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As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.

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1st April – Rites of Passage (An Inner Circle novel) by M.D. Presley

Urban Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy

Corbin James has never been so lost. Able to dowse since a kid, he’s adept at finding missing things. But after weeks on the run from the FBI, the teen’s luck has finally run dry.Enter the enigmatic Mister with a tempting find an enchanter who has disappeared inside the mysterious Harmon House. Recruited into a reluctant crew of motley magicians, Corbin only has days to navigate their shifting loyalties to earn his freedom by entering the Inner Circle.Lucky for him he’s got his trusty dowsing rod, a defaced 50-cent piece, and enchanted iPod.

2nd April – The Hidden Guardian (Ranger of the Titan Wilds #3) by J.D.L. Rosell

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

She slew a devil. Held a titan’s power. Defied ancient and formidable foes. Yet the greater war remains—and it will rob Leiyn of all she loves.

Returning to her homeland from beyond the mountains, the ranger Leiyn goes to defend Baltesia during its war of secession.

But the Ilberian Union refuses to relinquish its old colony. With the greatest fleet in the world and a host of odiosas at its disposal, a shadowy accomplice further augments the Union’s power. The dangers to Leiyn and her comrades are greater than ever before.

To survive, Leiyn will have to rely on more than her magic. She must find allies who possess secret knowledge beyond anything she’s imagined.

Allies even lyshans fear.

Baltesia’s fight is not for its freedom alone—it is the next front in the war for the world. To protect her country and loved ones, Leiyn must defeat the Union, here and now.

But no battle is won without sacrifice.

2nd April – Blazing Flux (The Flux Catastrophe #2) by Jonathan Weiss

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark, Sci-Fantasy

Three months have passed since Revance was destroyed in a devastating mutiny. Ryza and the surviving conscripts work tirelessly to clear vast pools of molten flux from the walking fortress’ wreckage, draining it into the sands and trying not to think about where it’s ending up.

But the situation is getting desperate. Supplies are dwindling. Conscripts are deserting in droves to join the looters. Worst of all, the flux is behaving in ways that Ryza’s sure it shouldn’t.

The resurrected autominds of the battle’s dead won’t stop staring at him, familiar faces have been appearing in the surface of the molten flux itself, and it still hasn’t shown a hint of turning to blazing flux, the volatile gas that should occur when concentrated in more than a bucketful.

When Ryza discovers what’s truly controlling molten flux, he realises nothing’s as it’s meant to be.

Including himself.

2nd April – Speak the Ocean #1 by Rebecca Enzor


When the mermaid performers at Oceanica Marine Park turn violent and attack their handlers, it’s Finn Jarvis’ job to euthanize them. The work is dangerous, and he botches his latest assignment, causing the death of two additional—and expensive—Mer. His dream of becoming a superstar trainer seems lost until a newly-caught mermaid offers him the opportunity to prove himself.

Erie isn’t just any mermaid, she’s an ocean-princess that’s been ripped from her home. She doesn’t know what the landfolk want from her, but she’s determined to learn air-words and find out. Alone and voiceless, she watches as the other merfolk are broken into submission, but Erie refuses to be subjugated. To avoid the fate of Oceanica’s other Mer and eventually make it home, she needs to make the crowds love her as something more than entertainment.

While Finn trains Erie in her routine, she teaches herself English. Finn has always seen the Mer as ruthless aquatic predators, but Erie seems more human than fish. Soon he finds himself breaking the number one rule at Oceanica: “Never humanize the Mer.” Finn’s awe-inspiring routine breaks too many rules, and he’s soon fired, with a new trainer taking over Erie’s show. One that will do whatever it takes to break and silence her.

Finn needs to free Erie before she’s broken or killed by her new trainer… or snaps and kills the new trainer herself.

To do that, he’ll have to launch a campaign to take down one of the most popular attractions in the world, turn his back on his closest friends and family, and protect Erie from ever being captured again.

2nd April – Death of a Guildmaster (Revivium #3) by Jer Patch

Sci-Fantasy, LitRPG

The Realm-Wide quest kicks off – it’s time for Mia Lark to shine.

Keeping her eye on the prize of getting the guild to number one, Mia rushes to complete the Deep Below before time runs out. Even under the mountain, Therain’s reach haunts her. When she is transported to a corrupted realm beyond Revivium as part of the Divine Favor Quest, all bets are off. In this twisted landscape, alliances are tested as former enemies unite to take down bosses and survive. Each zone presents escalating challenges and formidable foes.

Yet, Therian targets members of Mia’s guild eliminating them one by one with each shuffle. With her friends dropping left and right, how far is Mia Lark willing to go to stop Therain and win the Divine Quest?

3rd April – Beastcall (A Paladins of the Harvest novella) by Kaden Love

Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Will a beast hunter continue his work now that he can hear the cries of his victims?

Organ transplants are used to grant people with unforseen power, changing politics and humankind forever. The continent is split, as its people are on the brink of war over this controversial new practice.

Runith, a beast bounty hunter, must decide his stance on this disturbing practice as he is chosen to gain such power for his most deadly target yet. Will be become a hero in the eyes of the Zhaesmen or a demon worse than those he faces?

5th April – The Storm Beneath the World by Michael R. Fletcher

Grimdark, Just Fletcher Things

Cursed by the gods.

The insectile ashkaro live on flying islands travelling the eternal River of Days while a hellish firestorm devours the world below. Collected into queendoms, the higher caste brights live in the luxurious windward rain-forest while the servile dulls scrape out a desperate existence in the leeward desert.

Conflicts escalate between two neighbouring queendoms. Where Nysh embraces modern ideals of equality and independence, Yil honours the Fallen Goddess by enslaving their neighbours and maintaining traditional castes.

In preparation for the imminent war, Nysh sends ashkaro youths with dangerous Talents to secret schools, training them as assassins and spies. Joh, a dull male with a Talent for suggestion, and Ahk, a bright female with a Talent for stealth, are torn from their families and thrown into the academy. The two naively believe that the biggest threat comes from the other students, not realizing the war has already begun.

United in purpose, divided by caste, they can only save the island from the Mad Queen by working together.

11th April – Titanica (The Ruined Gods #3) by Alex Robins

Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

All Things Must End.

Zeus’s plan for vengeance has failed. Blinded by hubris and petty hate, the greatest of the Gods unwittingly released his father, Cronos, from the bowels of the Underworld. The Titan now rules Olympus while his son lies imprisoned within, shackled to a throne that is no longer his.

For the inhabitants of Tyrris, there will be no redemption. They have spread too far; changed too much. They riddle the land like a disease, clinging tenaciously to their deluded ideals of freedom. Such a plague cannot be cured, only excised. Burnt and bloodied until there is nothing left. A clean slate from which to start anew.

And so, the human race begins to fall apart. Swallowed by the corruption of The Citrine Wastes. Slaughtered by the relentless myrmidon army. Strategos Dexios and his allies have nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. They are alone.

Unless. There are others who still resist. Who still believe. Frail and weary, but not yet broken.

They are the Exiled.

The Banished.

The Ruined Gods.

11th April – The Eyes of Athene (Tapestry of Fate #9) by Matt Larkin

Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

History is Merciless 

Athene fought a desperate battle to save Elládos from the encroaching Babilimian army.

She lost.

But in the shining courts of Babilim, she finds something she never expected … the Truth.

A wave fit to drown the world arises. And if Pandora cannot stop it, Fate will at long last close its crushing fist upon her and everyone she’s ever loved.

The end of an Era draws nigh …

16th April – Rising Shadows (Sam Adams #2) by Daniel Meyer 

Urban Fantasy

In saving his city of Williamsport, sixteen-year-old wizard Sam Adams uncovered dark revelations that left him shattered.

Abby, the girl he loved, was murdered. His memories of her last day were magically erased. And the person responsible is hiding in plain sight. A new threat emerges when an infamous necromancer appears in Williamsport, with a dark agenda that may be connected to her killer. As the undead threaten to tear the city apart, Sam is forced to ally with the very people he suspects of Abby’s death.

With paranoia mounting and violence escalating, Sam has to scramble to stay one step ahead of the necromancer­—and to keep from being the killer’s next victim. Navigating a lethal web of shifting alliances, Sam is trapped between insidious magic, and human enemies even more deadly.

But the darkest demons are waiting in his own mind.

16th April – Dragon’s Vein by Matthew Johnson


Death and destruction stalks Joanne like a shadow. Married at a young age to maintain peace and strengthen the ties that bind the lands of Nemus and Septum, Joanne is isolated with her abusive husband. She endures the harsh, new political landscape in hope that one day she will gain enough power to truly unit the divided lands. Betrayal leads her down a darkened path where the Mistress of Shadows waits for her. There she finds true power lies in the fire and fury that burns within the Dragon’s Vein.

19th April – Gates of Sorrow (Aulirean Gates #2) by J E Hannaford

Epic Fantasy

20th April – Myth-Touched (Shadows of Eireland #2) by Joanna Maciejewska


In the war, being hunted by mythborn was day to day life. Peacetime had changed things, but myth-touched Kaja never expected to be hunted alongside the mythborn…

With her life hanging by a thread, Kaja had little time to consider Eithne’s offer of aid. Now, free of her affliction, she bears the consequences of that decision. Stuck among her former enemies, caught navigating the nuances of lies and politics, she’s presented with little choice but to accept the out offered by Cathal, leader of the Scáthanna.

But Cathal and his team have troubles of their own as an invisible enemy haunts their steps. If Kaja helps them, she’ll be targeted as well, and when dealing with a faceless enemy, the only way to survive is by carefully choosing allies and tempering trust.

Failure could cost their lives.

23rd April – The Crimson Court (The Realm Reachers #1) by Brendan Noble

Epic Fantasy, Gaslamp

Spirits haunt the realm of Zekiaz. Flee them, fight them, or wield them. But they bow to no master.

The upstart matriarch of a fallen house, Kasia Niezik has sworn to destroy the elusive Crimson Court who assassinated her father. They are near immortal, wielding the spirits that once ended civilization a millennium ago, but she is a Reacher of the realm of Death. Their worst fear.

But to kill her deceitful foes, first she must find them.

Kasia travels to the capital, seeking allies either brave or foolish enough to help her infiltrate the Crimson elites. Whether spirit hunter, princess, or thief, though, everyone has a hidden agenda. And those with the widest smiles hold daggers behind their backs.

25th April – The Obsidian Druid (The Age of Aikana #1) by Caroline Barnard-Smith

Epic Fantasy

Three monstrous tumari escaped the labyrinthine dungeon beneath the sea. One ripped apart the frozen homeland of the Asrai, staining the ice crimson with their blood. One blundered its way into the ancient forest of Nymed, and one rose in the city of Armoria, crushing buildings and bone beneath its great webbed feet. Only Dewer—ageless High Lord of the city—knows the truth behind the creatures’ wanton destruction, and he hasn’t trusted anyone with his secrets for over one hundred years.

Gwin, a moon-blessed Asrai with the ability to freeze flesh, arrives in Armoria determined to raise an army against the man who slaughtered her family. When she discovers that city guard, Vanth, harbours magick of her own, she knows she would make a powerful ally, but Vanth would rather see Gwin hang than turn traitor.

Vanth the Vile is many things: a skilled swordswoman, a debauched tavern crawler, and a Salt Sword fiercely loyal to the High Lord who saved her from a life on the streets. The one thing she never wanted to be was moon-blessed. In a city where those caught using magick without permission are left to rot in Dewer’s Pit, embracing her burgeoning powers would be a dangerous gamble.

The twin moons of Joria are turning. For a century, the night has shone silver in Mamai’s cold light, but when Aikana comes to the fore, the world will dazzle beneath her violet glow. The Changing of the Moons heralds a time of unrest and upheaval, and Vanth has a devastating decision to make.

29th April – Dark Town (Tales of Temerity #1) by Palmer Pickering


Part cozy, part bloody, all fun.

Hidden underneath the small town of Haverly Arms lies an entrance to the Dragon’s Game, an extensive world where adventurers compete to collect power objects and progress to the next level.

Temerity’s father and brothers have been down in the game for years, leaving Temerity and her mother, plus their house goblin, Half-pint, to manage their tavern. Bored with small-town life, Temerity decides to enter the tunnel labyrinth, launching an adventure to survive Level One of the Dragon’s Game: Dark Town.