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War makes monsters and corpses of us all.

For generations the blooded have ruled the Wilds, cultivating a lawless frontier and bleeding the good folk dry. The Black Thorn, once the most wanted outlaw the world has ever seen, is set on stopping them, and bringing an end to the great game that oppresses them all.

Crucible is the only blooded fortress left, but not for nothing is it called the City of Kings. Its defences are unbreakable, its walls unassailable, all built so one hundred can hold back a thousand. Worse yet, the Black Thorn is running out of time and there are darker things hiding underground, looking to turn the city into a tomb.

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Where Loyalties Lie has won SPFBO!

Mark Lawrence’s 3rd Self Published Fantasy Blog Off is officially over and my pirates have sailed to victory.

It’s my first ever award (not just for writing, but for anything), and I’m over the moon it was selected.

300 titles were entered into the blog off, and there was some stiff competition every step of the way. You can find out more about the competition’s, past, present, and future over on Mark’s official blog.

Sigil Independent

I have teamed up with a number of other independent authors to form Sigil Independent. We’re a group dedicated to creating quality fiction at the same standard you would find with any traditional publishing house. You can find out more, and see who else is involved, by checking out the Sigil Independent website.

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