It Takes A Thief to Start A Fire

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It Takes A Thief To Start A Fire is the second book in the It Takes A Thief… series. It follows hot on the heels of the events of …To Catch A Sunrise, and sees Jacques Revou and Isabel de Rosier adapting to life in Great Turlain and competing against a group of thieves who can control the elements.

“We started our lives together with barely a coin to our name. We have won fortunes and lost them. We have stolen the un-stealable, survived plots and schemes determined to see us fall, and saved a Queen from certain death.

But sometimes a fresh start is exactly what is needed and here we can have just that. Free from devious machinations and troublesome reputations alike. Here we can go back to our roots.

A good thief gets out without being caught. A great thief makes it look as though they were never there. But we are neither good, nor great. We are the best.”

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