December Giveaway – Draw a Pirate!

Yo-ho, me hearties. It’s December and Christmas is everywhere, but I’m making it a piratical holiday! So all December I’m running a competition and all you have to do to enter is send me a picture of a piratical drawing. It can be a pirate ship, a pirate flag, a treasure chest, a kraken, a … Read more

Review Blog – The Guns of Ivrea by Clifford Beal

So The Guns of Ivrea is set in a small watery section of a fantasy world where the one faith (very like Christianity in many ways) has seen the old gods all but extinguished, and has sold prejudice against merfolk to the masses. The book follows Acquel, trainee monk with a side helping of bland; … Read more

Review Blog: Seth Skorkowsky’s Sea of Quills

One line review: Hello old friend, chase, sexy time, YARR!, sexy time, homicidal cephalopods, bounty hunter, homicidal anguilliformes, cylons, gruesome death, bounty hunter, not so captured after all. In the same vein as the first in the series, Mountain of Daggers, this book is a collection of short tales all revolving around the central character … Read more

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