The Heresy Within by Sigbjorn Pederson.

Henry the Red by Jason Deem.

Thanquil Darkheart by Julio Real.

The Black Thorn by Julio Real.

Jezzet Vel’urn by Julio Real.

Thanquil Darkheart by Alex Raspad.

The Black Thorn by Alex Raspad.

Jezzet Vel’urn by Alex Raspad.

The Colour of Vengeance by Alex Raspad.

The Price of Faith by Alex Raspad.

Where Loyalties Lie by Alex Raspad.

The Fifth Empire of Man by Alex Raspad.

City of Kings by Felix Ortiz.

The Black Thorn by Felix Ortiz.

Never Die by Felix Ortiz.

Iron Gut Chen by Stas Borodin

The Century Blade by Stas Borodin.

Jacques Revou by Tongman.

Isabel de Rosier by Tongman.

Adeline Bonvillain by Tongman.

Bastien Bonvillain by Tongman.

Franseza Goy by Tongman.

Amaury Roache by Tongman.

Gaston Lavure by Tongman.

Renard Daron by Tongman.

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