Self Published Fantasy on Sale this Holidays

After the success of the upcoming release list, I thought I would do another. So here’s a collection of Self Published Fantasy Books on Sale over the Holidays. And yes, I’m gonna start with one of my own. The Heresy Within by Rob J. Hayes When there are no heroes left, it’s up to the … Read more

Review Blog – Prayers in Steel by Michael McClung

I read this book both in its Alpha stage, and the finished article, and I loved it both times. We follow along behind 2 main characters. The first is pissed off princess, Anya, who is not very taken with the idea of being married off for political gain. Luckily for her she spent most of … Read more

To Be Read 2017 – The Readening

After my last fairly downbeat blog I thought I’d lift the spirits of us all by announcing a number of the books I’ll be reading in 2017. I assume you all care what I read and my rambling musings regarding those books because I have a giant ego and assume everyone wants to know all … Read more

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