Review Blog – Seraphina’s Lament by Sarah Chorn

Beautiful, haunting, damning. Grimdark poetry. You’ll have to bear with me, my computer has crashed and I’m writing this review on my phone. Yes, I could wait until my PC is up and running again, but that could take years and I’ve already been sitting on this review for a few days while I figured … Read more

Review Blog – The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan

You’ll have to forgive me if this review is a little rambly. I didn’t get near enough sleep last night and one cup of tea doesn’t appear to the have the caffeine I need to get started today… How’s that for an introduction? The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Hanrahan is an odd book. For a … Read more

Review Blog – Rage of Dragons (The Burning #1) by Evan Winter

What a fantastic start to a fresh new epic fantasy tale. So let’s start with this. The blurb says Rage of Dragons is Game of Thrones meets Gladiator. Well it’s very like Gladiator in many ways, but to say it’s anything like Game of Thrones is doing a disservice to both parties. This book is … Read more

Review Blog – Crowfall (Raven’s Mark #3) by Ed McDonald

An adrenaline-fueled ending to a fantastic series. A truly desolately hopeful fantasy. Crowfall is book 3 of Ed McDonald’s debut series, Raven’s Mark, and the final(?) journey of Ryhalt Galharrow. And what a journey it has been. Seeing the way Ed has developed the character across the trials and tribulations of these 3 books has … Read more

Review Blog – We Ride the Storm by Devin Madson

First off a little disclaimer. This book is entered into this year’s SPFBO (Self Published Fantasy Blog Off) and is in BookNest’s group. While I am a judge for BookNest this year, this book was not in my list to judge. This is my own personal review.   I’m gonna start off by saying I … Read more

Review Blog – Horus Rising by Dan Abnett

So after checking out the first Fabius Bile book in the 40k catalogue, I decided I wanted to try some others, and the Horus Heresy saga has always been interesting to me. So I asked a few friends and they came up with a reading list, somewhat predictably starting with book 1. This is the … Read more

Review Blog – Ravencry by Ed McDonald

Well, I absolutely loved Blackwing. So much so I actually cheated my own rating system to give it the 5 stars it deserved. It still remains the only book I have done that for. So when Ravencry released I jumped straight on it, expecting another wild and wonderful ride full of despair, misery, nihilism, and … Read more

Review Blog – Fabius Bile: Primogenitor by Joshua Reynolds

This book is my very first foray into the literary world of the 40k universe. I’ve played a bit of tabletop in my youth, and enjoyed both the Spacehulk, and Dawn of War video games, but I’ve never stepped into the literature because… well, I expected it to be trash. Part of this is baseless … Read more

Review Blog – Darkstorm by M.L. Spencer

Time for a little disclaimer. It is, unfortunately, impossible to really separate the narrator from the words when reviewing an audiobook. But I have tried. Darkstorm is a prequel of sorts to M L Spencer’s Rhenwars Saga. The author told me this when I started the book, and pointed out that it’s probably not the … Read more

Confessions of a fantasy author – Richard Nell

Confession time again, heathens. Another fantasy author has stepped up and offered themselves on the altar of sin. Richard Nell, author of Kings of Paradise, is here to be judged.   In university I hung out in bad poetry ‘bars’ with other youthful idiots like me, mostly dressed in black like we were Johnny Cash. … Read more

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