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It’s been a long road

It’s May 25th 2017 and I have a new book releasing tomorrow. WHERE LOYALTIES LIE(WLL) is finally releasing. You can even order your copy here. This post is a short history of exactly why it has taken so long for me to get the follow up to The Ties that Bind (TTtB) out there. I’m no…

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Review Blog: Seth Skorkowsky’s Sea of Quills

One line review: Hello old friend, chase, sexy time, YARR!, sexy time, homicidal cephalopods, bounty hunter, homicidal anguilliformes, cylons, gruesome death, bounty hunter, not so captured after all. In the same vein as the first in the series, Mountain of Daggers, this book is a collection of short tales all revolving around the central character…

By Rob 1st October 2015 0