The War Eternal series

A 5 book long series with 4 books already published.

Sourcerer. Prisoner. Monster.

The war is over. Sixteen-year-old Eskara Helsene was a Sourcerer, a weapon for her empire. But she fought on the wrong side.

Now she is a prisoner serving out a life sentence in the mines of the Pit, where there are worse things than thieves and murderers in the darkness. Nightmarish demons from the Other World stalk the tunnels.

With no hope of survival, Eska must escape. But no one escapes the Pit.

Can she fight her way to freedom or will the darkness swallow her soul and her destiny?

Eska’s war has only just begun.

The Mortal Techniques series

An ongoing series of standalone novels set in a world influenced by Asian cinema.

With larger-than-life heroes, cruel villains, terrifying vengeful spirits, and meddling gods. There’s something for everyone in this series of standalones.


The First Earth Saga

The First Earth Saga is currently 6 books long with another 6 planned.

A dark epic fantasy with deadly sell-swords, scheming pirates, and zealous witch hunters.

The series has won multiple awards and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.


The It Takes a Thief… duology

Chases, duels, romance, airships and a fortune to be won or lost. 

One last job!

Jacques Revou and Isabel de Rosier are at the height of their careers. Of course those careers are as professional charlatans, thieves without peer. With the completion of their final heist, they decide it’s time to retire and settle down. But they have not escaped unnoticed.

The king’s spymaster, Renard Daron, has a job for the thieves, one only they can perform, and he does not take no for an answer. With the threat of destitution and death hanging over their heads, Jaques and Isabel must take on their greatest roles yet, the Baron and Baroness Bonvillain.

Can they ferret out the treasonous elements within the government? Can they escape the clutches of the nefarious Seigneur Daron? Can they regain the fortune so unfairly taken from them?

And, can they finally complete their one last job?


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