Review Blog – Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is a man with a formula. Luckily for us all, he knows the formula so damned well that he can use it to tell a compelling story in almost any genre. Skyward is the story of Spensa (which sounds far less pretentious when you just pronounce is Spencer), a young girl facing the … Read more

Review Blog – Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

Holy hell this book was good! I’ve been a fan of Mark Lawrence ever since a blogger friend of mine poked me again and again and again to pick up Prince of Thorns. And I’m glad they were so insistent. There’s something of a philosopher poet in the way Mark writes, turning a simple turn … Read more

Book Review: Jacked by Kirk Dougal

Jacked by Kirk Dougal is a YA sci-fi thriller with a very interesting concept. The idea is that almost all electronics (or tech) has shut down after the Crash. At the same time, the majority of the population either died or went brain dead. A bunch of religious zealots (Black Shirts) are now in charge … Read more

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