the veil of death? In the tradition of Virgil’s Aeneid, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Milton’s Paradise Lost, the most epic of tales transcend the world of the living. It’s time to see what lies in Elan’s Age of Death.

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10th February – The Midnight Dunes (The Landkist Saga #3) by Steven Kelliher – RE-RELEASE

Some say they never should have left. Others, that they should never go back.
For Talmir Caru, the world has left him little choice. With his people balanced on the knife-edge of a war beyond reckoning, the Captain of Hearth must brave the deserts of his ancestors to find the power left buried there – a power that could provide the Emberfolk their only hope should their wayward champions fail.

They say the Faey can hurt as easily as heal.
Iyana Ve’Ran, living legacy of the Faey Mother, is beginning to tap newly-discovered powers of her own. While her lost sister seeks to put an end to the War of Sages, Iyana just wants to put the world she loves back together again. But some things must be broken before they can mend.

They say only death waits beneath the sands.
Despite deep misgivings about returning to the Embers’ ancestral home, Karin Reyna, First Runner of Last Lake, has sworn to keep his companions alive throughout their journey. In so doing, he will rediscover what made his a name for stories before their time.

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11th February – A Ritual of Bone (The Dead Sagas #1) by Lee C. Conley – AUDIOBOOK

“Only valour and steel can stand against the rising dead”

Arnar is a land of warriors, its people as stalwart as the stones themselves. In a land of dark forests and ancient hill forts, a forgotten evil is awoken by curious minds.

The Great Histories and the Sagas say nothing of this evil, long passed from the memory of even the studious scholars of the College. For centuries, the scholars of Arnar have kept these records and preserved the knowledge and great deeds of a proud people. The story of these peoples forever chronicled in the Sagas of the Great Histories.

But now the evil spreads and the dead walk in its wake, terrible creatures roam the night and even the spirits are restless. The Dead Sagas could perhaps be the final chapters of these great records.

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13th February – The Bone Reader (Magic in the Imperium #2) by Jordan R. Murray

Ancient secrets are buried with the dead. A Bone Reader can unlock them all.

Teguin Dorst and Herbert Tanasen are willing to defy the Imperial Empress herself to rescue Teguin’s kidnapped master, a woman with the rare ability to recall memories of the dead through their bones. But when they find her hard at work, Teguin realizes that the knowledge she uncovers could remove the Empress from power, and reveal hidden magic left behind by the old gods.

New alliances are forged in blood and steel, and the magic that brought Teguin and Herbert together threatens to end more than their friendship. Some secrets demand both loyalty and sacrifice — if they don’t kill you first.

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14th February – The Thunder King (Gnariam’s Fate Saga #2) by C.S. Ratliff

They say that heroes are the best of us. That heroes are made of light. But what happens when a hero loses everything? Darkness will rise and heroes will fall. Bear witness to the creation of something…more. Continue to follow Ranir’s journey as new threats arise. Bigger risks will be taken. Powers that be, will be tested. The Lightning Rod will move close than ever to his destiny. The question is…who is The Thunder King?

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15th February – Crisis of Fate by Jesse Teller

To save her sanity she must give up her soul.

With rare exception, Raendel took everything she ever wanted. Now her vicious thieves guild is festering around her. Through paranoia and insomnia, her grip on reality crumbles, and a crisis leads her to a desperate choice—face retribution or serve a creation of pure evil.

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15th February – Neon Leviathan by T.R. Napper

A collection of stories about the outsiders – the criminals, the soldiers, the addicts, the mathematicians, the gamblers and the cage fighters, the refugees and the rebels. From the battlefield to alternate realities to the mean streets of the dark city, we walk in the shoes of those who struggle to survive in a neon-saturated, tech-noir future.

Twelve hard-edged stories from the dark, often violent, sometimes strange heart of cyberpunk, this collection – as with all the best science fiction – is an exploration of who were are now. In the tradition of Dashiell Hammett, Philip K Dick, and David Mitchell, Neon Leviathan is a remarkable debut collection from a breakout new author.

Check it out on Goodreads.

24th February – The Frostfire Sage (The Landkist Saga #4) by Steven Kelliher – RE-RELEASE

The Sages are dying. The gods are waking up.

Kole, Linn and their companions have survived the wilds of Center, slain another Sage and put their world on a path toward salvation.

Or so they think.

But the Eastern Dark has returned and laid claim to the power of T’Alon Rane, making the King of Ember his dark servant once more. Now, their ancient enemy marches across the frozen wastes of the north, seeking to end the life of his former ally and the last true power that can stand against him.

With the last two Sages on a collision course that could decide the fate of the world, the Landkist of the Valley have a choice to make. One between darkness and light, redemption and corruption.

For the Frostfire Sage is alive and unwell. And she has secrets to keep. And scores to settle.

Check it out on Goodreads.

25th February – Legacy of Bones (A Tale of Bone and Steel #1) by Kirk Dougal

An ancient evil is waiting to be reborn…

One thousand years ago, Emperor Abaddon and his generals swept into the Western Kingdoms and unleashed death and destruction on the people. But ruling the world could not be accomplished until they destroyed the dragonlord and his followers, leaving themselves as the most powerful sagias alive.

The dragons and the eastern countries had other plans. Legendary beasts and men banded together in a suicide mission to stop the war, meeting them in a final battle where the emperor and the dragonlord were killed. The five surviving soldiers who fought beside the dragons became the Draig D’Alikar, a group of fighters with the legacy to protect the kingdoms by carrying the bones of the dragonlord as weapons against their enemies.

But now, a young woman has been found who could be a powerful enough sagia to help the emperor be reborn. Only her two brothers, one a recently liberated apprentice who has his own secret power, and the other a drunk still trying to forget their father’s death, stand in the way of the generals bringing Emperor Abaddon back to life.

If only the emperor would remain dead, so all the other sagias could live.

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29th February – Wiccan Romances (Sam’s Story #2) by Nicola Hebron

Amelia, Ben, Charlie and Sam Taylor have just learnt that they have inherited magic powers from their dad. Join them as their powers grow and they battle a long-term family enemy, all while navigating their school and love lives.

Sport-loving Sam has always dated girls casually but enter his sister Lia’s friend Emily, the opposite of his normal type, who catches his attention. However, he has a rival for Emily’s affection, his brother Charlie. Will Sam and Emily successfully become a couple or will Charlie prove to be an insurmountable object for this fire-controlling witch?

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