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Raising Your Book

I’ve seen a few things on twitter and facebook recently about the author cycle of woe. For those of you who don’t know it’s an author thing where you start off loving the thing you’re creating, then hate it, then love, then hate it, then… it just goes on for a bit. I’m pretty sure…

By Rob 20th August 2015 0


Someone recently asked me where my stories come from. I immediately replied with “from my misspent childhood.”. No one laughed. I quickly thought about coming up with a real answer and didn’t think simply saying “my imagination” would cut it. I thought about all the things that have inspired me and affected the direction my…

By Rob 5th May 2015 2

The Science of Swearing

New blog. First post. Thought I’d go with something that’s near and dear to my heart, swearing. I’m a big fan of swearing both in real life and in my books. Nary a chapter goes by in the whole The Ties that Bind trilogy where one character, or often many, let loose with a torrent…

By Rob 9th May 2013 0