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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in December or beyond, let me know either in the comments, or by emailing me, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:

1) It must be a self published fantasy novel.

2) It must have a Goodreads page.

3) It must have a cover.

25th November – Hall of Bones (The Brotherhood of the Eagle #1) by Tim Hardie

In the remote land of Laskar the seven ruling clans have vied with each other for power for over a century.  The son of the Reavesburg Clan Chief, Rothgar, has been groomed all his life for a role supporting his elder brother, Jorik, in leading their kingdom when their father’s time finally comes to an end.

However, the rulers of their greatest rivals, the Vorund Clan, are in the grip of something older and far darker.  They have been conquered by evil, a remnant from the time when the gods warred with one another and the world of Amuran collapsed into the Fallen Age.

Everything is about to change …

The first book in The Brotherhood of the Eagle series, Hall of Bones begins a tale of epic fantasy, magic and intrigue.

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30th November – Dos Lunas: (Primer Libro en la Trilogia de las Luciernagas) [SPANISH LANGUAGE] by Henry Alpizar

La Revolución en Kroving ha mantenido felices a sus habitantes y alejados a sus enemigos por más de cincuenta años, pero ahora, una nueva magia acecha, una prohibida y peligrosa magia.

Raiden, un joven inmaduro, y que roza la idiotez, tendrá que demostrarle a todos, especialmente a su familia, que es digno de ganarse un puesto en la Orden Imperial de Legionarios, pero un trágico incidente no solo cambiará el devenir de los hechos, sino también el de su vida.

Kelinar, su hermano, un alabado prodigio y el Líder de la Comandancia de su ciudad, tendrá que dar caza a los perpetradores de la tragedia mientras desarrolla una lucha interna consigo mismo que le llevará a cuestionar sus propios principios. Pero descubrirá algo que marcará su futuro, el de su hermano y el de todo Kroving.

¿Hasta dónde estarán dispuestos a llegar para defender aquello en lo que creen?

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1st December – The Forever King (The Scalussen Chronicles #1) by Ben Galley

Revenge loves company.

Mithrid Fenn wants nothing to do with magick. Magick is a curse word, banned by the vast Arka Empire and punishable by death. Its purging has finally brought peace to war-torn Emaneska. Only a stubborn rebellion, led by the warlord Outlaw King, raids and pillages the empire’s northern fringes.

To cliff-brat Mithrid, this is an age of tranquility and childhood games. That is until an illegal spellbook washes up on her shores, and she finds herself thrust into a war she never knew existed.

Now hunted by daemons and mages, she is dragged inexorably north to Scalussen and its rebels fighting doggedly to preserve a memory of freedom. Mithrid holds no such ideals. She fights for revenge and nothing nobler. If spilling blood means helping the Outlaw King, then so be it. Even if it means all-out war.

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1st December – Og-Grim-Dog: Ogre’s End Game by Jamie Edmundson

‘We have saved this world and travelled to worlds beyond it! We have deployed weapons of death beyond your imagination!’

Join everyone’s favourite three-headed ogre in their world-hopping, climactic, final adventure.

After The War of The Dead, things could not have ended more bleakly for Og-Grim-Dog and the broken land of Gal’azu.

But they’ll still save their friends, save the world, complete a satisfying character arc and tie up all the loose ends from the rest of the series…

Won’t they?

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1st December – The Magic in Fire ANTHOLOGY by Various Authors


Twelve stories – Thirteen authors.
One theme – The Magic in Fire.

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3rd December – A Day of Darkness (Watchers of Outremer #3) by Suzannah Rowntree

A warrior running from his future. A djinn running from her past.
Can they save the city…or will they doom it?

Tripoli, 1289: Trapped by black magic in a hostile future, John Bessarion is determined to find his way home to a family and homeland that desperately need him. Yet when his quest leads him to a city trembling on the brink of destruction, John discovers that not everyone in this strange future has forgotten his name…or the terrible things he’s already done to protect his people.

As an enslaved djinn, Soraya fears she will never be anything more than a killer. Sent to infiltrate and betray a city under siege, she is helpless to subvert her mission until she stumbles across a face from her long-forgotten past.

When John and Soraya join forces to save the city, they attract the attention of opposing sides in an ancient battle of evil against evil. Yet the greatest danger they face might not be the demons struggling for control of Tripoli…but the secrets buried in both their pasts.

Is there any way home for killers like them?

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4th December – Soulhome (The Weirkey Chronicles #1) by Sarah Lin

The Nine Worlds span dimensions filled with wonder and adventure, but for Theo they mean bitter tragedy. For years he resented the betrayal that killed his friends, sent him back to Earth, and made him question everything he thought he knew.

But now, after a lifetime of struggle, he’s found a way back to the Nine Worlds. An old man reborn in a new body, he has a second chance to rebuild what he lost and unravel a mystery that spans dimensions.

Though Theo arrives in the safe world of Tatian, demons are crawling from the darkness between realms and he isn’t the only inter-dimensional traveler. There’s no time to carefully prepare himself: he needs to find allies among the lost just to survive long enough to make use of what he knows.

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6th December – The torch that Ignites the Stars (Arcane Ascension #3) by Andrew Rowe

After concluding their first year at Lorian Heights, Corin and his friends catch a train from their native Valia to the distant country of Caelford. For most, this would be a simple vacation. Corin has other plans.

-Meet Anabelle Farren, the eccentric owner of Farren Labs, and learn about artificial attunements.
-Seek out Warren Constantine, a previous Arbiter, for training and a potential alliance.
-Find the visage Ferras herself to seek a cure for Sera’s condition.

Of course, Corin is Corin, and there’s absolutely no chance he’s going to be able to stick to a list.

…And even if Corin miraculously developed a sense of focus, he isn’t the only one with plans.

The Blackstone Bandit. Everyone’s favorite mysterious book entity. The aforementioned Farren. A vacationing professor. The mirror of a figure from Keras’ past.

When their plots intersect, Corin and his friends are, predictably, stuck at the center.

It’s going to be a long vacation.

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8th December – The Searchong Songbird (The Shendri Series #2) by E.P. Stavs

“Your only fault was placing your trust in someone as unworthy as me.”

Lily Delaney is on a mission to save one of her sister Shendri. The only problem is she doesn’t actually know who she is. Or where she is, for that matter. All she has to go on is a vision she saw in her dreams. That, and the help of her celestial beast, Suzaku. Will determination be enough to save the unknown Shendri from harm? Or will Lily find herself in more trouble than she can handle?

Draven Grant gets things done. When the boss gives him a job to do, he does it, no questions asked. That is, until the boss tasks him with the unsavory job of stealing an innocent young woman away from her family. A job that becomes even more complicated when she decides to sail to another kingdom. Will he be able to maintain his professional indifference as they drift off to sea together? Or will the appeal of a certain, golden-haired passenger place him in an impossible situation?

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8th December – A Slow Parade in Penderyn (The Dryad’s Crown #1) by David Hopkins

In the port city of Penderyn, Silbrey once served as a soldier for the cruel, ambitious guildmaster. Silbrey escaped the city and her life of violence by rushing into marriage and motherhood. Now she returns to Penderyn to atone for her crimes and confront the guildmaster who controlled her.

Silbrey discovers there is more to her past than even she realized, beyond the familiar cobbled streets of the city. What begins as a fairy tale transforms in an epic adventure about love and loss—and a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.

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9th December – Witch Awakened (Blackwood Supernatural Prison #3) by Valia Lind

Some secrets should stay buried.

My magic is growing stronger and so is my connection to the artifacts. Their whispers swirl in my head, pulling me in a hundred directions.
The task force needs to know what I’ve learned. But I have no idea who to trust.

If I choose wrong, people will die.

Eric is still by my side, but I find myself unsure about his loyalty. Are my growing feelings for him clouding my judgement?

With our next mission looming ahead, there’s a lot more than just my heart on the line. If we don’t succeed, all those we care about will perish.

But I’m not all out of tricks yet. I’m ready to fight to see this through…on my own terms.

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10th December – World Serpent Arcanist (Frith Chronicles #5) by Shami Stovall

Death. Destiny. The rise of god-arcanists.

Volke Savan has reunited with the Frith Guild just in time to help fight the Second Ascension, a group of power-hungry dastards bent on controlling the newly created god creatures. The world serpent is the first on their list, and if the Second Ascension manages to harness its power, the world will forever be changed for the worse.

But the Frith Guild has another plan. They intend to beat the Second Ascension to the world serpent and have it bond with someone trustworthy—a mysterious man who Guildmaster Eventide believes will usher the world into an era of peace.

As Volke struggles to improve his magic, and also become a mentor for a new knightmare arcanist, he realizes that this may be one adventure the guild never makes it back from…

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10th December – The Seeker’s Chest (The Lost Ancients Dragon’s Blood #1) by Marie Andreas

Taryn, her drunken faeries, and most of her friends survived the search for the relics left behind by the missing people known as the Ancients. Now a new adventure awaits as they find there are deeper dangers loose in the world! And the faeries really had nothing to do with it. Really.

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12th December – Soul of Thorns (Wicked Fae #3) by Stacey Trombley

Everything I’ve worked for is within reach. All I have to do is sacrifice my fated mate.

I knew entering the Schorchedlands would mean facing my worst nightmares. But I also knew that if I beat this cursed place— if I could meet terror face to face and survive— I would earn every one of my dreams.

I would be Prince Reveln of the Luminescent Court, savior of the fae realm and the new High Heir. I’d prove my father wrong. I’d live up to my brother’s legacy. I’d gain it all. That was the deal.

But once again, Caelynn has ruined everything. 

She’s ruined it by saving me, by sacrificing herself–again. Now that she’s here, it means I can still achieve all of my dreams—I’ll just have to leave her behind in this terrible place along with the wicked souls of fallen fae, and some of the most evil creatures to ever exist.

But I can’t. I can’t live my life knowing she is here, trapped. 

So now, not only must I complete my near-impossible task of saving the fae realm, I must also find a way to free Caelynn from the prison she chose for herself. And Caelynn is not the only being trapped within these walls that craves freedom. 

We are in the Night Terror’s realm now. And we’re playing her game.

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12th December – Age of the Dyrad (The Dark Oak Chronicles #2) by Jacob Sannox

The dryads have risen up against humanity. Queen Cathryn’s realm is broken, her people have scattered, and the future is uncertain.
She gives Tolucan, a newly knighted commoner, a seemingly impossible, secret quest; to seek out the sole weakness of Dark Oak, King of the Dryads, and to destroy him, whatever the cost.
Even within the forest, strife threatens Dark Oak’s reign, but he will not be defeated so easily.
While humanity is still on its knees, the dryad seeks dark secrets, in forgotten places, unaware that Sir Tolucan, humanity’s last remaining hope, is hunting him . . .

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17th December – Dragon Shift (Dragons of Kaitstud #1) by Clarissa Gosling

Half-bear-shifter half-dragon in a world where dragons are thought extinct, Birgith must face the ultimate test of her shifting ability to be accepted as an adult in the Bear-shifter clan.

If Birgith manifests any sign that she has dragon blood she will be killed immediately and her dragon family hunted, as they are feared by all four clans in the continent of Kaitstud. But when the test comes, she is unable to shift at all. So she is exiled and classed as a human, with all the restrictions on her that designation entails.

Leaving behind everything she’s ever known, Birgith sets out on a perilous journey away from her forest home to make peace with her dual heritage. A journey to find her hidden dragon family. A journey that puts her life and theirs at risk. Or that will help her embrace who she truly is.

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23rd December – The Gate to Redemption (Oblivion’s Gate #3) by Ryan Kirk

Their worst fears have come to pass.

With their party torn asunder, both Brandt and Alena must find their own way forward. Their journeys will take them both to the heart of their empire and to the farthest known boundaries of their world.

As they race to find answers, a threat, stronger than any they’ve faced before, approaches their world.

And it means to kill them all.

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30th December – Voyage for the Sundered Crown by Matthew Olney

The Kingdom of Delfinnia has fallen, but hope remains.

Sent on a daring voyage to seek out allies from across the sea the wizard, Luxon Edioz and his companions rediscover the continent of Tulin. A land that is full of dangers, magic, and adventure.

There they will find new allies, new wonders, and new enemies. As Danon’s conquest draws closer to completion, Luxon must use all of his wits and powers to unite the peoples of Tulin and convince them to help him save his homeland.

It will be a voyage that will test him to his limits and one that will decide the fate of all. 

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31st December – To Spark a Fae War (The Fair Isle Trilogy #3) by Tessonja Odette

No one dreams of starting a war.
But without a fight there can be no revolution…

I used to protect lives. Now I’ve ended more than I’ve saved. But after being betrayed by the humans I trusted, I have no choice but to fight.

And the battle has begun.

With the truth of my fae heritage exposed, the line between friend and foe is blurred. The human and fae councils are out for blood and will stop at nothing until I, my mate, and my rebel allies are defeated.

If we lose the war, everything I’m fighting for—love, freedom, the fae I’ve sworn to protect—will be destroyed. At least there’s one thing my enemies have underestimated…


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