So it turns out there’s quite a few fantasy book related Kickstarters flying around these days. From special editions to D&D modules to straight up book launches. And to be honest it can be tough to keep track of them. So I asked if people wanted a blog, similar to my Self Published Fantasy Releases blog to allow folk to see what Kickstarters are going on.

Now this list won’t be comprehensive. I’ll be building it from the ones I hear about, and the ones authors tell me about. So, authors, if you’re running a Kickstarter any time soon… TELL ME! by filling out this Google Form.

Rules. Gotta have some rules. OK, 1 rule.

Your Kickstarter must have some sort of public page, even if it’s just a launching soon page.

January 10th -26th

Effigest Illustrated Hardcover: A Werid Western Fantasy byAmy Campbell

Illustrated Special Edition

Saddle up for a tale of fierce outlaws, reluctant heroes, loyal pegasi, and magic. This campaign features a fantasy world unlike any you’ve seen before!

January 10th – February 1st

Mother of Learning ARC 2 signed paperback & hardcover by Nobody103 & Wraithmarked

Hardback and Paperback release

Part 2 of the international serial novel sensation Mother of Learning is coming to paperback and hardcover for the very first time!

January 10th – 27th

Fantasy Novel: The Price of Power by Michael Michel


I’m Michael Michel, a long-time author, and first-time publisher. While I’ve never attempted a crowdfunding campaign before, I have written three books in the last two years and had a handful of short stories featured in online magazines.

Now, with your support, I’m hoping to launch into the next phase of my career!

January 17th – February 16th

The Exiles trilogy by Ashley Capes

Book Launch

Unjustly driven from their homes, four mismatched heroes struggle to find their place in an unforgiving world!