GRIMTOBERFEST is over for this year, but a big thank you to everyone who visited, and I hope you enjoy your new books!


Two witch hunters become embroiled in the most dangerous mission of their lives when they stumble across a sorcerous plot.

Mystic monks and brave knights fight to survive as scheming wizards plunge the Free Kingdoms into war. And on the Other Side, demonkind reawakens…

Grimdark Sci-Fi. Valko can see the last moments of a victim’s life. Now he’s hunting a murderer. There is no justice in the broken future, only retribution…

Grimdark on the high seas. The Pirates Isles are under siege. Can Drake Morrass unite the other captains long enough to save them all?

Even heroes can be monsters. 8 Grimdark tales of murder, betrayal, sex, and life on the edge.

A fast-moving tightly-plotted old-school Sword & Sorcery adventure with a touch of romance.

After 5,000 years of peace, war has come to the Borderlands. Villages are plundered, Orcs roam the countryside, and Heroes fall to steel and fire. But everything will change when the Eighth God rises!

An evil wizard plots to flood Perilisc with an army of demons. A violent fairy hated by his own people strives against him, risking the fate of his soul and the infant prince whose life hangs in the balance.

Colorful adventure as ex-boxer Harry Stubbs battles an insidious alien force in 1920’s London.

A tale of betrayal and vengeance set against the final days of a crumbling kingdom.


Left for dead in the depths of winter, his life saved by the kindness of a stranger, Harruvard will soon learn that the shadows of the past are capable of writing the future.


The young slave-warrior, Harlin, dreams of vengeance amid the blood and entrails of his opponents – yet when his owner arranges for him to fight the monster known as Ethiki the Bastard, those dreams may soon lie forgotten beneath his own.

A rogue faction of mages try to save their legacy by opening a gateway to Hell.

A raw descent into madness, heroism, and sacrifice.

He was once their greatest champion. Now he’s their fiercest adversary.

Join the Sellsword with-no-name, as he fights wizards, battles a dark goddess, loves & lusts, uncovers hidden mysteries, and always refuses to yield!

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