Rob J. Hayes is a British fantasy writer. On this page you will find up to date news on new releases along with excerpts from his books, a bunch of short stories and contact information.

Latest Release

blp-where-loyalties-lie-ecover2500-smallWhere Loyalties Lie is available now! It’s full of pirates, sea beasties, magic, vengeful deities, and sea battles. You can pick it up from Amazon here or most other big retailers.


The Ties that Bind trilogy is coming back! Set to be re-released on June 21st 2017, all three books have some new covers.




I have decided to end my publishing agreement with Ragnarok Publications and take my books back to self publishing. This has been a very big and very difficult decision. You can find out more on my blog page.

thief-1-catch_sunrise-audiocover-small Audio book release

I’m pleased to announce It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise is now available in audio book.

There are now maps of the world that The Ties That Bind trilogy and the forthcoming series, Best Laid Plans are set in. Click the thumbnails below to see larger versions. A big thankyou to Tim Paul for creating the maps.

tttb-map-thumb                     pirate-isles-map-thumb

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