It’s come to my attention that the paperbacks of Never Die have a number of typos and grammatical errors in them. The truth is… I fucked up. I uploaded the wrong file to IngramSpark, so the copy of the manuscript that was sent to print was pre-final proofing.

I’m sorry to everyone who has already purchased a paperback copy.

I have today made the necessary steps to rectify this mistake and all copies printed after this date will be (mostly) error free. I have no doubt a couple of little bastard typos will still have made it through, but hopefully all the major ones have now been corrected.

Part of the problem with being self published is that I do it all, and have nobody checking my work. There are times when foolish mistakes are made, and I unfortunately have no one to blame but myself.

I can’t replace all the books that have already gone out, I’m just too small fry to be able to front that cost. So as my small way of saying sorry, if you have purchased a copy of the Never Die paperback, I will send you a free ebook from my catalogue. Any book you like.

All you have to do is take a picture of your paperback copy of Never Die, post it online on either Twitter or Facebook or Instagram (I don’t check that one as often as I should), tag me, and let me know which of my other books you would like a copy of. Bonus laughs if you find one of the typos and take a picture of it!

My Facebook page is :

My Twitter name is : @RoboftheHayes

My Instagram name is : robjhayes2013

Alternatively, feel free to email me the picture at

Again, I’m very sorry for the mistake. This one is entirely on me.