Along the Razor’s Edge

Sourcerer. Prisoner. Monster.

The war is over. Sixteen-year-old Eskara Helsene was a Sourcerer, a weapon for her empire. But she fought on the wrong side.

Now she is a prisoner serving out a life sentence in the mines of the Pit, where there are worse things than thieves and murderers in the darkness. Nightmarish demons from the Other World stalk the tunnels.

With no hope of survival, Eska must escape. But no one escapes the Pit.

Can she fight her way to freedom or will the darkness swallow her soul and her destiny?

Eska’s war has only just begun.

Praise for Along the Razor’s Edge

It was a bloody brilliant evolution of sheer story-telling genius.

Elitist Book Reviews

Along the Razor’s Edge will make you mad. It will make you hold your breath, pump your fist, pause and reflect, and swear at 2am. It will do all these things and more, because it is one hell of a great story. For me, it was more than just reading a book. It was an experience.

Fantasy Book Review

Rob Hayes is a master of fantasy. He has a unique vision, brilliant ideas, and the finesse to make it captivating. Furthermore, this is one of those stories that will sink into your skin, and stay there for a while.

Bookworm Blues

A fully fleshed out beast of a story about a girl who refused to be broken, who refused to lose hope of vengeance and those who got swept up into her vortex along the way.

Maxine's Obsessions

This book had me from the opening pages and just continued to keep me fixated throughout.

Out of This World's SFF Reviews

Deserves to be mentioned alongside The First Law and Nevernight trilogies so if you enjoy grim-dark fantasy with a side of introspection and philosophy make sure you read this book.

Bookends & Bagends

The best example of foreshadowing I’ve come across since Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun.


With high fantasy, fascinating and horrifying characters, monsters, with life and death on the line, Along the Razor’s Edge has compelling storyline that will have fans begging for more.


This book has a unique story line, I think that I like how it is not stereotypical and it actually is unlike anything I read before. 

The Book Prescription