Review Blog – Tiger Lily by K. Bird Lincoln

Tiger Lily was full of ups and downs for me. On one hand I loved the setting and concept of kami (spirits) at war with humanity due to religious persecution, and I thought the gender issues were very well handled. On the other hand the main character, Lily, was so damned frustrating! The book is … Read more

Review Blog – Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher

This was an interesting one! The general premise is that madness (delusions) become real. Belief shapes reality. So if someone believes they can control fire… they CAN control fire. If someone believes there are multiple aspects of themselves walking around… there ARE multiple aspects of them walking around. If a group of people believe a … Read more

Review Blog – The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence

If you keep up with my reviews it will be no secret that I struggled through both Prince of Fools and Liar’s Key. Not because I didn’t like the story, but because I didn’t like the main character, Jalan. So I was trying to decide why it was I continued with the books when our … Read more

Review Blog – The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence

  Mark Lawrence continues to make my reviewing his books harder with the second in his Red Queen’s War trilogy. What does that mean? Well it means I felt this book has some quite major flaws, it does a few things wrong… but when it does them right it does them RIGHT! So the story … Read more

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