Review Blog – King of Assassins (The Wounded Kingdom #3) by R.J. Barker

I guessed it! I guessed the big twist right near the beginning of book 2, and RJ managed to throw enough doubt on that guess that I’d reconsidered by the end of book 3 and assumed I was just seeing villains in every shadow! I hate reviewing third books in a series. I find it … Read more

Review Blog – Age of Asssassins by RJ Barker

A ‘who dunnit’ in reverse. I’m gonna start this review by pointing out the main character in Age of Assassins is a young lad by the name of Girton… and for some reason my crazy brain says “hears a who” after every single time I read that name. This has nothing to do with the … Read more

Review Blog – The Hod King (Books of Babel #3) by Josiah Bancroft

I always find it difficult to review the third book in a trilogy. The review inevitably turns into a review of the series instead. Well, The Hod King is even tougher in many ways because it’s not the end. The series is a quadrilogy. As such, I’ve been sitting on the review for a few … Read more

Review Blog – The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding

Look, I’ve been a Chris Wooding fan for years now ever since I unwittingly stumbled across Retribution Falls. It was a fast paced, swashbuckling adventure with a gallery of rogues brought to life by truly excellent characterisation. So I quickly read everything else Chris had written and eagerly awaited more. The Ember Blade was a … Read more

Review Blog – Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

Holy hell this book was good! I’ve been a fan of Mark Lawrence ever since a blogger friend of mine poked me again and again and again to pick up Prince of Thorns. And I’m glad they were so insistent. There’s something of a philosopher poet in the way Mark writes, turning a simple turn … Read more

Review Blog – Prayers in Steel by Michael McClung

I read this book both in its Alpha stage, and the finished article, and I loved it both times. We follow along behind 2 main characters. The first is pissed off princess, Anya, who is not very taken with the idea of being married off for political gain. Luckily for her she spent most of … Read more

Review Blog – Skullsworn by Brian Staveley

Skullsworn is a book that really shouldn’t work. There, I said it. I meant it. I’m not taking it back. But it really does work. I read this book on Audible, narrated by Elizabeth Knowelden, and I’ll point out right now it is beautifully narrated. I’m not the biggest fan of audio books and I … Read more

Review Blog – Faithless by Graham Austin-King

First things first. I was given an Advance Reader Copy of Faithless in exchange for an honest review. I’m very grateful to Graham for allowing me to read his book before it has released. Faithless follows along behind two protagonists, Wynn and Kharios, as they struggle through life in a giant colonised mine, as well … Read more

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