Review Blog – Seraphina’s Lament by Sarah Chorn

Beautiful, haunting, damning. Grimdark poetry. You’ll have to bear with me, my computer has crashed and I’m writing this review on my phone. Yes, I could wait until my PC is up and running again, but that could take years and I’ve already been sitting on this review for a few days while I figured … Read more

Review Blog – Pilgrimage to Skara by Jonathan Pembroke

I’ve let this one sit for a bit, partly to decide on my rating and partly because I’m a terrible procrastinator. Skara (as I shall be calling it) is about Pell Wendt, a retired pathfinder. This basically means he leads people with magical potential into the outlands beyond the realm of civilisation’s protection. There are … Read more

SPFBO 4 – The Judgening!

As some of you may know, my pirates won SPFBO 3. Where Loyalties Lie scored an impressive 8.1 overall and just barely poked its scurvacious nose over the finish line first. This bares no real relation to the rest of the post, I just wanted to remind myself that I won… and use the word … Read more

Review Blog – Chaos Trims My Beard by Brett Herman

  Chaos Trims My Beard has undoubtedly got one of the freshest names in fantasy fiction. Right from the outset you know you’re getting something a bit weird and quirky. This is not ‘serious’ fantasy. This is ‘fun’ fantasy. That’s not to say it’s not serious at times, or that it doesn’t deal with serious … Read more

Review Blog – Winter’s Reach by Craig Schaefer

Winter’s Reach is the first book in the Revanche Cycle by Craig Schaefer. It is also one of the #SPFBO 2017(Self Published Fantasy Blog Off) contestants in Fantasy Book Review’s group… that is to say, in the same group as Where Loyalties Lie. That’s right! I’m checking out my direct competition, but I do so … Read more

Review Blog – Arm of the Sphinx by Josiah Bancroft

  Arm of the Sphinx is the 2nd book in Josiah Bancroft’s Books of Babel series, following fairly directly from Senlin Ascends. Our main character, still very much on the hunt for his missing wife (now absent for over a year), is no longer the uptight Niles Crane he once was; his adventures have changed … Read more

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