Confessions of a fantasy author – Richard Nell

Confession time again, heathens. Another fantasy author has stepped up and offered themselves on the altar of sin. Richard Nell, author of Kings of Paradise, is here to be judged.   In university I hung out in bad poetry ‘bars’ with other youthful idiots like me, mostly dressed in black like we were Johnny Cash. … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – Andy Peloquin

Gather round sinners. Another heathen has stepped into the confession booth to seek forgiveness. Today, Andy Peloquin, author of Traitor’s Fate: A Queen of Thieves, bares his soul. His book releases tomorrow and is no doubt filled to the brim with his sinful words.   I, of course, am absolutely perfect, and thus have no … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – C.T. Phipps

Confession times again, children, so gather round and listen to C.T. Phipps, author of Agent G: Infiltrator, as he unloads the burdens of his authory soul. How do we judge this heretic? Is he forgiven? Or damned?   My first book was delayed two years in being published due to the fact I made a … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – J P Ashman

A new year and a fresh batch of authors willing to share their sins with you. Today, braving my confession booth is J P Ashman, author of Black Cross. Judge him harshly readers, for he brought pictures and included them in a word document rather than as separate jpegs! I’m embarrassed to say that I … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – Jo Zebedee

This will be the last confession of 2017. I’ll wait while you all breathe a collective sigh of relief disappointment. But don’t worry! The authory confessions will be back in the new year, with plenty more sinners begging forgiveness. Today we have Jo Zebedee, author of Waters and the Wild, here to bare her rotten … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – Michael R. Baker

Confession time, my children. Gather round and judge the sinner. Today we have a new author willing to confess. Michael R. Baker has just released his debut novel, The Thousand Scars – book 1 of Counterbalance. Such a fresh new author can’t have that many sins, can he? My confessions are great and probably a good … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – Jesse Teller

Confession time once again. Another author is stepping into the booth to confess their greatest authory sins. Today we have Jesse Teller, author of Song, here to beg for forgiveness.   I wrote a seven hundred and seventy page monstrosity as my first book. It was terrible, and so grimdark that I once had a … Read more

Confessions of Fantasy Author – Allan Batchelder

Hello again and welcome to another round of heresy. Today in the confession booth we have Allan Batchelder, author of Steel Blood & Fire, and he’s here to admit to you all his sins. Let us gather round and judge him together. I started writing fairly seriously in 8th grade. The teacher would ask us … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – Martin Owton

It is time, readers, for another author to open their heart to you and confess their sins. This week Martin Owton, author of Exile, is here to beg for your forgiveness. And he’s even included a video of himself reading from his book. I was fired from my own heavy rock band for not being … Read more

Confessions of a Fantasy Author – A.M. Justice

It’s confession time once more and today A.M. Justice, author of A Wizard’s Forge, has stepped into the booth to confess all her sins to us. Should we absolve her or warm up the pyre? I’m a rewriter (I’ll come back to this).   When I was eleven years old I wanted to be a … Read more

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