(Book 1 of The Ties that Bind)

the_heresy_within_v3_200Thanquil Darkheart is an Arbiter of the Inquisition, a witch hunter tasked with hunting down and purging heretics. Thanquil Darkheart is also something else, expendable.

When the God-Emperor of Sarth tells Thanquil there is a traitor operating among the highest echelon of the Inquisition he knows he has no choice but to sail to the city of Chade and follow the Emperor’s single lead.

The Black Thorn is a murderer, a thug, a thief and worse but he’s best known for the killing of six Arbiters. These days he travels with a crew of six of the most dangerous sell-swords in the wilds.

After a job well done they find themselves on the run from the law once again but the boss has good news; a new job, the biggest any of them have ever pulled. First, however, they need to evade capture long enough to secure travel to the free city of Chade.

Jezzet Vel’urn is a Blademaster; a swords-woman of prodigious skill but she knows that for a woman like her in the wilds there are two ways out of most situations; fight or fuck. Truth is, all too often for Jezzet’s liking, it comes down to a combination of the two.

Jezzet is chased half-way across the wilds by a vengeful warlord until she makes it to the free city of Chade. Instead of sanctuary, however, all she finds are guards waiting to turn her over for some quick gold.

The Ties that Bind trilogy is currently unavailable as rights transfer back to myself.

High acclaim: The Heresy Within features in Fantasy Book Critic’s top reads of 2013. See the lists at the Fantasy Book Critic website.

Praise for The Heresy Within

Tangled and intertwined, with a large roster of colorful secondary characters, the stories of the three main characters—Thanquil, Jezzet and Black Thorn—converge in a well-orchestrated plot driven by colorful character interaction…
Kirkus Reviews (read the full review here)

If you want a dark journey filled with action, betrayals and truly magnificent bastards of characters then The Heresy Within is the book that you should seek. DO NOT MISS IT!
Fantasy Book Critic (read the full review here)

The story couldn’t have been better, a true fantasy wet dream for me. Not so much emphasis on magic, which is a big plus in my eyes, plenty of swordplay and small touches of romance/whoring.

I have read many fantasy novels and this writer has the potential to be up there with the best. Excellent characters, interesting story can’t wait for book two….well done sir….well done.

The action is relentless, the characters well drawn and there are no wasted words. Without doubt one of, if not THE best fantasy adventure books I have read in the last ten years.

Five stars or fifty for a generation’s worth of religion on steroids, magical horror and a gang of cutthroats that make Rambo look like the Archangel. Great characters,terrific storyline and a storyteller to bring it all together.

I found myself devouring the book, unable to stop for much else, and am looking forward for more of Rob J. Hayes’ writing. The overall writing was good, the plot intriguing and the characters fascinating. I very much loved this book.

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