A fantastic conclusion to the duology and a great send off to mighty Edrin Walker.

So the Age of Tyranny duology is undoubtedly all about Edrin Walker. He’s a thief, a magus, a tyrant, and an arsehole extraordinaire. He’s also charismatic and downright fun.

God of Broken Things does exactly what it needs to as the second and final book in the series. It upped the stakes, delivered on the mysteries and promises of book 1, and gave a fitting finale to the crass, foul-mouthed bastard who we’ve been following. It also tightened things up a bit. Book 1 (The Traitor God) felt a bit slow and bloated in places. The pace occasionally meandered it couldn’t quite decide if it wanted to be a murder mystery, a dungeon crawler, or an adrenaline-fueled action spectacular. Book 2 does away with all the fat and leaves us with the grisly heart of our favourite tyrant. It has blistering battles, monstrous monsters, heartfelt reunions, and a glorious ending that just felt right.

It’s also definitely worth noting that Paul Woodson again nailed the narration. He was an entirely believable Edrin Walker and really helped bring the character to life in all his aresholic glory.

I think I gave book 1 4 stars, but I’m going for 5 stars for book 2 and for the Age of Tyranny series as a whole. An absolute joy to listen to and I’m going to miss Edrin Walker.


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