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The Pressures of Releasing a Book

You’ve written a book. That’s the hard part out of the way, right? All those words mashed up onto a page in some sort of coherent jumble that tells a compelling narrative. Weeks, months, years even of hard work vomited onto into word document and edited and edited and edited until you are so sick…

By Rob 11th December 2018 1

Publishing Limbo?

Here goes. Some people have contacted me to ask “Where is Where Loyalties Lie?” It’s true, the first book in my piratical adventure duology (Best Laid Plans) should have been out already. It should be in the hands of millions maybe a few thousand at least. But it’s not. It appears to firmly stuck in…

By Rob 3rd January 2017 14

My Experience in Publishing So Far

Back in early 2011 I sat down and wrote my first book. It was called A KNIGHT’S DUTY and it was to be part of THE RIGHT OF SUCCESSION trilogy, followed up by A PRINCE’S HONOUR, and A KING’S RIGHT. I had the entire trilogy planned out and by late 2011 I had the first…

By Rob 22nd January 2016 1