It Takes A Thief To Catch A Sunrise

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One last job!

Jacques Revou and Isabel de Rosier are at the height of their careers. Of course those careers are as professional charlatans, thieves without peer. With the completion of their final heist, they decide it’s time to retire and settle down. But they have not escaped unnoticed.

The king’s spymaster, Renard Daron, has a job for the thieves, one only they can perform, and he does not take no for an answer. With the threat of destitution and death hanging over their heads, Jacques and Isabel must take on their greatest roles yet, the Baron and Baroness Bonvillain.

Can they ferret out the treasonous elements within the government? Can they escape the clutches of the nefarious Seigneur Daron? Can they regain the fortune so unfairly taken from them?

And, can they finally complete their one last job?

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Praise for the It Takes a Thief… novels

…a surprisingly fun thriller that deals with deception, spy craft and other dastardly activities.”

Fantasy Book Critic (read the full review here)

“Isabel and Jacques have great chemistry that makes you genuinely want to root for the couple.”

C.T. Phipps author of the Rules of Supervillainy series

“The fantasy world which Rob Hayes has created is one which makes use of elementalist magic, steam-based super-science, airships, and alchemy.”

BookNest(read the full review here)

“Chases, duels, romance, airships and a fortune to be won or lost.”

Fantasy Book Review (read the full review here)